1)     12 August 2002


To:  Greater Monlezun Family                                   From:  Anna Bernadette


The 61st Anniversary Tidy-Up Arthur Avenue Day 2002 proved to be a day of pure work, not just tidy-up Christian said!  Sharon, Tina Louise and Suzanne hit the inside and Lee J., Charles, Dominique, Nique and Christian hit the outside that is, when Dominique was not washing down his new Chaparrel! What a slick beauty with all the bells and whistles! Lee J. set-up the beeline and their new Arthur Avenue home awaiting the swarms imminent arrival.  Charles and Dominique power-washed everything concrete and wood and now it gleams;  Dominique nailed up on the tree by the swing Lee J’s new feeder for the squirrels!  They also filled in the holes in the back yard!  Charles arranged the picnic table, chair and swing for Nique, Christian and Suzanne to pass a coat of sealant and now have 100+ years of use! While Christian took his turn painting, Nique took off with a kite on the Ester Egg hunt side and it was a lovely sight!  Sharon and Tina witnessed the living room rug being rolled up, carted out on the grass, swept and shaken with Nique chanting, “Bless the old memories, in with the new!”  Those girls worked and never looked up as they hit every room removing objects to clean, polish, and then going to the next room – all lovely!  Those children know how to work – they cleaned the bushes lining the front of the house of all pine needles and Charles got lose with shears and gave all a German trim!! (Bushes not children!)

The Anniversary prayer was read at noontime by all for all who have gone before and will come after; remembering is good and cleansing and together we go on intent on flourishing.

Lee J. presented for our home this Tidy-up Day a beautiful and functional set of knives!  Dominique shared for the home, as well as the deluxe pizzas, tasty spices-salt free that can cover anything…he passed on the dessert cake having lost 9 lbs; his will power is admirable.

The day drew to a blissful end with a ride on the lake to the pure delight of the children in their new craft; they each selected a medal from the drawer and found their own special place on the boat to place it!  It was a good good day making the old new again, inside and out!  Being together is the best part; to laugh, weep, swap stories, work, pray, think about new things said, encourage each other, work, eat fruit, perspire, enjoy the sun and sky, memories…as we make new ones for the children and each other…Ah, qui’l le bon, le bon Dieu!!


+ Jolene by phone shared that she was excited about ‘Cody Lee’s’ baby shower same day, asked prayers for her paternal uncle who is ill and for a healthy baby and that we prayed on same day, the feast day of St. Lawrence!


+  Malcolm and Ursula called in on the answering machine from CO remembering Tidy-up Day and thinking of us as he had finished a procedure; they were returning from the Laundromat and were to attend a rodeo, first in 40 years!


+ Antoine (after 14 weeks) and Sye (3 glorious weeks) had a smooth ride south from Camp Thunderbird, SC to Baton Rouge where Sye stayed to celebrate his twenty-first birthday1

Thank you for all the prayer intentions for all the above.


Hope to see you next year for the 62nd Anniversary Tidy-up Arthur Avenue Day, Saturday August 9, 2003!                                       Lead, Kindly Light, dear ones.



2)     22 August 2002


Dear Ones,

 “In terms of sheer volume of words and data of all kinds, this is surely an information age.  But in terms of understanding, wisdom, spiritual clarity and civility, we have entered a darker time.”

Words in today’s newspaper certainly ring true. However, last night at our Monlezun Sibling/Spouse Monthly Dinner words were uttered in the context of love, affection, respect and contentment in being together and kind thoughts for those not with us due to distance or obligations elsewhere.  It was wonderful to see each other, catch-up on our lives and those of our children, dine, much mirth...remembering. I wish to share some of those rememberings with you for you were there in spirit...

There are the blessed ones...

+ beginning new stages of life on college campuses, in apartments, in motels (!) and  motorhomes in new states,

+ husbands returning from many miles afar, little ones gleeful birthday parties,

baby showers for God’s newest creations,

+ job searches and interviewing – our prayers are with you all,

+ working shoulder to shoulder prying-up memorable floor planking to lie where the feet of family, friends and strangers to enter may trod holy ground,

+ Daddy’s desk in temporary living quarters in a new office with its own 2277 phone and clipboard of old,

+ new businesses started with business cards and fliers and all the enthusiasm in the world!

+ new boyfriends and girlfriends to be introduced and time to be spent in getting to know each other & parents of young adults that are considering high school options, already!

+ new businesses in the planning and close, new boats on the water and for sale,

+ new rooms being painted as children depart their homes of origin,

+ college graduations being planned and career options being thought through,

+ those traveling home to visit family and friends afar and within the continental USA visiting family on the way,

+bicycle rack that can double as a chair lift!

+those leaving only to make hospital rounds...

our present and future times are what we make them, standing and sticking together, loving and listening and encouraging the creative spirit that we have diligently nurtured and are heart and mind-bound to see come to light, for He Leads Kindly - He is Wisdom, Clarity through us, His civil creatures, His hands and feet!  A blessing from all to all.               

I love you, Anna Bernadette



3)     20 September 2002   To:  Greater Monlezun Family          From:   Anna Bernadette


The Sibling/Spouse Dinner on 18 September 2002 at The Harlequin in Lake Charles was again a special time to be together and share news...family, businesses, ideas and history.  Putchie gave a wonderful and comprehensive tale of the Hensgens Family lineage tracing the sojourning of the Germans from Westphalia and Upper Rhine to Roberts Cove, LA!  You must ask him of this history as it is fascinating.  I have our family history scroll beginning in 1694 with Conrad and Gertrude Hochhaus-Hensgens written by Karl Hensgens who resides in Germany and delivered 3 weeks ago by Raymond, Kitty, Wilma and Henry. I will attempt to begin the humble work of inputting on a software database our lineage from Great-Grandfather Christian Joseph and Maria Regina Tellers to Cody Lee Monlezun, 1694-2002! 

Kibby was ordered, divided methodically by Lee J. just like Daddy cutting fruit and shared by his namesake as conversation turned to...

+  the Samaritan Counseling Center and board member work and knowledge being acquired in that ministry...


+  Photos shared of our children in other states doing wonderful and caring work and looking out from an expansive deck to a picture-perfect vista...


+  Stories told of the Puerto Rican family post-visit and how well Dona Carmen is doing and boy, how she can cook!  And, of course, one must eat what she cooks!


+  The signing of the papers in acquiring ‘Gas Appliance’ next to OB’s in Lake Charles which is now, “The Lake Arthur Butane Company” as of 17 September 2002... two new propane trucks arriving soon and my brothers will again go to the office on Friday afternoons!!!


All was going well about dessert time as the infamous Sugar Daddies were handed out. In that they are a bit on the concrete side for eating, one was dipped in coffee to begin the process of melt-down for possible enjoyment as more of a solid and lo, as this was in one’s mouth and was extracted, so was a filling!!!  One leaned over to Sugar Daddy himself and in plain English shared his findings that was now in the napkin and what he was feeling at that very moment!!!  The pronouncement is for all, “Sugar Daddies are for lying on the tongue for as long as it takes, not to be rushed but in lingered enjoyment!!”  So Charles wrote on his second Sugar Daddy as  many were available,  WARNING, DON’T EAT, DANGEROUS TO YOUR TEETH EVEN IF DIPPED IN COFFEE!!!


