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Generations of Direct Descendants of my paternal grandmother ‘Victoria Broussard-Monlezun’


Anna Bernadette Monlezun-Pontón, Chronicler


“Each of us has been warmed by fires we did not build. Each of us has been nourished by wells we did not dig!”  Author Unknown


 “We are from The Ridge “my Daddy, Lee Joseph Monlezun, would exclaim!  He took such

pride in his lineages of pioneer families of Cameron Parish, LA.  It is the largest parish in

the state and has one red light…to this day! Pioneer families are just that, well, pioneers

who are hearty folk who mostly work the land and cattle. They are faithful to their Roman

Catholic faith and church parish and they work from dawn to dusk. In evenings past many

pulled out the instruments of make and choice playing and dancing and singing the old

French songs while watching the children do the same. All of this on the front porches

where the joyful sound brought the neighbors, who brought more food and all drank

lemonade!! Meh yeh, sha!


Their wisdom was expressed with economy of words:  save more than you spend! To bed

with the chickens and up with the chickens! Stay home and take care of your own back

yard! By the way, they invented the word, recycle! Nothing wasted, worked while there was

daylight and the woman, young and old, sewed quilts and mended by the oil lamp or one

electric light which was next to the old rocker!


In this paternal grandmother’s home the tablecloth never changed, furniture never moved, the

homemade swing squeeked and pillows of quilted squares were everywhere including on

Arthur Avenue today! At ‘Adam’s Store’, as in Adam Broussard her cousin, she bought

mostly thread, fabric, flour and sugar for they grew or raised everything else! To include  

rabbits, chickens and milking twice daily; Grandpa’s milking stool has a place of honor on

Arthur Avenue! To think she never ate a bag of potato chips or a hamburger!! But Lordy,

mercy could she bake cookies, and sweet potatoes which she placed on the kitchen window

sill and ate all the days long! She canned all and kept canning till the cow came home! And,

the cow did and we did often, for a visit, walking in through the back porch door with

Daddy calling out a greeting in French and with French they stayed in conversation over a

spot of coffee. She died at 105 years of age.

In the beginning…


Thank you Beverly Delaney, 21 May 1998, for not just recording our lineage but 99%

of the people throughout Cameron Parish!


Generation 1:

Descendants of Jean-Francois Broussard, France

and Catherine Richard


Generation 2:

Pierre Broussard born about 1684 in Port Royal, Acadia died before 1746 in Acadia.

married  14 January 1709 in Port Royal, Acadia

Marguerite Bourg b. abt.1686

Generation 3:

Joseph Broussard b. 6 March 1713 in Port Royal, Acadia, d. 19 January 1759

Below ‘Researched and Compiled by Gerard A. Johnson’ 17 October 1980

m. 11 September 1725 at Port Royal

Agnes Thibodeau, daughter of Michel Thibodeau and Agnes Dugas.

In 1740 he and his brother Alexandre moved to Chipoudy and founded the settlement of Beausoleil in that area now called Boundary Creek which is located near the present City of Moncton, New Brunswick. He escaped deportation in 1755 but was later made a prisoner at Halifax. After the signing of the Treaty of Paris, he moved and settled in Louisiana. He is buried at Camp Beausoleil near the present site of the Town of Broussard which bears his name.


Generation 4:

Jean Broussard, b. abt 1745, Sainte Famille, Acadia

m. 6 July 1773, France

Marquerite Comeau, b. abt. 1753, Beaubassine, Acadia


Generation 5:

Jean Baptiste Broussard, b. 11 May 1774, Monthoiron, Vienne, France

m. 25 October 1793

Celeste Hebert

Generation 6: 

Nicolas Broussard, b. 27 October 1807, St. Martinville, LA

m. 06 December 1830

Marie Felonise Hebert, November 1811 in Vermilion Parish


 Generation 7: 

Nicolas Broussard b. 10 October 1831,(Lafayette Church), d. 01 November 1878, Creole, LA m. abt. 1851, Creole, LA

Natalie Savoie, b. October 1838 in Cameron Parish


Generation 8: 

Antoine Broussard b. 25 September 1857 in Little Chenier, Cameron Parish, LA

d. September 1857, Grand Chenier, LA

Made his First Communion, age 16.

m. 09 October 1879 in Grand Chenier, LA

Recorded by Lee J. Monlezun, 10 July 1937 ~

... “by Judge J.G. Guillott of Cameron, LA. Witnessed by Dezera Miller and Alidan Miller

‘God Bless Our Family’ Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Broussard…”

On the Broussard/Miller Family Wall, Arthur Avenue, Lake Arthur, LA

Aspasie Milller, b. 20 February 1860 in Grand Chenier, LA

d. 08 February 1953, Lake Arthur, LA

Made First Communion, age 14

Both are buried in St. Anthony Cemetery, Lake Arthur, LA


Eight Children of Antoine Broussard and Aspasie Miller are:

Generation 9:

1)     Gabe Broussard b. 10 September 1880 (died at 13 mos.)

2)     Homer Broussard b. 04 September 1882

3)     Victoria Broussard b. 10 February 1884, Grand Chenier, LA

d. 12 June 1989 age 105          m. 22 February 1909

Antoine Monlezun b. 31 March 1882, d. 29 March 1971 age 88

Both are buried in St. Anthony Cemetery, Lake Arthur, LA

son of Dominique and Louisa Thomasine Peterson-Monlezun

4)     Philo Broussard b. 31 August 1885

5)     Telesia Broussard b. 30 July 1887

6)     Theogene Broussard b. 17 October 1890

7)     Beulah Broussard b. 02 January 1892 d.1892 (9 days old)

8)     Lucille Broussard b. 08 March 1902


Four Children of Antoine Monlezun and Victoria Broussard are:

Generation 10

1. Mary Beulah Monlezun, b. 03 February 1910, d. 28 March 1985

m. Alvis Pitts April 1939

2. Clyde Joseph Monlezun, abt. 1914, d. January 1987

m. Nadine Moss 12 April 1942

3. Lee Joseph Monlezun b. 24 April 1917, d. 31 July 1985, age 68

m. 13 August 1941

Anna Gertrude Hensgens b. 27 December 1921, d. 28 November 2000, age 78

Daughter of Joseph Hensgens and Anna Gertrude Reiners of Roberts Cove, LA

Both are buried in St. Anthony Cemetery, Lake Arthur, LA

4. Alvin Joseph Monlezun b. Sunday 1 February 1920 d. 10 October 1944, age 24

119th Inf. Regt., 30th Inf. Div., 1st US Army, 1st Lieutenant; killed in action during WW ll in Achen, Germany ‘Battle of the Bulge’; buried in Henri Chappell Military Cemetery in Belgium. Rest in Eternal Peace, Dear One.