A Journal  ~ “Property of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Joseph Monlezun-Lake Arthur, LA

“God Bless Our Home!”



I discovered in the back of the original bedroom closet a Journal. Daddy in his perfect script writes, “Property of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Joseph Monlezun-Lake Arthur, LA

“God Bless Our Home”


            Index                                                                               Page No.

Home Cost and Payments                                                                  3

Taxes and Insurance and Interest                                                       25

Rent Received from Home                                                                 80

Movable Furniture, etc.                                                                      89

College a/c                                                                                          13

Jennings Furniture Co.                                                                       39

Black Hardware Co.                                                                           54

Employment and Employer                                                                96

Vegetables Sold from Garden                                                            47

Miscellaneous                                                                                    99

War Bond No & date                                                                          45

Lafayette Home – Payments                                                              7

Laf. Home and Improvements                                                           31


Home Cost and Payments

“This resident was purchased by Antoine Monlezun, Lake Arthur, LA from E. Valdertro, Lake Arthur, LA and was in turn sold to Lee Joseph Monlezun, son of Antoine Monlezun for the sum of $1000.00 plus improvements. The total sum being $1286.00. It is understood that I was obligating myself to pay the sum of $15.00 per month until the total sum of $1286.00 is paid to my father. The rate of interest is 3%, on balance being due June 19th of each year.

Home purchase dated March 1, 1941 Payment by check 1st 15.00

Paid in full March 11, 1944   $263.00 in cash.   -0- balance”