With that we proceeded to our vehicles and after our Cajun farewells, returned to our homes contented, grateful for family, missing those away and ever resolved to be together, pray together, suffer together, play together, laugh together and know how very blessed we are never ever to be taken for granted but nurtured and embraced.  I love you, each and every one of you.           Lead, Kindly Light! 



4)     19 October 2002       Dear Monlezun Family,     From Anna Bernadette


Hurricane Lili released the grasp of life on the fir tree at the back door at Arthur Avenue and she toppled where she had to topple and not damage a thing! MawMaw never liked her anyway!!  I believe PawPaw laid her down ever so gently!!  The L.A. Christmas Tree split in the Trinitarian-three-ways; it was her time and now another generation of tree(s) will fill the gap and grow strong and shelter with their trunk and herald the season of the Christ Child by lighting their branches with pure glory!  Tiger Mart stayed open with a Coleman lantern; not hearing those pumps pumping gas was against Dominique’s religion and selling cigarettes, beer and snuff was against mine but sell we did and lights were eventually restored and all is well!!!


 The Sibling/Spouse monthly dinner at The Harlequin found more to discuss...

  + the passing and burial of Louise Holloway age 98 at whose home we sang Christmas chorals on the hayride every year.  Next to her casket was a picture of MawMaw with the biggest smile during one of her weekly visits with Louise which she happily did for years...


+ A story about a weekend guest was in the beginning of the evening and come to think of it, what about that weekend guest, for


+ A British accent was then incited to get a story across in a very authentic way...followed by someone who shared with us that she ‘expelled’ in high school English!!!..


+ Daddy was remembered by a patient who recalled how interesting he was to talk with, was very smart and could talk about anything!...


+ An invitation was extended for the Samaritan Counseling Center Silent Auction and Dinner for the next evening and it was accepted by all present and we again passed a memorable evening together grateful to our host and hostess and the reason for the gathering...


 + Many of us so enjoy going to The Office (LA Butane Co) in Lake Charles whenever we can or are summoned and help in any way we can and pledge to continue to assist when needed...


+ A sister gave requested information to a friend seeking a speaker on the topic of ‘Taking Care of Yourself’ at their organizations Baton Rouge meeting and a brother was booked!...


+ At this months end for All Saints and Souls Day- 4 graves will be cleaned by Nique, Christian and Suzanne: MawMaw & PawPaw’s, Alvin & Veronica’s, Uncle Alvin and Grandpa and Grandma Monlezun as has been done since November 1999... thinking of something unique like wire flowers to rest there instead of silk ones...any thoughts on this?!...


+  No sugar daddies were in sight but a nephew did present to an uncle for his birthday a pair of silk pajamas with, yes, sugar daddies dancing all over them! As old as this Uncle Lee J. is, this is an exciting gift!...


+ The words of St. Francis de Sales on MawMaw’s death card was read...Have no fear for what tomorrow may bring.  The same loving God who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow and every day.  He will either shield you from suffering or give you unfailing strength to bear it.  Be at peace, then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations...and the evening drew to a close.

Take care of yourselves and each other.  Love...Lead, Kindly Light.





5)     Dates and Disparate Family News from Anna Bernadette to Family,


3 November 2002

+ 29 November 2002...remember last year that some of us met, shopped and enjoyed a delightful and fun dinner before we ended the day?  For all family members who are interested and can join us, you are invited to...29 November 2002, 1:00 pm meet on Spring Street for a homemade dessert and coffee/hot cider - we can put together the offensive and off we go to wherever we want to go to shop and enjoy each others company all in the process of ‘discovering’ what one wants or needs from Santa Claus!


+ Kade Joel  was inducted as a 3rd Degree into the Knights of Columbus organization.  PawPaw and Uncles Hector and Lee J. are K of C and so proud of Kade Joel for wanting to carry on, sword and all!  PawPaw’s sword and banner are in the front bedroom on Arthur Avenue for all to enjoy!


+ Thank you Aunt Ione for placing the flowers on graves in Lake Arthur for All Saints and Souls Day!  They are beautiful.


+ And, our own little saint, Cody Lee, the newest creation from The Father was born on All Saints Day!  Welcome to The Family, dear one.  His parents are beaming and so very grateful.


+ I find it so very heart-warming that we as Family swarm whenever and wherever we can...

A few weekends ago, Katherine Anne, Benjamin Lee, Malcolm Joseph and Ursula spent time together in Boulder, CO while Antoine Adolfo and Sye Joseph met-up in Gainesville, FL...


+ Malcolm Joseph and Ursula-Are-Home gathering on Sale Road was too short but O so interesting as the topics flowed from the state- of- the-art anesthesia equipment in CO to how my hands remind him of MawMaw!


+ We gathered in Carencro for Kade Joel’s, ll First Birthday Fiesta with Robert Joseph, Wanda, Constance Victoria and Kate who drove in from Baton Rouge, along with Renee & Morgan Olivia dressed as a little German girl complete with pigtails!


+ The Party of Parties continued at the Halloween Home of Homes on Moss Loop with all the costumes and the little ones delighting all present.


+ This weekend past, Lee J.,  Charles, Sharon and her sister Sheila, Veronica Cherie, Bernadette, Constance and Kate were together to hear Lee J, Charles and Cheries’ presentation to the American Association of Operating Room Nurses convention in Lake Charles while, same day, Antoine, Sye and Branton Heath were together for a time at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans!!!  And the Cherie-Is-Home Fiesta continued on Sunday with many present to include John David, Jr. who let me tah-tah him (while he slept!)


+I  feel MawMaw and PawPaw are smiling from the other side especially this 28 November 2002.

Speaking of PawPaw, he must especially be smiling on Dominique who entertained the business editor from the Lake Charles American Press who will be publishing a substantial article on the new Ryan Street location of the Lake Arthur Butane Company with Tina’s brother, David King, as Operations Manager.  I was so excited to see his 4 propane trucks and service truck as well as the full staff of drivers, former owner, etc. all lined up for a photo op!  He let me sit in the driver’s seat and hear the engine start but would not allow me to drive down Ryan Street!!!   I am so proud of he and Tina for yet another business opening that is at its core one that keeps families warm!



6)     20 November 2002           Dear Ones,                 From, Anna Bernadette


A Few Goings-On in the Greater Monlezun Family

+ We Are A Family,

“Since before any of us were born God planned for us to share our lives with each other.  He knew exactly how our strengths and weaknesses would balance one another, and the depth of love, understanding and commitment we would learn to feel.  He knew the richness of our separate characters would be developed through the hard times and the mutual trust and respect would be born as a result of our overcoming the trials together.  He knew that we would laugh together and cry together.  He knew we need each other...to hug, to help, to teach, to serve...to love.  Amen!”  This framed prayer hangs next to the home altar on Arthur Avenue which was purchased for MawMaw while on a trip to Arkansas and the convent of the Benedictine Sisters that taught us while attending Goretti High School (GHS).  Isn’t it perfect?!!!  Speaking of GHS, approximately 2,500 square feet of gym floor was laboriously but enjoyably yanked up and is now stored in a barn in Carencro!  Family members worked side by side in the heat, rain, snow, sleet, hail and some cold to accomplish this completed mission and the family camaraderie will be so very missed!  You all must find another project?!!


+ Cody Lee is to-o cute and cuddly and his parents beam that contented-beam and the three aunts tah-tahed him and told stories of Lawrences’ birth and baptism! What a visit and upon departing the Garys’ wonderful family, there he was...Beamer so forlorn-looking albeit positioned on his camouflaged heated mattress! Attention was given!


