A)   I offer to email the Host Family Membersprior to the Year of the Reunion!


SUBJECT:  ‘Joseph Hensgens Family’ Reunion! It’s Your Turn!


RE:  This is about the time of year we email our ‘Joseph Hensgens Family Reunion’

offerings to the Host Family!


You and yours are heartily invited to:

See ATTACHMENTS TWO:  ‘Heinrich Hensgens Family Chronicle’ Main Page and ‘So! You Want To Do A Family Reunion!’


Lead, Kindly Light!

Anna Bernadette, Chronicler!



B)   Once decisions are made:  Email #1 from you:  An  e-blast “SAVE THE DATE” to Family Data Coordinators (7) who will pass it on to their clan! I will forward these dear and essential ones to you.


Date, time, place­­­­­­­­­­­­___________


Hosted by the Family of ______________


Host Family Reunion Co-Coordinator/s contact information:  _____________





C)   Email #2 ~ Host Family:

The Host Family Reunion Coordinator/s could e-blast three to four weeks prior to the Reunion a final reminder and any information about the day!



IN CONCLUSION: Email #3 ~Host Family’s Final Communique Post-Reunion!

                        A ‘Thank You Summary’ of the Reunion including attendance total which I will send to you if you do not have.