Diocese of Lake Charles, LA

Television Segment ~ ‘Lead, Kindly Light’


Kirby Raymond of ‘Raymond Productions’ has produced the Diocese of Lake Charles one hour television program entitled ‘Glad Tidings’ since the diocese was formed in 1980 at the instigation of Bishop Jude Speyrer. In 1967 Kirby was a cameraman at KPLC Television where I was a KPLC FM announcer at age 19 while attending McNeese State University!


On August 26, 1988 my husband retired from the United States Army after thirty-six years in uniform and we returned to Lake Charles just in time for our son to enter the first grade!!  August 22, 1989 was my first meeting as a member of the Diocesan Communications Advisory Board. May 17, 1990 this board was seeking a moderator for ‘Points of Interests’ a new segment featuring active lay people and various ministries and Kirby invited me to submit a 10 minute pilot which was taped in the Chennault diocesan studio.


Kirby is a kind friend of old and a dedicated and consummate professional to whom I owe an immense debt of gratitude. Bishop Jude Speyrer had been my pastor in Lake Arthur, LA, and was my high school religion teacher! My, my  what goes around comes around! I diligently studied and discerned prior to hisinterview; the student may not have been ready but the teacher did appear!! He also was the main celebrant at the funeral of my young brother and sister May 1965…  I framed his homily delivered at their funeral and it has hung next to my bed all  these years long! He asked to see it; I brought the treasure to him prior to his retirement in 2000, the year my mother died, and we indeed had a heart-felt visit! The circle of life! (Study your faith; all the years long study your faith…to know Him, is to love Him, is to serve Him in this world…!)


Kirby, his technical support team, co-moderators and I have heard the stories of many good people whom, as we, are trying to live a gospel life of toil, love/compassion, commitment, family/balance, study and faith. I am humbled and privileged to have been in the same room with them much less to be present when they spoke to their family and viewers of their hearts desire. At one time my mother was filmed in her home sitting in front of the 10-month baby photographs of her ten children and aired on Mother’s Day! He indeed Leads, Kindly!



1 ~ ‘Fact Sheet for ‘Lead, Kindly Light’ Television Segment, Diocese of Lake Charles!’


2 ~  Sprinklings of introductions and questions of a 30-minute interview for ‘Lead, Kindly Light’!’


~ First Segment ~ ‘Points of Interest!’  #172


4 ~ Second Segment ~ ‘In His Image!’ #79

Co-anchor ~ Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc 


5 ~ Third Segment ~ ‘From the Pew!’ #79

Co-anchor ~ Ms. Renée Aline Reina


6 ~ Fourth Segment ~‘Building Bridges!’ #7

Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc & Judge Billie Colomboro-Woodard

joined me on the set!

Beginning January 2000 I ceased taping segments as my mother was diagnosed with cancer and after 14 months

died 28 November 2000. She never missed my segments as she and my husband are my most loyal and lovin  lovin

viewers; this I knew!! In memory of my parents and with gratefulness to the Diocese, I resumed interviewing

November 2001 with my


7~ Fifth Segment ~ Lead, Kindly Light...to current date~!...




Fifth Segment ~ ‘Lead, Kindly Light!’ #142

25 November 2001 to 11 June 2017, aired second Sunday of the month


To Co-host:  “LEAD, KINDLY LIGHT ABOUT YOUTH” - Renee Aline Reina, M.Ed. & David Charles Dawson, 14 February 2010 – 12 February 2012


To Host Solo:  Renee A. Reina, 08 July 2012 - 12 February 2017


To Co-host ~Renee A. Reina, 14 October 2012 - 11 December 2016


To Host Solo:  Rickard Newman, 12 July 2015 – 09 April 2017



TOTAL # OF INTERVIEWS - All Segments aired on the set:

 27 May 1990 to 11 June 2017:  #480 beautiful souls!




I celebrated my 60th Birthday in December 2007 and

opened a “Special Collection” encapsulating www.leadkindlylight.net in the

McNeese State University, Frazar Memorial Library, Archives & Special Collections, Lake Charles, LA!

Underlined or an asterick marks the television guest that were interviewed

                             and are contained in this ‘Collection!’ Other interviews can be accessed through                        

Archives/Streaming/www.lcdiocese.org/click Resources/Glad Tidings/Lead, Kindly Light/YouTube!