+ Remember caroling at the Lake Arthur home of the dear man-friend who was paralyzed from the neck down suffered in a freak diving accident many years ago? 

He so looked forward to the family around his bedside singing songs of the Season. He is now ‘Resting’ In Peace surely running, jumping and playing under the gaze of The Father Himself, whom Menson Touchet met face to face yesterday at 58 years of age.


+ The Lake Charles American Press, The Cameron Pilot, The Lake Arthur Sun Times (Gueydan, Iowa, Crowley) and the The SW Daily News (Sulphur) have printed articles about Lake Arthur Butane Companys’ newest Ryan Street location, staff and their glowing owner who loves this cold weather!


+ Branton Heath, The-Soon-–To-Be-LSU-Graduate December 20, 2002 was in town recently for a short visit & is looking forward to his Colorado trip and his romp throughout Europe 2003.  He was very patient and sweet to entertain the information given him about Monastic Guest Houses throughout Europe and the inexpensiveness of their cells/rooms not to mention their grounds, chapels and dining facilities!!!


+ The Lake Arthur Christmas Tree has been cut down due to hurricane damage and an account set-up to replace her complete with an iron fence! If anyone is interested, contact Anne Fautt in Lake Arthur.


+The Sibling/Spouse Monthly Harlequin Dinner this evening was as usual a delight in being together. A painting by Mr. Levecque, artist and sculptor, depicting the most beautiful and very familiar location of Uncle Charles and Aunt Sharon’s office on Enterprise Blvd....the light and shadows from the inner glow of the office and the trunks of the shade-filled trees down to the sailboat window on the porch is a work of art deeply felt by its owners. They feel that he captured the beauty of a sacred space of rest for looking at is as poignant as what has transpired within those walls for many years now.  Souls have found peace, hope, rest and belief in self.  It is the picture of a place of benediction.


Lead, Kindly Light! Love, Aunt Bernadette



7)     16 December 2002 (Blessed 30th Birthday Veronica Cherie, today!)


From:  Anna Bernadette

Re:  Musings and 2003-for-your-calendar:

+  Karen Monlezun-Howard (Uncle Clyde and Aunt Nadines’ daughter) is directing herself toward the compilation of the Monlezun Genealogy for Christmas 2003. (She welcomes any family going or coming through Macon, GA to stop in!)


+  Karen’s cousin, Anna Bernadette, will be working with the Germanfest Board compiling the Hensgens Genealogy (the largest family!) from 1694 to Cody Lee (!); 33 German families originating in Germany and rooting in Roberts Cove will be in the Family Tree Maker database located in the new German Heritage Museum, prayerfully by Germanfest, October 3-5, 2003.  The meetings commence January 2003  (I’ll be working to update the Hensgens first cousins pages for the Monlezun Information Sheet along with the Victoria/Antoine sheet of family information ASAP).



8)     Greater Family Happenings…from Anna Bernadette         5 January 2003

Blessed Epiphany to You and Yours!


+  The December Sibling/Spouse Monthly Dinner was so very special. Uncle Lee J. presented to each family an incredible book, “Charlene:  The Little Cajun Saint.” Chapter 12, page 107 is the story of a miracle baby, her parents and Lee J. Monlezun, Jr., M.D. who inscribed in our books, “If there was ever a miracle in the field of Obstetrics and Newborns, this is certainly one.” It is powerful reading especially knowing that our brother was witness to a miracle which is now on record and published and he is finally able to share with us.  Then, Aunt Anne presented to each sibling a true labor of love, as she is so very capable of giving, for the precious pillows share facets in the fabric of each of our lives but joined by the Lee and Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun family picture and each of our baby pictures, as such we were! What an invaluable treasure; a picture was taken as we were proudly clutching them which is to be sent with love and gratefulness to the dear lady who sewed them, who said, “I feel like I know each one so well and have never met them!”  Thank you Anne for your lovin-lovin thought, imagination as gift to many and the untold hours spent in seeing this gift of love to its culmination as you must have noted in our faces and exclamations of pure glee! The evening came to a close with the Our Father, holding hands and praying for all you have gone before, are with us and will come after us.


+ I missed MawMaw and PawPaw so very much Christmas Eve and served from the kitchen as it is what I know.  I am remiss therefore in sharing something with you…Uncle Lee J. had magnificently framed our parents marriage license and it hangs opposite the home altar complete with their wedding picture and a shadow box of very special revered items for all to see. Before its framing, copies were made for each sibling.  Thank you, Lee J. for exhibiting this gift of our heritage.


+  It was good to have Uncle Robert and Aunt Wanda around the kitchen table again after a 3-year stint away from their home and hearth. Now, all eight siblings have visited our home of origin again, since November 2000. How Good the Good God is and He leads so very Kindly!


+  The 50th- Birthday- Salute- to- the- Sixth Child (Malcolm) was experienced by all!  The adult and children’s cards were heartfelt; o-o-o not to mention the dramatic reading by a certain 13-year-old!  The fourth childs’ (Bernadette) writing sums up…

In the soaring basket is gift,

Regeneration and joy

For your Third Age in this life.


A communion of all the spaces

in your life and

A radical ‘yes’ to Divine infusion

As He soars through you.


+  I was happy to cell-phone-catch Branton Heath, 40 miles west of Dallas, TX as he was a-headin to his new stage of life!  I shared with him, that location on his map was where Uncle Hector and I headed south to Panama, C.A. in 1978, our new stage in life and certainly empathized in his joy and freedom!


+  It was pure delight to sit with Mrs. Darbonne the day of  Mr. Darbonne’s surgery…in so many ways she reminds me of MawMaw.  What a delight she is and as only in The Father’s timing, Katherine Anne walks in with Madison and John David, Jr. just as the news of the successful surgery was being given over the phone…MaMom reached down with a radiant smile to embrace them all!


+  It was a privilege and blessing to shadow Aunt Constance the afternoon of her commencement day from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital!  There was a luncheon in her honor and many people kept coming to her floor to thank her, embrace her and wish her well. Next to the desk where she was making her last chart entries, was Gertrude Iglinsky, her daughter and her husband playing the soft guitar music (as they are music ministers in their church parish in Boston, MA) looking and sounding just like Gary Ault! As much as Aunt Constance was attempting to close out, she motioned for us to sing the “Benediction Song” for the Iglinsky family.  As only The Father could orchestrate, and in words…Lift your eyes and see His Face and His grace forever…Gertrude Inglinsky, related to MawMaw from Roberts Cove stood as a bridesmaid in MawMaw and PawPaw’s wedding. And she was  there, I believe, to imbue strength and grace through Aunt Constance on this final day, as mothers and foremothers do, for we are never alone.  A commendation letter of Aunt Constances’ outstanding work, her devotion to the patients and as the class act that she lives, by example, is being written and signed by many employees/associates and being sent to the top floor.



9)     5 January 2003  Dear Aunts Gertie Mae, Leona and To-To,


Attached is a Lee and Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun family Set of Happenings that I email to my son, siblings/spouses, nieces and nephews about once a month as events come and go. In the shower tonight, I thought of you and how you might enjoy reading these also!!! (They go back to 12 August 2002!) Attached is my poem (it came with a sketching that I did awhile back incorporating a colorful hot air balloon with a beautiful basket attached) to Malcolm on his fiftieth celebrated Christmas Eve as you know!

