Could-it-be … ‘Handing-up’ Loved Ones:


Example of a Wake Service

 Date, Month and Year


Full Name of the Deceased


Born  __________________Date

Born to Eternal Life_______________________Death Date


Name of Funeral Home, Address/City/State

6:00 P.M. Scripture Service, 6:30 P.M. Catholic Daughters of America Rosary


Presider: Name

Organist/Instrumentalist/Family Members and Friends as Choir.


Gathering: Eye Has Not Seen




First Reading: Romans 8: 31-35, 37-39


Responsorial Psalm: You Are Near


Alleluia and Verse                       




Homily (Speak to the Presider about your loved one that would assist him in developing his homily; stories, virtues, characteristics, what he/she have meant to the family & community)…a family member/friend could ‘Speak a word!’


General Intercession of the Prayers of the Faithful: …See below.                  


The Lord’s Prayer               


Closing Prayer/Blessing                       Benediction Song