All the Years Long 


 “Heritage is something handed from one’s ancestry or the past, a characteristic, culture or tradition.

Reverence is a feeling or attitude of deep respect, love, awe and esteem for something sacred. Webster 


‘We Love You More Than Life Itself!’ 

'Journals and Binders!'







    'Family ChronicleCONNECT!'

       1-Ponton-Nieves Family Chronicle

2-Monlezun-Peterson Family Chronicle

Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno                                                     

Generations of Monlezuns Make Their Mark

And So We Gather

The Monlezun-Peterson Family Reunion

The Living Room on Arthur Avenue

Monlezun-Peterson Family EXCEL

Monlezun-Peterson Family Tree

Pascal Monlezun Family EXCEL

The Basque Shepherd and the Shepherd Psalm 23

3-Broussard-Miller Family Chronicle

4-Hensgens-Reiners Family Chronicle

Hensgens/Reiners Family Necrology 1909 to Current

Joseph Hensgens Family Reunion Main Page: So! You Want to Organize a Family Reunion?

Joseph and Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens Family Reunions-

Whose Turn Is It Anyway?

5-Reiners-Knoben Family Chronicle Main Page


   ‘Lake Arthur HeritageCONNECT!’

1-  ‘Arthur Avenue!’  Louisiana Ancestral Home of Origin Repository (1904)

A Journal-Property of M/M Lee Joseph Monelzun

The Baby Book

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Girl's Room


The Front Porch Room

The Original Bedroom

The Original Facility with Vintage Clothinig

The Back Room

The Pantry


Lake Charles Diocesan Catholic Television Interviews: 2010, 2014, 2015


2-‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour!’


3-‘Heritage Workshop!’


4-  ‘Place Based Heritage Education Day!’

The Lesson Plan


Letter of Appreciation

Press Release of the First Heritage Day


   ‘Roberts Cove HeritageCONNECT!’

1-GERMANFEST in Roberts Cove, LA!’ First full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) every October!

 Site:  www.robertscovegermanfest.com Email: info@robertscovegermanfest.com

2-‘Germanfest Folk Singers!'

    3- ‘St. Leo 'Church Tour From the Pew!

       4- ‘German Heritage Museum~ A. Heritage Workshop!'

      5- ‘So! You Want to Organize A Family Reunion!'


     ‘Heritage Study SeriesCONNECT!’

‘A Family Heritage Sequence!’ PowerPoint Presentations:

To Gather! Preserve! Sustain! Make Relevant!

      03 & 04 October 2009 ~ “Germanfest Folklore Tent!” Roberts Cove, LA

      01 & 03 October 2010 ~ “Germanfest Folklore Tent!” Roberts Cove, LA

      21 October 2010 ~ Genealogical Society, Lafayette, LA

      04 January 2011~ Southwest Louisiana Historical Society, Lake Charles, LA

      16 June 2011 ~ Vermilion Parish Library Adult Program, Abbeville, LA

      14 July 2011 ~  Kiwanis Club, Lake Charles, LA

      17 September 2011 ~ Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society,  Lake Charles, LA

      01 October 2011 ~ “Germanfest Folklore Tent” Roberts Cove, LA

      11 February 2012 ~ Point del’Eglise Historical and Genealogical Society, Crowley, LA

      02 March 2012 ~ Serra Club, Lake Charles, LA

      06 October 2012 ~ “Germanfest Folklore Tent”, Roberts Cove, LA

      18-20 July 2013 ~ Holy Angels Convent, ‘OSB Oblate ‘Spiritual Day’ Speaker, Jonesboro, AR

      10 & 11 October 2014 ~ Associates of the Congregation of Divine Providence Speaker, San Antonio, TX

      19 October  2015 ~ Residents of ‘The Verandah  and  Carriage House at Graywood,’  Lake Charles, LA (below)

      A ‘Planned Retirement Community’ ~ Residents of ‘The Verandah and Carriage House at Graywood’, Lake Charles, LA:

Series One:  19 October 2015 ~ ‘A Family Heritage Sequence’ Presentation on location

Series Two:  15 April 2016 ~ ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’, Lake Arthur, LA

Series Three: 07 June 2016~ On Location~ Presentation by Armajean G. Declouet,

Genealogy Associate, Calcasieu Parish Publi Library, Southwest Louisiana            

Genealogical Historical Library

      03 September 2016 ~ St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, LA for Retired Jesuits!

            Great Guys!

     02 September 2017 ~German Heritage Museum Heritage Workshop PPt. Presentation, Roberts Cove, LA


 'All Along the Way!'

v   ‘A Rite! A Worship Aid!’

Notations for Funeral Home and Memorial Card

Wake Services

Liturgies with Worship Aides


v  ‘CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital Heritage Center!’


v 'Germanfest Heritage Walking Tour!'


v  ‘Happenings!’









v  ‘I’ve Been Thinking!’


v  ‘Lake Arthur Heritage Chronicle!’


v  ‘Lead, Kindly Light Diocesan Television!’

Fact Sheet

Sprinklings of Introductions and questions for a 30-minute interview

First Segment-Points of Interest

Second Segment-In His Image

Third Segment-From the Pew

Fourth Segment-Building Bridges

Fifth and Final Segment: Lead, Kindly Light


vMedical Resource Book


v  ‘Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc Special Collection!’


v  ‘Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church Parish!’


v  ‘Remembrances!’

Dad-Lee Joseph Monlezun

Mom-Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun

Dad and Mom

'Monlezuns Take European Trip 1981'

All Other Remembrances

Dad's Family of Origin

Mom's Family of Origin

Their 'children'


v  ‘Saint Louis Catholic High School!’


v  ‘Saint Maria Goretti Special Collection!’


v  ‘Sayings of Mom and Dad!’ The Old Sayings are Formative and Delight the Soul; Too Wonderful! Too True!!


v  ‘Songs, Recipes and Prayers!’





v  ‘Where Are My Keys And Let’s Go!’    



In the Beginning-A Few References and Resources

Monastic Spirituality

Books in General

Associate/Oblate Affiliation with Religious Orders