Malcolm Joseph at Fifty.

Lead Higher, Kindly Light!

You created me in

            Your Image and Likeness,

Grounded in faith, family and labor.

            And I soared.


Love I pursued and won,

            Education I sought and earned,

Children I desired and raised-up.

            And we soared.


Higher and soaring is, I understand,

            To delve inside oneself,

Realizing I am loved unconditionally

By  my creator, The Father and family.


In the soaring basket is gift,  

            Regeneration and joy

For your Third Age in this life.


A communion of all the spaces

 in your life and

A radical ‘yes’ to Divine infusion

            As He soars through you.


The best of New Year to each of you and uncles.  May all your prayers be answered.                   Lead, Kindly Light!              Love,   Your, Anna Bernadette




10)3 February 2003                        To:  The Greater Monlezun Family.                 

 From: Anna/Aunt Bernadette                       Re: “Happenings”


+  Kade and Jamie came Christmastime 2002 with the 10 month picture of Kade Joel, ll who joined his family on the wall at Arthur Avenue; next is Cody Lee then Baby J.D./ Rhonda – 10 great-grandchildren on the wall! As Paw-Paw once said, “Fill up the whole wall” as he slung his arm around the room!


+  Uncle Lee J. celebrated his 60th Birthday amidst mucho family and friends with music…a poem was written for him with love and thanksgiving.

Lee Joseph Monlezun, Jr. at Sixty Years of Age.

It is good that you were born eldest.

As first-born you,

First received their

First fruit from

Their combined tree of families.


Your fidelity and wisdom

Is apparent in

All that you embrace,

Education, wife, family,

And choosing medicine

To serve, heal, strive for and

Succeed in alleviating pain, soothing anxious hearts, handing life to waiting and yearning arms.


We with our arms and hearts embrace you and in gratefulness thank you for emulating

all that is good, worthy, noble and true,

Faith, family and work.

You are a good and faithful servant and brother.

You have our love and respect.

Lead, Kindly Light!

Los Pontons


+  In the continued march of celebrating family and heritage, there is a “The Business of Family Wall” at Uncle Dominique’s’ newest location of the Lake Arthur Butane Company, Lake Charles office. It is a history by photos/print of the original owner at this location who was Paw-Paw’s relative, and his son who sold to Uncle Dominique – 50+ years of family and the business of propane-keeping people warm! As of last week, there are four matted and framed family photos and 2 articles… I wrote the following for Uncle Dominique and Aunt Tina out of total respect and love and this hangs on this Family Wall:  “Lee Joseph, Sr. and Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun of Lake Arthur, LA had nine children, five boys, four girls and prayed for their tenth receiving their ‘little blessing’ on September 20, 1960.  Dominique Joseph Monlezun, the sixth son with the middle name of Joseph, was a natural businessman from an early age in that, anything his siblings had to sell for school or organizational fund-raisers, he sold and sold everything! Lee, Sr. built ten businesses in the town of Lake Arthur and Dominique was his shadow learning how to service customers by doing until it became as natural as his instinct for business and expansion. His father ran the businesses while his mother born and raised in Roberts Cove, LA ran a faith-filled, efficient and loving home filled with music and children until her death on November 28, 2000. Dominique married Tina King-Monlezun, a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner from Welsh, LA in 1980 and upon the sudden death of his beloved father on May 31, 1985, they purchased The Lee J. Monlezun, Interests, Inc. from his family and now have their own ‘many interests’. Three children were born to this vibrant couple, Dominique Joseph, Jr., Christian Joseph and Suzanne Louise Monlezun. The Dominique J. Monlezun, Interests, Inc. now owns and does business as The Lake Arthur Butane Company , 801 Hwy 26  and 1227 Ryan Street in Lake Charles, LA as of September 2002 , Tiger Mart Convenience Store in Lake Arthur and The Lake Arthur Health Clinic, L.L.C. with their dedicated and enthusiastic staff that numbers twenty-two. Dominique and his eldest brother Lee J. Monlezun, Jr., M.D of Lake Charles, LA recently became co-owners of their home of origin in Lake Arthur, LA where the Greater Monlezun Family numbering fifty-two gather for special family events. Dominique and Tina emulate by their chosen professions that the combination of vocation and avocation make for the happiest of professions serving family, customers and patients with professional and caring service to all who enter any of their many doors.”

God Bless your newest business adventure, brother!  Success and happiness is in your blood as well as being a generous soul!!!


+  Aunt Constance is doing her magic at The Lake Arthur Health Clinic as your front page article states and we couldn’t be more proud of she, Dominique and Tina!!! She pends the night on Arthur Avenue on Tuesdays and together we zoom to LA on Fridays… while she and Aunt Tina are on one side of the street, I remain on the other outlining my workbook of ‘A Monastic Wife”, tending my ministries and watering the plants!  Wouldn’t Maw-Maw love being there and seeing all of this unfold and yet we know she sees and blesses!


+ Uncle Hector and I celebrated 25 Years of wedded bliss (!), 14 January 2003! He gave me the most beautiful silver rosary, the beads are little hearts! I gave him a new shower, countertop and sink which to date is still in process of going in!! The color selected (!) is ‘Thistle Dew!’ At night, I pray the rosary that it be done!


+  A Mardi Gras Celebration with a German Flavor/Fasching (Carnival) on Sunday, 15 February 2003, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at Grant Street Dance Hall in Lafayette, LA! The Alpenfest Band, Germanfest Singers and Bratwurst, kraut, potato stew, etc!!! Admission is $8.00 per person.


+ Hensgens Family Reunion hosted by the Berken Family, 20 July 2003, 10:00 am, KC hall next to the Catholic Church in Welsh, LA. This reunion is held every other year.


+  I’ve been in discernment as to when to teach my ‘Medical Resource Book’ out in the vineyard, if you will, and now is the time…it consists of  ten sheets of information ready to receive ones medical folder and any papers in ones possession that tracks ones health from any healthcare practitioner and place it all in a binder. It is for a state of wellness or for any disorder. This week I’m scheduling dates and times with the contact person for the LCMH Cancer Support Center and CSPH Oncology person who schedules for Support Group speakers/workshops. It is another ministry that serves so that all can win or at least be proactive in choosing wellness or whatever disorder is diagnosed, that fear be countered by information that becomes working knowledge.


May all lost in re-entry of the Challenger Rest In Peace... may all their family members rest in He who calls us by name.

May all of us continue to love, cherish and live the traditions, values and gifts handed down from all our foremothers and forefathers of generations past and are waiting to greet our entry into heaven with joy fulfilled in Him who leads kindly and faithfully. This I believe, this I pray in the daily!

I couldn’t love you more and yet I do!  Anna/Aunt Bernadette



11)March 2003 – “Happenings and Thoughts”…Anna/Aunt Bernadette


+ Mercy, mercy Robbie Joseph was thirty-six on the first day of spring, 20 March 2003, our eldest nephew subsequently the eldest cousin! Thirty-six years ago, I was sitting in my seventh floor office in the LA State Capitol and received a telegram from MawMaw and PawPaw to the ‘new Aunt’ proudly exclaiming his arrival – that of which I had framed and later gave to Robbie as gift!

