“Joseph and Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens Family Chronicle”

“Each of us has been warmed by fires we did not build.

Each of us has been nourished by wells we did not dig!”  Author Unknown


My mother, Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun, was German on both sides! During the years I lived away from Louisiana, she would send and I would file in a filing cabinet a plethora of informational treasures;   I moved 27 times before age 40 returning home with my retired military husband and  young son! 30 October 1995 Mom and I visited with Father Charles Zaunbrecher as he ‘spoke a word’ of his prodigious work tracking and researching the Pioneer German Families of Roberts Cove, LA  while on his annual trips to Germany. This providential visit planted a seed of gratefulness in my ‘heritage memory vineyard!’ My mother had organized the first family reunion for her siblings in 1984 in Lake Arthur, LA for her, as Father Charles, had a keen sense for family gatherings as well as an aforementioned familial instinct for tracking and, as she received, she stashed it ‘all’ away!


Mom died in November of 2000. Their people have become my people in a different and profound way for I have gratefully moved more fully and humbly into my generational place on both sides, as my father, Lee Joseph Monlezun (d. 1985) is of French Basque ancestry.


As a twelfth generation Hensgens, I humbly track and record a compendium of my German lineage in gratefulness and reverence to:  1) those who have gone before, 2) those who are here today, and 3) for those who will come after who will pray for us until the ‘The Grand Reunion’ commencing eternal life in The Light!


This amassing is dedicated to Reverend Charles Zaunbrecher for in the beginning he gathered it all for us!



dirk.vollmer@freenet.de, a Hensgens descendant in Germany, tabulates generations of Hensgens, globally!  02 March 2019 ~ 5,837 in our global ancestry (203 pages!)

Danke Schoen! Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Mil gracias!

Fluid numbers indeed as we grow in faith, work and gratefulness to our ancestors.



Rcht2020@aol.com ~ Organizer ~ Philip Fabacher, M.D.

From The Cove to Germany every five years meeting our people as Philip works diligently to arrange visits with Cove descendants and family members in those hamlets and towns from which our ancestors departed 1800 forward!



Heinrich Hensgens born 1600 – died 1673 Gangelt-Vinteln, Germany

We have been prayed forward since 1600!



Heinrich Hensgens, son of Heinrich Hensgens, Gen. 1



Conrad Hensgens  b. 1666-

married Maria Ganderheiden, daughter of Wilhelm Ganderheiden and Giertgen Meufels



Johann Conrad Hensgens  b. 24 June 1698 -   Gangelt-Vinteln

m. Gertrud Hockhaus  b.1694 - d.1771 daughter of Joannes Hochhaus and Sophia Fischers



Johann Caspar Hensgens  b. 07 January 1726 – d. 23 March 1806, 6 pm, age 81, Gangelt-Vinteln

m. Anna Maria Ehmen  b. 26 December 1725, Zur Heggen – d. 01 September 1759,

Gangelt-Vinteln daughter of Andreas Ehmen and Gertrudis Mertens



                                                                                GENERATION 6

Johann ‘Peter’ Hensgens  b. 06 August 1749, Gangelt-Langbroich – d. 14 December 1813, Gangelt-Hastenrath  m. 1776 in Susteren Maria Elisabeth Dahlmanns b. 08 March 1757 – d. 14 February 1813, Gangelt-Hastenrath  daughter of Gerhard and Anna Catharine Dahlmanns



Johann ‘Conrad’ Hensgens  b. 02 December 1783 – d. 04 October 1844, Gangelt-Hastenrath

m. 29 January 1808 Maria Josepha Herfs  b. 30 January 1789 in Hoengen – d. 24 January 1871 in Gangelt-Hastenrath) daughter of Joannes Christian Herfs and Maria Agnes Geilen.



Johann Christian Hensgens  b. 31 December 1809 in Kleinwehrhagen – d. 21 March 1895 in Gangelt-Hastenrath m. 19 November 1836 Maria Catharina Dahlmanns  b. 03 November 1808 – d. 24 January 1871 in Gangelt-Hastenrath daughter of Johann Joseph Dahlmanns  b. 23 October 1785 Gangelt and Maria Josepha Lowartz  b. 12 November 1783 Gangelt married ca. 1865

Their children, Generation 9, are four sons: Christian, Conrad, Johann Ludwig and Leonhard and three daughters: Anna, Gertrud and Margaretha. All remained in Germany while eldest son, Christian Joseph, immigrated to Roberts Cove, LA.

