Family Reunions Hosted by the Descendants

of Joseph and Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens:


A Few Things by Suggestion!


Select a month, date and location and secure a priest for the Reunion Mass!


Host Family to select:

1-      Reunion Coordinator:

v  Secure a location facility, facility cost, contract/insurance documentation, list of  ‘what-you-may-and-may-not-do’ in the facility, contact name/numbers/hours of operation, keys to enter and when, microphone availability, physical address/zip code (Mapquest!)

v  The earlier the better electronically send out to family members: 

1)                          ‘SAVE THE DATE’ invitation with your Reunion information primarily, date, time and location

2)                          About 4 weeks prior to the Reunion …send a final ‘REUNION REMINDER’ with all pertinent information

v  Host Family supplies name tags/pens; we bring the seven SIGN-IN BINDERS ready-to-go which the Family Data Coordinators (7) have gathered from their Family Data Coordinator updating their EXCELS.

v  Coordinate printing of UPDATED DATA which I submit gathered over the two year span between reunions with the expressed assistance of Family Data Coordinators … we then tweak the same data!

v  Memory Table: photos of ancestors and loved ones/wonderful remembrances. We offer a TRIFOLD with pics and updated data. An ‘electronic slideshow’ was such a hit/2017 hosted by the Hensgens-Deshotels Family!

v  An Emcee at the ambo prior to the start of Mass ~ Welcome and Announcements

Invite to a location for a family photo opt at any time of your choosing.

v  Compose the post-reunion ‘Thank you Summation email…We will email to you the reunion total attendance number compiled from the seven ‘Sign-In Family Binders’ for inclusion.

v  If held in Roberts Cove, LA or Lake Arthur, LA:

a.       Reunion morning I offer to place flags on the graves of our ancestors:  for those born in Germany and on American soil

(The ‘German Heritage Museum’ Coordinator could be contacted so to have this wonderful museum open for a visit on Reunion Day with a general time submitted).


2)  Mass Coordinator:  print the Worship Aide (Reunion Mass Booklet):  Secure a priest sharing formation:  Date, time, location & approximate number in attendance:

v  As kindness of duty requires, your selected celebrant to contact the parish priest wherever Mass is be offered

v  If held in a parish church the ‘Reunion Mass Coordinator’ makes contact with the parish office manager who will assist you in coordinating with a sacristan for Mass preparation:  key to the church to open and lock-up, organ key, tabernacle key, count hosts/extra ciborium/cup, candles/matches, chairs for celebrant/altar servers if Mass is not in a church, check for microphones, credence table, offertory table for wine, water, hosts 

v  Contact Celebrant requesting his suggestions: Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, Universal Prayers, Offertory Gift Bearers, Music Coordinator, Selections-Mass Parts, Greeters with Mass Booklets handouts, Celebrant offers his requests/stipulations for the Mass

v  Mass Booklet/Worship Aide can be printed which you can coordinate with the organist…select Mass participants:  Altar Servers, Readers, etc.

v  Donation for the Celebrant as discussed with your family and an envelope can be given to him by Mass Coordinator

v  Music Coordinator: organist/organ key (check with sacristan!), instruments, cantor/s ~ songs selected for Mass Booklet and in Music Binders for musical participants.



3-      Meal Coordinator:   invitation extended to the Celebrant to lead us in ‘Prayer before Meals’ at the end of Mass!

v  In advance of Reunion if in a hall:  what is available for serving lunch:  ovens, refrigeration/ice, tables, chairs/check the contractual document or with a real person!

v  Decision of food/numbers requested for serving:  meats, vegetables, salads, bread, desserts, serving utensils (All invited to bring their own beverages in ice chests!)

v  Set-up hall - lay-out/manpower needed to set up tables and chairs:   

§  Microphone (outlet), table and stand

§  Tables/chairs:  serving & dining areas

v  Serving/Paper Products:  plates: dinner & dessert, cups for drinks and coffee, stirrers, sugar/Splenda, cream, forks, knives, spoons, serving utensils, (check bathroom supplies), trash liners/empty-trashcan-persons needed!

v  Clean-it-up! Pick-it-up! Put-it-back!! All hands on deck as memories of the blessed day dance in your head of a job well done!