Celebration Dates to Date: January: 5th- Gabriel was 5 as befitting the start of the year with an Archangel!!, 14th- Hector ‘Rafael’ (the second Archangel!) and his wife married 25 years, 15th- Jamie was 37, 20th- Lee J. was 60, 31st –Ben was 22. February- 1st-Nique was 14, 4th-Makenzie was 2, 7th- ‘Veronica’ Gertrude was 44!, 9th- Dominique and Tina-23 years married and Madison was 12, 25th- Ursula was 48 and Kate was 21! March – 2nd- Dylan was 8, 14th-Anne was 56  & 19 March was the Feast of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary one of PawPaw and my brother’s Feast Day. (What is the name of the third Archangel?!?)


+ I rose early one Sunday morning, packed my little suitcase with gifts and drove to Thibodaux for a visit with my Godmother, Aunt To-To and Uncle Guy in their new casa after having moved (with the assistance of Charles & Sharon) from their home of 42 years! Uncle Hector had made an earlier visit while on a translating assignment in Houma, LA. I met them for Mass sitting next to Aunt To-To in her choir thoroughly enjoying her alto sounding exactly like MawMaw and received Holy Communion from her as she also serves as Eucharistic Minister! Special, special!

Theirs is a precious home filled with pictures, gifts from their children over the years, rocked in Grandma Hensgens’ rocker (!), delighted in a huge wonderful chest from Uncle Guy’s grandfather, and marveled at the well-equipped workshop where Uncle Guy does his magic with anything to make anything! I returned to Lake Charles by way of Pecan Island on the Chenier tenderly remembering our family visits to the Miller clan and other family of yonder years. There is a gift bottle of Uncle Guy’s homemade Muscadine Wine 2002 sitting next to Uncle Lee J’s jar of honey on Arthur Avenue!


+ Aunt Constance and I cantored a family members wedding in Eunice, LA with Cousin Alberta once again on the organ. A German married a German so it was a full church and did we all sing! Many many of MawMaw’s family were in the pews and the first song was ‘Surely the Presence’ the middle song “On This Day O Beautiful Mother” and the final song ‘Maria Zu Leiben’! It was so very difficult to cantor without MawMaw in the pew especially these songs, however, there sat our Godmothers next to each other and that was a sight for our sad eyes and we were grateful to witness in song that solemn blessing in the host of family.


+ There exist a ‘Genealogy Committee’ in Roberts Cove accepting help with the task of getting a database of genealogy information of the 31 original settlers of the Cove. As of February 2003, 6,747 names are in the database. Eight years ago, I took MawMaw to visit Fr. Charles Zaunbrecker in Lafayette and he asked if I would be interested in taking the Hensgens family on, of the original families of the Cove, in that we are the largest in number! I agreed to help along with anyone else that steps forward and now with the organizing of these wonderful people whom I met at our first meeting, 13 February 2003 in the new German Heritage Museum on the site of the Germanfest, the work begins. I was sent the ‘Hensgens’ CD (Family Tree Maker) and will begin to input everyone from Grandpa and Grandma Hensgens on down!! If the creek don’t rise especially if more volunteers join the flow, we should have a decent showing for Germanfest when anyone visiting the Museum can bring up the Hensgens name and connect the dots! Note – any Hensgens by blood, marriage or lovin interest that wants to assist in this blessed work, please step forward! (The blank next to the Reiners name was empty…?!?) Note – Upon arriving at the Museum, the first time returning to the Cove since MawMaw died, there in the foyer is the German Heritage Tree of Names connoting donations made in Memorial. There are 2 leaves on the tree with the names of Lee and Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun and Alvin and Veronica Monlezun. Uncle Lee J. and Aunt Anne made this contribution Germanfest 1999 while MawMaw was present! Thank you.


+ Uncle Dominique and Nique visited Washington, D.C. for his eighth grade class trip during the worst snow storm in a century!  That means the museum lines were non-existent and with a few schedule changes, a grand white time was had by all! Nothing deters the execution of a plan for children that are so desirous to visit our beautiful capitol!


 + Uncle Charles has had a tickle in his throat for nigh-on to 11 weeks now! In that he declined my offer to deliver Nyquil and spoon it down as only this pink lady would do to make him all better, he and Aunt Sharon elected to visit Veronica Cherie and let the mountain air do its magic!  The mountains are fortunate to have them as resident and guests. The spoon is ready though!!


+ Uncle Lee J. was my guest on “Lead, Kindly Light” local diocesan television segment, and for 24 minutes, he was brilliant!  He deftly fielded questions such as, What can one pray to live one’s life as one was created to be in The Father’s image and likeness?  What is the state of the practice of medicine at this time in history? What makes for an informed active patient? When you pray, what is your prayer for this world and family? Airing date- 27 April 2003 6:30 am to 7:00 am on KPLC TV.  This is a present to PawPaw on his 86th birthday, 24 April 2003!


+ Aunt Bette was invited by an oncology social worker at CSPH to teach her Medical Resource Book (MRB) to eight oncology patients and their caregivers and the next night, for 22 ladies who have and had breast cancer.  Two more workshops and a Silent Retreat is scheduled 24 May 2003 on Arthur Avenue for 13 of these persons. My family is weaved through the teaching as the story is told about handing up MawMaw to the Father and her family waiting on the other side. 28 March 2003 will be 28 months since she died!  I have spent time on Arthur Avenue reviewing her MRB, how it was all done and, have felt anew, awe and love for those of us on this side, knowing we, to the best of our hearts and ability, took the highest road that we could see. The road continues for me as I choose to share that, suffering can be redemptive; I teach with peace, faith and compassion for others who do not have what we experienced and it all comes together during Silent Retreats on Arthur Avenue! We are a special, strong and hard working family, know it, believe it, treasure it through faithful living, loving and forgiving oneself and others…the last eight words are in the MRB under ‘Aging Well’!

God knows we are thinking how to embrace freedom anew in light of global conflict, terrorism and war. God grant us peace and faith in our hearts, peace and faith in our families therefore granting us peace and faith in our world so fragile yet filled with promise.

 I love you more than you know. 

…He Leads Kindly!



12)April 2003 – “Happenings and Thoughts” from Anna/Aunt Bernadette


Celebration Days – 4 April 2003- Don was 38, 23 April- Aunt To-To and Uncle Guy were married 50 years and the very next day, 24 April- PawPaw was 86 with the Feast of the Ascension on 29 April!+ Suzanne Louise received her First Holy Communion with numerous family in the pew right behind her and her brothers serving on the altar. I loved watching Uncle Dominique and Aunt Tina gaze on their child, the 19th grandchild, throughout the service especially when she stood in Sarah Elizabeth’s Communion veil, folded her hands and went forward to receive Jesus for the rest of her life on earth! I prayed her joy, solace, guidance nad an unfolding and unceasing realization of His undying love for her as she abides in Him, ‘but only say the word and I shall be healed’…I pray in His name every Tuesday, two years to date on 24 April 2003 at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital in Eucharistic Ministry in MawMaw’s pink top!

Now, the reception for this wonderful event was a culinary and family being together delight.  Heck, I got so excited  with Makenzie making animal sounds that I jumped on Uncle Robert’s back and rode the horsey making horsey sounds…even put a ‘bit’ in his mouth and turned the horsey from right to left!  It brought back such rich memories for both of us of riding my brothers in the back yard! They eventually filled out in size though and I took my place in the lineup!!!