                                                                                GENERATION 9

Christian Joseph Hensgens  b: 24 December 1839 in Gangelt-Hastenrath - d: 6 July 1919

in Roberts Cove, LA m. 23 May 1871 Maria ‘Regina’ Elisabeth Tellers  b: 7 September 1847 in Gangelt-Langbroich – d: 27 November 1908 in Roberts Cove, LA daughter of Johann Wilhelm Tellers and Maria Gertrude Ohlenforst who are the parents of three sons:  Ignatius, Joseph and Herman, and two daughters:  Katharina remained in Germany and Maria ‘Regina’ Elisabeth Tellers-Hensgens who immigrated to Roberts Cove, LA with her brother, Herman Tellers, who founded ‘Tellers Organworks’ (1906-2006) eventually making his home in Erie, PA. Notation:


Wonderful Notations:  “Ship records of the S.S. Mississippi, a freighter that sailed from the port of Antwerp, Belgium, by way of Liverpool, England and Havana, Cuba indicate that Christian Joseph was 41and Regina 33 arrived in New Orleans on November 17, 1881 with five boxes and two bags as their ship luggage! They had been married for ten years and had five children born in Hastenrath, Germany: 

1- Katharina age 9,  2- Gertrude age 7, 3- Barbara age 5,  4-  Regina age 2  and 5- Conrad an infant; three children were born in Roberts Cove, LA  6- Johanna, 7- Joseph, 8- Nicholas.”  



CHILDREN of Christian Joseph and Maria ‘Regina’ Elisabeth Tellers-Hensgens

1. Joseph Dischler (1866-1921) and MARIA KATHARINA HENSGENS (1872-1955)                     

2. Lorenz Zaunbrecher (1870-1954) and MARIA GERTRUD HENSGENS (1874-1954)

3. William Michael Heinen (1872-1940) and BARBARA HENSGENS (1876-1947)

4. William Joseph Bollich, Sr. (1877-1966) and REGINA HENSGENS (1878-1949)

5. CONRAD JOSEF HENSGENS (1880-1956) and Francesca Margaret Schatzle (1887-1975)

6. Joseph G. Klauser (1880-1947) and JOHANNA MARIA HENSGENS (1882-1930)

7. JOSEPH HENSGENS  b. 24 February 1885 – d. 06 October 1959) m. 27 November 1906 in Roberts Cove, LA  Anna Gertrude Reiners  b. 07 April 1885 – d. 16 January 1969 daughter of Franz Anton Reiners (1846 – 1907) and Maria Veronika Knoben (1847 – 1928)

8. WILLIAM NICHOLAS HENSGENS (1887-1955) and Maria Agnes Leonards (1890-1926)


NOTABLE:  On the Knoben side:  “Heinrich Oidtmann, M.D. in Linnich, Rheinland, founded the Oidtmann Workshop in 1857. Our family business has been involved with the manufacture, care and research of artistic glazing for over fine generations.” (Google ‘Oidtmann Stained-Glass Workshop!’) This Family Company made the 12 stained-glass windows for the iconic St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA!


Generation 10

Patriarch Joseph (1885-1959) and Matriarch Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens (1885-1969):


Their Extended Family’s Updated Data:  15 March 2017 to 21 February 2019 ~

A)      Marriages: 17 + Births: 25 = 42 additional members!  

B)      TOTALS of Generation 11

Updated every two years; 20th Reunion June 2021!


