…For the loveliest of days!  I am grateful to you for a wonderful first

Place Based Education on Arthur Avenue and in the Library!


“The bicycles! The attic! The upstairs! Can we ride in this red truck?!”

Just a few of their favorite things! Whodathought?


The children will lead and right behind them were the principal, Mr. Louis Cramer, their teacher (God blesses them one and all!) Carmen Pousson and parents who drove!

Mr. Cramer, thank you for saying ‘yes' to this first sacred dance and all those smiles!

You are truly a gentle-man!


Rev. Clyde Thomas hit the nail on the head with the most meaningful of prayers in thanksgiving to our God through the ancestors, for this holy ground and the repository for exploration in the library! He requested an altar server to hold the book while he with Holy Water called down a blessing on all present, thirty-eight souls in all!


Dr. Virgie Dronet said ‘yes’ to the invitation as the First Presenter and arrived armed with knowledge, love and enthusiasm for her beloved Lake Arthur!

Dr. Linda LeBert-Corbello joyfully offered the library facility as well taking pics and compiling copy for the news releases … Emma LeJeune was ready with a smile to host.


Beaming Dominique Joseph Monlezun, Sr. along with Officer Ronnie Fontenot sent by Chief Cheryl Vincent and Gregory Corbello assisted with shepherding the children back and forth across the neutral ground/the street!

Also assisting the children on and off the old Red Ford safely!


Mayor Red Giles, Anne Fautt and Marion Fox greeted the visitors with words and smiles of pride for this little town with big hearts encircling it!


Renee Reina never missed a step in the detailed planning and execution with her Binder in one hand and video/digital camera in the other with a shoulder bag for extra batteries!


The smiling ancestors prayed the beautiful weather into existence!


Reverencing those who have gone before and those who are here were evident during the glorious day of show and tell for the children, those who will come after us!


You gave those smiling faces a gift that is priceless and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the mind is already planning the next one!! LPB coverage? Could-it-be?!!!!



Bernadette Monlezun-Pontón, Caretaker ~ Arthur Avenue!