+  I visited Uncle Charles and Aunt Sharon the other day while delivering a Medical Resource Book for Margaret prior to her surgery in Lafayette and while lying on their new and wonderfully comfortable Rolls Royce mattress, I enjoyed the photos of Su-Su Baby singing her soul at a coffee house complete with vased flowers from Brian far far away  and was handed a  perfect little pink precious pillow with a little sign which reads, “Made by Cherie”…they are selling in Radford!! Old MawMaw Monlezun would be proud of you! (If one found its way to Arthur Avenue, it could live in our baby bed next to the pillow Aunt Anne had made for us for all to enjoy!  (If it doesn’t happen, don’t worry Uncle Charles, I won’t make a horse-y Fury sound in your presence)!!


+  Good Friday certainly is Good in that we, as Sarah says, get to divide the loaves and fishes!!  A thank you was in order…

+ From the stuffed pork roast prepared by Aunt Wanda to Aunt Sharon’s banana pudding, Easter lunch was again a special time to gather round the table in prayer and thanksgiving:

Family Table Prayer for Easter Sunday Lunch, 2003  ‘We Are a Family’

‘Since before any of us were born, God planned for us to share our lives with each other.  He knew exactly how our strengths and weaknesses would balance one another and the depth of love, understanding and commitment we would learn to feel.  He knew the richness of our separate characters would be developed through the hard times, the mutual trust and respect would be born as a result of our overcoming the trials together.  He knew that we would laugh together and cry together.  He knew we need each other…to hug, to help, to teach, to reconcile, to serve, to love.’ We remember those who have gone before and those who will come after us.’


+The hunt was the usual grab baskets, finding little-selves corralled inside away from the windows anxiously awaiting turn- us- lose time, the beeline out the back door around the corner and to the tall grass!!  Adults strangely meander around and around colored objects on the ground while all is caught on film!  The one foil wrapped object is the prize and was proudly displayed by Parris for her cash.   The parent that twirls two batons, Jaime, finds the foil prize in the front porch light, her eagle eye looking up!!! Never underestimate bunny helpers! Now, her prize, well, having found its way into Kameron’s hair as she was attempting to emulate her Great-Uncle Charles who was carefully placing the glob of gook to protrude from one of his orifices…three aunts and her mother finally extracted the mess from those glorious curls!!! Family afar called in and spoke to whoever could hear above the roar of the crowd…it was grand to have Sarah’s Steven Green hunt eggs with the best of them, enjoying his company as he dried the dishes while Nique washed!


+ MawMaw’s blue silver and PawPaw’s red refurbished bicycles were such delights arriving on Easter Sunday.  Thank you Uncles Dominique and Lee J. for this gift. The brothers jumped on and rode around the yard filling my heart with glee and gratefulness for all that can be and is being done on Arthur Avenue in gathering, placing and remembering as we let the home place happen in us. In a disparate world, we can go home again, for if we don’t die young, life is long and it is a beautiful and right happening that we enjoy our root place with our own and others with subsequent memories of goodness and life. This is from your Arthur Avenue Caretaker in gratefulness to my eldest and youngest brothers.


+Aunt Constance and I pulled the bikes out of the storeroom recently and rode side by side as we use to, down toward the park, around the lake stopping in for water and rest at the Bussy’s!  Now, the snake that was crossing the road was just missed by the blue biker just in time for its mouth to open for the red biker…but alas, reflex and a yell saved the foot from having to make a visit to the Clinic!! The bikes drove themselves to PawPaw’s office and they were laid on our names in the concrete!  We walked in and I greeted a man by saying that that red bicycle made its way on its own to this the office it knew so well for 40 years in that the bike belonged to Mr. Lee Monlezun, Sr.!  Aunt Constance was saying that it smelled the same as we were welcomed into the office and made a trip down memory lane!!  It was a delightful afternoon!


+ Uncle Hector was going through papers recently and handed me this letter. I framed it in red for our home. He doesn’t know that I am sending this to you!...

August 26, 1988

Dear Colonel Ponton:

On the occasion of your retirement, thank you for your distinguished service to the United States Army.  Your contributions to the Army have furthered the preservation of peace and security for the United States and the free world.  The Army and our Nation are deeply grateful.

During the span of your career, you have seen first-hand the consequences of war and the blessings of peace.  Your service included a period of enormous change for our Army.  I commend you for your steadfast efforts to maintain a strong, ready force in the face of extraordinary challenges. 

Your service came at a time when it counted most.  Your commitment to leading our Nation’s sons and daughters was vital to our building a better Army.  That leadership is your enduring legacy.

As you pursue new endeavors, you should remember your years in our Army with a sense of fulfillment. Reflect on your selfless service with a justifiable pride.  Those who served by your side seek to emulate your example.  They salute you.

Thank you, good luck, and Godspeed.

Sincerely, Carl E. Vuono, General, United States Army, Chief of Staff

…a fitting time as we gratefully remember all who have served, serve and will serve as an imminent announcement of war’s end prayerfully will follow this week.


+Uncle Hector and I make a visit to the Adoration Chapel before choir practice every Monday evening and when you feel our prayers for each of you by name, pray it forward!

I love you more than you know. …He Leads Kindly!



13) ‘Happenings/Thoughts’ from Anna/Aunt Bernadette


4 May, the Month of Mary, 2003.

Celebrative dates:  1 May- St. Joseph the Worker another of my brother’s Feast Days as they do what they do so well and do it with passion and skill.

5 May-Lee Joseph, Jr. and Anne are married 24 years and called last night from Cano’s (Uncle Hector’s brother) car in Puerto Rico as he was touring them around the University of  Puerto Rico, Uncle Hector’s alma mater and then on to an authentic restaurant in Old San Juan! How wonderful as Aunts Constance Victoria, Ione Marie and I were attending a Habetz wedding shower hugging and kissin Aunts and cousins during the same hours! 

11 May- Mother’s Day as we bless our ‘Mothers” on earth, Mrs. Prague, LeBleu,  Ponton and Darbonne and lift up our hearts to our Blessed Mother as she clutches our ‘Moms’ in the fold of Her mantle.

13 May- Renee is 37 and Rhonda, 32.

16 May- Chase Dwight is 10 and 18 May- The Pope is 83! 

26 May- Anna Clare is 24 and,

27 May-Uncle Robert is 59 and Alvin Joseph and Veronica Gertrude’s 38th anniversary as your Guardian Angels!


+ A Dinner and Lecture!  A. Wanda brought her big pots to Arthur Avenue, all the fixins and prepared a fantabulous meal for the Lake Arthur Health Clinic Guest Lecture Series, 30 April 2003. It was delightful to pend the day with her as she flew around that kitchen!  She cooks just like her Mama and boy, could Mrs. Womack cook!  Twelve adults and three young adults (!) gathered round the table to welcome new friends and family to Lake Arthur, said prayers before meals and dined with conversation about Memory Lapses, Loss and Alzheimer’s!  This was the lecture topic at City Hall where 29 persons arrived to later hear the hour presentation which was well received.  The speaker and her sister were escorted to the Clinic by Aunt Sharon where a tour was conducted prior to dinner.

Two other guests so enjoyed seeing the pictures and all the treasures of a family that exercises stewardship in a home of origin. Their thank you note exclaims, “What a family…your parents I’m sure are smiling down on you all, and saying what wonderful children we have.” This is good and right, everybody wins!