  1. CHRISTIAN JOSEPH HENSGENS (1907-1972) and Mary Elizabeth Thevis (1909-1985)

Total Family Members:                      166

Deceased:                                             15

Total Living Family Members:          151

Direct Descendants:                           123 


  1. JOSEPHA REGINA HENSGENS (1909-1909, lived 2 ½ months)


  1. Pirmin Hubert Habetz (1911-1970) and CATHERINE FRANCES HENSGENS (1916-1997)

Total Family Members:                      138        

Deceased:                                             17

Total Living Family Members:          121

Direct Descendants:                           103           


  1. CONRAD LEO HENSGENS (1920-1987) and Mary Catherine Theunissen (1922-2012)

Total Family Members:                      12

Deceased:                                              2    

Total Living Family Members:          10

Direct Descendants:                             8


  1. Lee Joseph Monlezun (1917-1985) and ANNA GERTRUDE HENSGENS (1921-2000)

Total Family Members:                      92

Deceased:                                             4

Total Living Family Members:          88

Direct Descendants:                           62  


  1. Herman Lawrence Berken (1921-1996) and BARBARA LEONA HENSGENS (1924-2016)

Total Family Members:                    112

Deceased:                                                8

Total Living Family Members:           104

Direct Descendants:                            71


  1. NICHOLAS ANTHONY HENSGENS (1925-1999) Gloria Theresa Deshotels (1927-1995)

Total Family Members:                      27

Deceased:                                              3

Total Living Family Members:          24

Direct Descendants:                           17


  1. Guy Gregoire Gauthreaux (1926-2014) and CLARICE JEANETTE HENSGENS (1929)

Total Family Members:                      44

Deceased:                                              1

Total Living Family Members:          43

Direct Descendants:                           30


TOTAL FAMILY MEMBERS:                 594 (inclusive of Hensgens Grandparents & Josepha)

DECEASED FAMILY MEMBERS:                  53



TOTAL LIVING FIRST COUSINS:                   27

GENERATIONS:                                                           15







Joseph and Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens Family Reunions ~

“Whose Turn Is It Anyway?”

Hosted every other year by descendants of one of six families:

Christian Joseph, Catherine Frances, Anna Gertrude, Barbara Leona, Nicholas Anthony and Clarice Jeanette


1st Reunion June 1984 ~                     Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun, Lake Arthur, LA!

2nd - September 1, 1985 ~                   Catherine Frances Hensgens-Habetz, Raymond, LA

3rd- September 27, 1987 ~                                 Christian Joseph Hensgens, Mowata, LA

4th- July 9, 1989 ~                                Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux, Thibodaux, LA

5th- July 14, 1991 ~                              Barbara Leona Hensgens-Berken, Lake Arthur, LA

6th- July 11, 1993 ~                              Nicholas Anthony Hensgens, Rayne, LA

7th- July 15, 1995 ~                              Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun, Lake Arthur, LA

8th- June 22, 1997 ~                             Catherine Frances Hensgens-Habetz, Raymond, LA

9th- June 13, 1999 ~                             Christian Joseph Hensgens, Mowata, LA

10th- August 19, 2001~                       Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux, Thibodaux, LA

11th- July 20, 2003 ~                           Barbara Leona Hensgens-Berken, Welsh, LA

12th- July 24, 2005 ~                           Nicholas Anthony Hensgens, Rayne, LA

13th- April 22, 2007 ~                          Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun, Lake Arthur, LA

14th- June 28, 2009 ~                          Catherine Frances Hensgens-Habetz, Raymond, LA

First Printing of ‘Updated Data’ with Family Data Coordinators!

15th- April 17, 2011 ~                          Christian Joseph Hensgens, Roberts Cove, LA

16th- April 21, 2013 ~                          Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux, Roberts Cove, LA

17th – June 14, 2015 ~                        Barbara Leona Hensgens-Berken-Smaihall, Welsh, LA

18th – 30 April 2017 ~                         Nicholas Anthony Hensgens, Roberts Cove, LA

19th – 06 October 2019 ~                   Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun

Twenty-fifth Germanfest in Roberts Cove, LA!

20th –12  June 2022 ~                         Catherine Frances Hensgens-Habetz, Raymond, LA

21st - 2024 ~                                          Christian Joseph Hensgens

22nd - 2026 ~                                         Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux

23rd - 2028 ~                                         Barbara Leona Hensgens-Berken-Smaihall

24th - 2030 ~                                         Nicholas Anthony Hensgens

25th - 2032 ~                                         Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun








Very interesting reading, profound and beautiful conceptual writing…

“All cultures have some concept similar to the saints. It is most likely part of the human psyche and imagination to recognize in certain people some special quality that singles them out from others, some blessing of divine power and grace that connects them to the realm of spirit. People everywhere have created ritual and ceremony to honor the memory of those special human beings in the belief that they have not faded into oblivion. The ancestral past is still alive in the present age. Our ancestors are still with us.


The Christian saints are our ancestors in several ways. Many lived in the same regions that our families are from, so there conceivably could be, unbeknownst to us, actual bloodlines with some of them. As members of a culture heavily influenced by Christianity, we can recognize and appreciate the saints’ efforts to put into practice the values, beliefs, and attitudes that Jesus taught two thousand years ago and that have continued to make sense over the years, even as the times changed and continue to change. Our heritage, whether familial or cultural, includes these men and women.”





God of our ancestors, help us cling to You!