‘Place Based Heritage Education’ Day

Heritage Prayer 2012 Forward!

Anna ‘Bernadette’ Monlezun-Pontón


Father, the children have come to see, learn, and praise You for giving us life through the generations where You have placed us!  Thank You for our parents and grandparents who teach us of You, Your Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, the Holy Family!  We are our ancestors, and if we look to our left and right these are companions on our journey Home to You! 


Thank You for the generations, ancestry, artifacts, memorabilia, and family trees, where we are placed, in order to thrive in Your image and likeness for You formed us in our dear mother’s womb, counted every hair on our head and called us by name.


 Let us go forth and walk through a home where faith was actively lived, work was real and daily, where parents loved each other, brought forth ten children to raise up in the Light like vessels on the altar; blessed are the vessel-objects in our homes to serve You and give You praise!


Give special graces, Father, to the principal, teachers, parents, and grandparents present today.


Bless this special day and their return home to their sacred space. 















2009 to 2011


Let us pray ~


Blessed are you, Lord God of all creation.

Through Your infinite goodness, we enjoy the bounty of gifts you have bestowed upon us.

This beautiful land of Southwest Louisiana teaming with life and natural wonders fills us with joy as its sings of your heavenly glory.

Our friends and families, many of whom have already gone from this life, to be with you among he saints and angels.

All these who have given us love and care reveal your wonderful care and providence.

The awesome moments of freedom and peace of our society remind us that one day all people will have divine justice and the true peace of your Kingdom.


Merciful God, we humbly acknowledge that we can never fully understand the wisdom of your ways. Nor could we ever repay you for your endless generosity.

Yet, we firmly believe that you will accept and bless the sacrifices that we make: 

Our friendship to those who need it, our love to those who are close to us.

Our thanks to those who deserve it, our encouragement to those who are unsure.

Our support to those who seek it, our respect to those who have earned it.

Our understanding to those whose views differ, our comfort to those who suffer illness.

Our consolation to those who grieve, our time to causes we deem worthy.

These are gifts that we can all afford to give. You have given them to us without cost.

As you have given to us, we give them to others.


Be with us this day, as we conduct this Family Heritage Tour exploring the history and culture of this grand place as well as exploring the wisdom and knowledge in the books housed in the library. Today we thank and praise you for all good things, for we know that all good things are from you our God forever and ever.  (Amen.)


The Lord be with you. (And also with you) Bow your heads and pray for God’s blessing,

May, the Lord bless and keep you! May the Lord let his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you!  May the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace! Amen!