Blending Faith, Heritage and Mission! is a myriad of all good things learned and transcribed in pure love. Its genesis of a compilation of writings was for our son and has evolved into a teaching component that is now shared in an electronic repository.


The richness of grateful remembrance, resolve, fire of love, study and conviction are fanned within my home, my ‘domestic church’ and, in apostolic action, which means this ‘Web of Gratefulness’ is ever-evolving! I share this experiential knowledge for I want everyone to win as information becomes knowledge becomes wisdom which is priceless! Much of its contents were emulated to me therefore you are invited to pray this compendium forward!









1. 'Silent RetreatCONNECT!'



2. 'HeritageCONNECT!'








Profound gratefulness embraces my husband, COL (Ret) Hector Rafael Pontón, U.S. Army, who

affords me time and space to let it all happen through his upmost support and encouraging

words! He applauds this way of archiving memories and sharing.

Héctor has achieved fulfillment in an enriched life of military service, the responsibility of

command, worldwide travel and lifelong learning.

I love and respect him truly.