21 January 1996 – 5 January 1997, I invited Judge Billie Colombaro-Woodard to join Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc and I for Building Bridges.’  I would interview her in the first segment and then Msgr. joined us with questions and observations. A friend and song writer, Betty Ladas, performed for the musical interlude; Chester Daigle was the musical arranger and Ken Lowery offered his technical gift as Sound Board Monitor.




Diocese of Lake Charles, LA Television

Segment “Building Bridges” Guests # =7

Creator, Writer and Narrator ~ Bernadette Monlezun-Pontón

Co-Anchors ~

Msgr, Irving A. DeBlanc & Judge Billie Colomboro-Woodard

 Musical Interlude by Betty Ladas


Topics:                                                                                                 Airing Date:   

Those interviews underlined are preserved on VCR/DVD.


Youth                                                                                          21 January 1996 


Celebrate Woman                                                                           28 April 1996 


Man of the Future                                                                            30 June 1996


You Are My Brother                                                              29 September 1996


                                                                                                24 November 1996


                                                                                                     26 January 1997


                                                                                                   23 February 1997