After 14 months of ‘handing her up,’ our mother died  Tuesday 28 November 2000.  She and our father, also deceased, gathered their children and extended families around them throughout their very full and active lives. Mom was from a large family and birthed a large family!


I began to write for my heart was full of love and, as always, hands ready to assist my own.


On March 10, 2007 a strategic strike was made through the scope of the Greater Families, paternal and maternal, for a clarion call to gather! This has created a tremendous focus on genealogy, the tracking of data and the living maintenance of all my links into this ‘Web of Gratefulness!’


In that these extended families are large and living very active lives in many different countries, states, cities and towns this site has raised up to be a delightful medium in which to communicate an encapsulation of my little way of posting actions taken!! So many good and right things to do, to read, tend; The Vineyard is indeed, by His grace, a beautiful place, row by row filled with awe and wonder!


This state of gratefulness and electronic faithfulness (!) has also entered the communications stream of many dear people who have certainly influenced my life; it is a privilege to be in yours:

‘My Son, Sisters of the Congregation of Divine Providence (CDP)/San Antonio, TX, Olivetan Benedictine Sisters (OSB)/Jonesboro, AR and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN)/Washington, D.C., Most Reverend Bishop/s, Clergy, Extended Families, Friends of Old and Strangers-No-Longer!’

Enjoy and pray forward in your very own lives! Everybody wins!


CLICK and enjoy!!!










A grateful sibling penned, “You have produced a sacred web space for all to read; what a feat, done with boundless energy, dedication, reverence and goodness…So much heritage committed to print of our own family. My family and my family to come thank you for these timeless and timely tenants of truths and trust, toil and triumph. You will, through this body of work, inspire others to read, write and remember and pay it forward!”


Ah, this is my fervent prayer!


Lead, Kindly Light!

Anna ‘Bernadette’ Monlezun-Pontón,

Eldest of four daughters, fourth child of ten children