+Now, did I mention that during these happenings, we looked out the window over the sink and there suspended in mid-air is the trunk of the fir tree at the back door and Uncle Charles and a friend were beating the dirt from its clinging roots!  A water hose was then used which made the most precious mud puddle as the beating continued!  His vintage vehicle with a lot of chrome was backed into position by the swing and this huge trunk was placed on her back and she obliged by dropping in her tires!  This scene continues as both quarter ton truck and the chromed vehicle with a tree trunk on its back drove across the Easter Egg Hunt grass and onto the street where she rested…was later parked at City Hall…and journeyed to Lake Charles as Aunt Constance followed it for awhile just to marvel and think her thoughts!!! Always multiple happenings on Arthur Avenue!


+This past Friday, I raked the mud hole, brought bee boxes for Uncle Lee J. to a man in Jennings, talked with Aunt Wanda about she and Uncle Robert’s plantings around the Blessed Mother statue area, the north side of the house and a hibiscus tree going in where the fir tree was taken out and washed the green off the sides of the house with Clorox and water from a hand pump! I love the work but ran out of time for a bike ride around the lake! At 6:00 pm, I was on the swing praying the Liturgy of the Hours when the church bells rang for Vespers!  Perfect!  Lovely week serving others!




14)  This letter was written to the Germanfest Association the day after Germanfest, my first since 1999, the year my mother was diagnosed with cancer. The chalice used at Mass belonged to our founder Father Peter Leonard Thevis and the Thevis Family served at the altar.


Danke! Danke! Germanfest 2003 was gloriously culminated on sacred ground for reverencing family that have gone before, that live today and those who will come after us!The Celebrant hit the nail on the head when he thanked all those present for their Catholic faith and, in that it seemed 99.9% of Mass participants received Holy Communion, it is a glorious gift to be embraced, living this faith of our fathers and mothers! As the meaningful chalice was raised and the ‘Thevis’ family served at the altar, I was overwhelmed by The Father’s love for us by covenant of Word and Eucharist and that Roberts Cove is a manifestation of our ancestors covenant with us by their sacrifice, love through faith, family and labor!

Danke for the organization and commitment to the plan year after year all the year long in the spirit so admired.  We are our ancestors, we carry the blood through our namesake and that is a continual source of pride and a sense of humble duty as a continuum code for living. Germanfest is a manifestation, as families the world over, gather to celebrate faith, family and harvest; life-giving sustenance for our soul and body which constitutes and is the fulfillment of the Body of Christ on earth, this side of heaven!

May our families who have gone before continue to light our path as we reverence them by good example, family bonds that can never be broken, faith lived by study and good example.

May Clara Habetz, as she sets aim on her ninetieth birthday in 2004, be blessed with the knowledge that her life’s work with adult and child are perpetuated through all good works of faith, hope but most of all, love!

Lead, Kindly Light!  In appreciation,
Anna ‘Bernadette’ Monlezun-Pontón, eldest daughter of Lee Joseph, Sr. and Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun




15)  2 November 2003, All Souls Day!


To:  The Greater Monlezun Family

From:  Aunt Bernadette

Happenings and Thoughts…

+ Sayings and Remembrances of Mom & Dad that have come to mind since we last ‘spoke.’…

+ Antoine Adolfo is in a commercial shot at ‘The Warehouse’ restaurant on Bayou DiSard in Monroe, LA drinking ‘lemonade and eating cookies’ (!) with others. It is scheduled to air during the ULM and Idaho State game on 15 November 2003!  I pray two things, that he would have been on EWTN instead and that he not be ‘discovered!!!’

+ Aunt Constance and I recently cantored for Mass at Cousin Alberta’s nursing home in Lafayette, LA and joined by Fr. Donald Pelous, enjoyed a wonderful and entertaining lunch afterward. Story…I have read and received invaluable insight from the 20th century spiritual thinker, Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk.  His books were available through the St. Patrick Hospital nuns and I began reading them in earnest the year MawMaw was diagnosed and have purchased more and continue to read him to this day. He died in 1968, however, his voluminous written legacy continues to be published by his former Assistant, Bro. Patrick Hart from the Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky. Point…Fr. Pelous (who taught me in elementary and high school) was a Holy Cross brother at one time with Bro. Patrick and when he heard of my reverence and enthusiasm for Merton…he and I will journey to Gethsemani, for a week in February 2004 where Bro. Patrick will take us on a tour of the Abbey and all the highlights of Thomas Merton to include visiting his hermitage! Now, it doesn’t get any better than this!!! The last trip with a religious was with Sr. Yvonne and Mom in September of 1999 to John Michael Talbots’ retreat center on More Mountain in Eureka Springs, AK!  I will carry all of your prayer intentions with me, place them upon the altar and light their votives!

… I’m discerning whether to email Bro. Patrick Hart the outline of my book, ‘The Monastic Wife’ for his priceless suggestions while at the Abbey…it parallels monastic spirituality and the Domestic Church/the home by living in the daily the four pillars of the monastic life, Prayer, Study, Labor and Re-creation.

I love you and yours more than you know, but The Father knows!   Lead, Kindly Light!



16)10 November 2003


To:  The Greater Monlezun Family

From:  Anna/Aunt Bernadette

Re:  Happenings/Remembrances…

1 November 2003, All Saints Day & Cody Lee was one year of age.

6 November 2003 Uncle Robert and Aunt Wanda were married 38 years!

9 November 2003, Baptism of Luke Perry during Holy Mass at Christ the King Church, Lake Charles, LA

24 November 2003, Morgan Olivia will be four years of age.

28 November 2003, MawMaw will have been with PawPaw and her family for 3 years on the other side!  Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, forever.


+  Yesterday, we celebrated Luke entering into the family of his Christian faith and worshiping family of Christ the King parish with his ancestral family present as witness to this ancient and holy rite.  The words of welcome and commitment were powerful and poignant as we sang ‘Only This I Want’ and ‘On Eagle’s Wings’, Branton Heath’s favorite as he sang and I held his hand, my Godson.  I wore MawMaw’s maternity top (with a long scarf!) from the 1940’s when she carried Uncles Lee J., Robert, Charles and myself; now it was there for Lee J’s grandsons’ special day! And we march on!


+  We then journeyed to Uncle Robert and Aunt Wanda’s 38th wedding anniversary celebration in Arnaudville! Uncle Charles asked Victor and Hector to pray for him as he departed church with four women companying him! I shared my cappuccino with him as a condolence! (He drives exactly like Daddy!!) And then there were four of us heading for home, and an interesting conversation ensued about family stories, history, lineage and its responsibilities and challenges for each generation.  I always learn so much riding in that Volvo!


+ Robbie and Lisa were very gracious in sharing their new and glorious casa with Aunts on both sides.  I jumped into bed with Parris Ann as she was waking from a nap and Uncle Robert and I danced to a tune from her keyboard while Makenzie watched-wide-eyed!!! Robbie and his father attempted to ‘play’ basketball with me in position of guard…well… they didn’t make it to the goal!!!  It must be those floors!!


+ Kade Joels’ cake displayed his second birthday candles as the family sang Happy Birthday in 3 part-harmony!  He then proceeded to lap up the icing with his whittle finger and shared the treat with anyone who wanted!!!  Too-o cute!! Family pictures were taken, the Family Song was sung and after the pecans were loaded in the car, we journeyed home refreshed and safe in the dual arms of family and tradition.


+ Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day…Uncle Hector and I recently attended the Military Ball where he was invited to propose a ‘solemn toast’ one of three, to The Fallen!  It was right on the mark, so articulate, so very touching and heartfelt.  Thank you to the family who have called, written or emailed Uncle Hector (36 years in uniform) over the years on this special day thanking him for serving.  This is what I have passed on, when I see a person in military uniform… I approach them and say, “Thank you for serving!”  They in turn stand a little taller, a little straighter.


+ On 8 November 2003, Arthur Avenue held the 19th Silent Retreat, 134 people since January 2001 and the 500th person signed in having attended retreats between my Virginia, D.C., Spring Street homes and now Arthur Avenue!  I (and so many others now) am so very grateful to my siblings who gave me their blessing to facilitate these precious days on Arthur Avenue that January 2001 after MawMaw died; I verbally thank you at the beginning of every retreat just before the gathering prayer with the retreatants around the table.  I thank you again for this supreme honor and privilege to tell of ‘a way’ to embrace and live a vibrant faith, family, work, study and song as was our foundational clarion call to serve others beginning with our own.  It has been a stunning 3 years, but it is sanctifying grace to wipe the tears of others that have found their way to our home of origin, as one did  this past Saturday, one year since she buried her mother. While walking the home and looking at the photographs and all the treasures, she, in MawMaw’s room while weeping profusely, said to me, “Today, I’m letting my Mom go!”  I held her sitting on the chest and she said, “I feel my Mom is with your Mom looking down on us at this very moment and I feel that all will be well.  This home holds so much spirit, such life and hope; all can be well!” I told her that she can retreat to Arthur Avenue when I’m there any time and to bring a photo of her Mom. Thank you Lee J. and Dominique, especially, for the continued opportunity to serve others.  In 2004, it is planned to invite the Lake Charles alumnae of Spring Street to Arthur Avenue for a return Retreat Day and/or a Day of Time Management with Activity Book hand-outs: Main Activity Binder Categories, Master Filing of Paper at Home/Office, Child’s Master File and Biographical Sketch, Menu Planning/Grocery Day, Medical Resource Book and a bibliography of books on ‘Balancing Work, Life and Home!’  Amen!

+Sayings and Remembrances…always more & more/wonderful!

We pray for all family but especially those who need special prayers at this time. The home altars are lit on Spring Street and Arthur Avenue. All will be well. Lead, Kindly Light!     



17)3 December 2003


To:  The Greater Monlezun Family

From:  Anna/Aunt Bernadette

Re:  ‘Happenings’

12 December – Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Dedication of the CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital Heritage Center

16 December – Veronica ‘Cherie’ is 31 years of age!

18 December – John David, Jr. will be 3 years old!

22 December – Aunt Sharon, 57 years young!

23 December – Christian Joseph will be 13!!!

24 December – Uncle Malcolm will be 51.

27 December – MawMaw will be 82!  Uncle Malcolm and Aunt Ursula will be married 32 years!


+I have worked throughout 2003 from the conception to the official opening of said Heritage Center and it has been pure gift to envision and see it to fruition by inviting many people along and they have gotten in the spirit!

 By the generosity of Uncle Dominique and Aunt Tina, two antique display cases will hold loaned or donated archival medical items…one of the early 1900’s in memory of MawMaw and PawPaw, The Sportman’s Center, Lake Arthur, LA and the other case is turn of the century in memory of Theogene E. Brouassard and in honor of Anne Broussard-Fautt, The Lake Arthur Pharmacy. The Heritage wall is filled with vintage photographs of the sisters, hospital and physicians beginning from 1910.  On the south wall hangs the bronze signage, “Heritage Center – Reverencing Those Who Have Gone Before” as well as The Risen Christ resting on black velvet in a specially-made shadow box of silver. Track lighting will softly highlight the photos and the cases and meditative music will play 24/7!! It is a place of reverence and thought as well as delight. The opening prayer dedication day, ‘After much work and prayer by many members of our hospital community, we gather now to bless and dedicate this Heritage Center.  Here young and old alike will learn how the Catholic faith and the spirit of healing have been lived out through the years.  This Center reminds us to deepen our commitment to live as Christ has taught us and reverence those with whom we live and work.  We are our Heritage!’ 

My thoughts for The Center’s Phase ll is ‘Memory in Glass’…more later!

 (I wanted to give Jesus a special present for Christmas on my 56th birthday and the third anniversary time of MawMaw in heaven. So, it was decided to give it in honor of His Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe whose Feast Day is December 12!!  She is the Patroness of the Americas as CSPH also has a presence in Monterrey, Saltillo and San Luis Potosi, Mexico!)

+ In that the blessed work has been so rich in thought and heart on Arthur Avenue which I’ve been tah-tahing since January 2001, in many ways, the Heritage Center was a natural thing to do for others as well. Every request for the Center has been fulfilled by CHRISTUS Administration and they are to be commended for their trust in envisioning!


+So, Arthur Avenue now has its own family groupings in different rooms with information cards to be done by Aunt Constance over time, although the information is there, in time for you, at Christmas to enjoy and see to learn of your lineage:

            ~Living room: The Monlezun Family starting with the earliest pictures of old MawMaw/Antoine Monlezun, the crucifix that hung over his bed forever!, the 100th birthday party of parties photo and the Monlezun write-up in the Lake Charles America Press awhile back, etc.  To the right of the organ, the early St. Leo’s church, Roberts Cove, LA and cemetery and the original Dominique Joseph Monlezun’s framed passport from Tarbes, France hanging together, joining the two families!

            ~Front room:  PawPaw’s brother and Uncle Lee J.’s Godfather killed in action, Alvin Joseph Monlezun’s poignant groupings.  They include the LSU graduation program in 1943 that list his name in the Department of Commerce, degree in Business, his baby picture, military picture and his signature on a check!  The other wall holds PawPaw’s groupings, his Father of the Year cross and family collage, baby picture, diplomas, the Sportsman’s Center, the article he wrote on fuel!, etc.

            ~The Back Bedroom:  There is the Hensgens Family from the earliest photos of MawMaw’s paternal and maternal grandparents, and Maria ‘Veronika’ Knoben-Reiners rosary which was repaired, while MawMaw was with us, at Navarra’s with new silver beads as many of the black beads had been lost and the V.R. initial is on the back of the crucifix, wedding pictures and family pictures… Pure treasures for you to reverence!

Luke Perry  is the 6th generation of Monlezun, Paternally beginning with Dominique Monlezun and Louisa Petterson, Swede and Maternally, the 9th generation  beginning with Jacques Miller and Anna Marie Theigen!!!

Luke Perry is the 11th generation Paternally beginning with Conrad  Hensgens and Gertrud Hochhaus and 8th generation Maternally beginning with Frantz Anton Reiners and Maria Veronika Knoben-Reiners!!!

+In the ‘Happenings’ to come, ‘Arthur Avenue-Room by Room’ will be highlighted as to the known history of all the treasures in each room!! This will stretch your Aunts and Uncles but we will try to remember before we forget! This is for you. Always, all for you, the next generation to live the lineage and hear the stories of old so that they may be made new again in the Father’s light as He leads you…reread Uncle Charles’s letter which hangs in the front bedroom every chance you get and let the words sink deeply within and abide.

I love you.                      Lead, Kindly Light!