Updated:  10 August 2016; Published:  10 August 2016

“Heritage is something handed from one’s ancestry or the past, a characteristic, culture or tradition.

Reverence is a feeling or attitude of deep respect, love, awe and esteem for something sacred. Webster


“We sit by fires we did not light. We drink from wells we did not dig!” Author Unknown




The Spirituality and Work of Heritage:  Reverencing Those Who Have Gone Before!”

Gather! Preserve! Sustain! Make Relevant!


This work is a gentle but ordered attempt to pick up the heritage baton started by others and, with others in gratefulness, gauge a continuum of action

as we work from our sense of place

in the loveliest of towns called Lake Arthur!



First Meeting held 29 April 2016!

(In honor of my Father’s 99th Birthday celebrated 24 April 2016!)



The Team Support Members were kindly invited to consider a ‘Topic of Interest’ (4) Links:

1.       eCemeteries (6):  (in process of uploading to www.findagrave.com)

Andrus Cove, Antioch, Lakeview, St. Anthony, Shell Beach, & Thornwell

2.      History of Lake Arthur

3.      Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church History & Liturgical Furnishings in Pamphlet Form

4.      Live eChat with Elders entitled ‘They Passed This Way!’



‘TO THINK ON’ As Caps For Each Link:

1.      ‘Heritage Mentor-Up!’ Intergenerational invitation extended


2.      ‘eMuseum’:  ‘Chroniclers’ links with text, pics of artifacts, people…


3.      ‘Heritage Folklife Tent’ during A Festival/Event of Choice!


4.      eManagement of Data, Topics, Resources:

Ø“Lake Arthur Heritage Chroniclers’ website…in process…


ØYou are invited to eBlast Chroniclers With An Interest:


o   Resources/References for your Topic for example

§  Books ~ “Preserving Our Heritage:  Perspective from Antiquity to the Digital Age” (Cloonan), ‘Legacy’  A Step –by-Step Guide to Writing Personal History by Linda Spence

§  Organizations/Websites:  LA Folklife Society, American Library Association Journal, University Archives and Special Collections Department, Preservation & Historical Societies, SWLA Genealogical and Historical Library:  Lake Charles, National Genealogical Society, Society of American Archivists, Society of SW Archivists, LA Archives & Manuscripts Association,  Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society


ØPlease request specific assistance needed for your Topic


ØSend to all ~ wonderful opportunities to attend ‘Heritage’ thrusts throughout SWLA by sharing website links i.e.:

ü  http://www.cityofopelousas.com/events/voices-our-past-st-landry-catholic-church-cemetery-tours

ü  www.robertscovegermanfest.com


ØWebsites of interest i.e.:  www.familysearch.org     www.chroniclingamerica.com  (stops in 1922), Institute for Digital Archeology!



1.      Lafayette: 

Edith Garland Dupre Library at the University of 

Louisiana/University Archives and Manuscripts Department

2.  Lake Charles

 a.      Calcasieu Parish Public Library/SWLA Genealogical and Historical Library

b.      McNeese State University Frazar Memorial Library/Archives and Special Collections


3.      Jennings:  

a.      Carnegie Public Library

b.      Jefferson Davis Public Library


4.      Lake Arthur Public Library




1.      Schools! The Library!

2.     Industry! Logging! Fish! Shrimp! Trap! Hunt! Cattle! Rice!

3.     River Connection to Communities:  Cameron, Mermentau, Calcasieu, Vermilion

4.     The Riverboats of Old!

5.     Church Parishes All!

6.     Block by Block ~ Town Grid/Murals!

7.     History of Founding Families/Arthur LeBlanc Forward!

8.     Close By:  Cypress Point, Lakeside, Morgan Shores, Meyers Landing:

The People! Homes! Camps! Snowbirds!



Ø  TIMELINE ~ ‘Lake Arthur Heritage Chroniclers!’

v  January 2001 ~ As Caretaker (co-owners are my brothers Lee Joseph, Jr. and Dominique Joseph) commenced gathering, organizing and preserving our ‘Monlezun/Hensgens Ancestral Home of Origin’ particularly in one area pursuant to this Timeline entitled ‘Lake Arthur/’Louisiana Special Collection!’ http://leadkindlylight.net/RoombyRoom.htm


v   A major website/database link was launched www.leadkindlylight.net

All things ‘Heritage’ plus!


v  Anne Broussard-Fautt’s remembrances filled my heart and mind with all good things for she visited me on Arthur Avenue after Mom died and throughout the subsequent years. I love and respect her so.


v  02 March 2009 ~ Met with Virgie Dronet and Vicki Broussard on Arthur Avenue ~ Invited  Virgie to be a presenter for ‘Place Based Heritage Education Day’ on Arthur Avenue and she kindly accepted. I inquired of Vicki as to what it would take for students to interview L.A. Elders on camera about their recollections of Lake Arthur… she was very helpful in helping me think! http://leadkindlylight.net/Place_Based_Main_Page.htm


v  Fall 2015 ~ Met with the Director of St. Anthony Cemetery to learn of gravesites and that of a familial connection. (This Link is in process: ‘Cypress Point, LA~ 130 Years Later!’)


v  23 February 2016 ~ Request from a friend for information on the history of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church Parish in Lake Arthur.


v  13 April 2016 eblasted invitations to gather on Arthur Avenue for the 1st meeting of ‘Lake Arthur Heritage Chroniclers’ to be held  29 April 2016.  I am not a resident of L.A. but my heart resides there; have spent one full day a week in our home of origin since Mom died … two if an event is scheduled.


v  29 April 2016 ~ First meeting of ‘Lake Arthur Heritage Chroniclers’ 9:30 a.m., ‘Monlezun-Hensgens Ancestral Home’ with eight in attendance. Agenda and EXCEL folder of Team Support Members were handed to all present. A post-action report was later worked; many ‘took off ‘in excitement, knowledge and enthusiasm for this work! Wonderful!


v  17 May 2016 ~ Invited Vicki Carter-Broussard to be ‘Co-coordinator’ of the ‘Lake Arthur Heritage Chroniclers’ and she graciously accepted. I am just the Chronicler! Vicki took the heritage ‘ball’ and ran-she’s right next door so I saw it!! Wonderful! (Main Page of the LAHChroniclers website is in process and so much more…)



I sent an annual Arthur Avenue ‘Timeline Summation’ to my extended family which included:

02 January 2001 to 06 November 2015:

14 years x 52 Fridays in a year =

728 days in our Ancestral Home


130 events in the home (x 24 for we spend 2 days and one night for each event) =

3,120 glorious hours spent on Arthur Avenue…to date!


Number of persons through the home 03 March 2001 to 23 December 2015=

2,048 men, women and children! Wonderful!


Thank you Father, Mom and Dad and Brothers Two!!