Sprinklings of introductions and questions of 30-minute interview segments

 ‘Lead, Kindly Light!’


Most Rev. William Houck

The Catholic Church Extension Society or Catholic Extension as it is today known,

is a national organization which works to extend the Faith in mission dioceses of the United States where resources are insufficient. Today Catholic Extension, which operates with the blessing of the Holy Father, builds awareness of mission needs and raises funds to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Headquartered in Chicago, Catholic Extension is guided by a 14-member Board of Governors. My guest today is the president of Catholic Extension, Most Reverend William Houck. Having served as bishop in Jackson, MS. Bp. Houck was born in Mobile, AL and obtained a bachelor’s degree and Licentiate in Sacred Theology from St. Mary’s Seminary-College and University in Baltimore, MD and a master’s degree from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. After his ordination into the priesthood on May 19, 1951, Bp. Houck spent 28 years in Catholic education as teacher, high school principal, superintendent of Catholic schools and Secretary of Education. He faithfully serves or has served on a myriad of executive boards and committees, as president, member and chairman with, to name a few, the USNCCB, MS Governor Task Force, Southern Ecumenical Coalition, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Catholic Telecommunications Network of America. Bp. Houck resides in Chicago but when summoned responds to his closely knit families sacramental celebrations i.e., weddings, baptisms and anniversaries! Welcome!


1. Catholic Extension is the nation’s leading supporter of missionary work in America. As I read said material, I couldn’t help but think of Jesus walking this earth with his band of men and women preaching and living the original gospel of prayer and action…3 thousand years later this holy and necessary missionary work is yours to do. What does this work give you?


2- Let’s take different aspects in learning about Catholic Extension so as to understand & support its funding efforts; please, speak a word to:

  • The award-winning Catholic Ext. Magazine
  • Awareness of needs at home in this country…
  • Religious education and salaries of priests, religious and laypeople
  • Construction of chapels and religious education centers
  • Extension Lay Volunteer Program
  • Campus ministry


3. How important is the sacrifice monetarily once the head and heart have been moved by the plight of those in true need?


4. The fervor that you felt when you were ordained and your missionary fervor today is exhibited in the dailiness of your life. Do you pray to our heavenly Father in the same way or is there urgency in your prayers in that there is so much yet to be done?


5. How have you come to truly understand the sanctity of the family and their blessing upon you?


6. You have stated…“I’m convinced that if people really know what we do and what a difference we make, they would support Catholic Extension with true Catholic generosity.” How may one give and where do they send there donations; charitable gift of annuities, trusts, bequests whichever way they choose?


7. What more do you most want to do in life?



Lee Joseph Monlezun, Jr., M.D., FACOG

Lee Joseph Monlezun, Jr. is a Medical Doctor having a solo practice in Lake Charles for 27 years.  He is the eldest child of ten children born to Lee and Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun of Lake Arthur, LA.  Dr. Monlezun is certified in a number of medical modalities…Gynecology, Infertility with Assisted Reproductive Technology, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hormone Management of Menopause-Osteoporosis. He earned his undergraduate from McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA and MD from Louisiana State University Medical School, New Orleans, LA.  While at MSU, Dr. Monlezun was elected president of the student body and the Catholic Newman Club; while in medical school was elected president of the Intern Corps during his residency at Charity Hospital.  He holds numerous memberships in professional groups and civic organizations as well as for fun, Mardi Gras Krewe de La Famille.  He and his wife, Anne are actively enjoying the lives of their sons, their spouses and grandchildren. They fish for the ‘Catfish Fries’ held at their camp on the Mermentau River. Welcome my big brother! What does ‘wellness’ mean and is it our natural state wholistically?


2-)  What can one pray to live one’s life as one was created to be in The Father’s image and likeness?


3-)  At the grand youthful state of 60 years of age, what have you come to believe about yourself and humankind?


4-)  What is the state of the practice of medicine at this time in its history?


5-)  You are in the long process of writing a book, tell us about it…


6-)  What makes for an informed, active patient?


7-)  What is your philosophy on living life to the fullest?


8-)  When you pray, what is your prayer for this world as family?


…What brings you peace?

…What is your daily schedule like?

...Looking back over your own history, how are you directed to your future?



Stephen Gerard Marceaux was born in 1955 to John Clifford Marceaux and Mazie Marie Miller Marceaux. He is the second born of seven children, all of whom recognize that they are blessed to have been born to such loving, faithful parents. With the exception of a few months, Steve has lived his entire life, thus far, in the small town of Lake Arthur located in Southwest Louisiana. He attended Saint Maria Goretti School from first through twelfth grade, graduating in 1973. He married Marietta Breaux Marceaux in 1975. Together they have two children, Joshua Christopher Marceaux, and Jenny Marie Marceaux Vick. Throughout his youth, Steve struggled in school. He believes that had he been tested as a child, he would have been diagnosed with some type of learning disability. He also believes that hidden within this imperfection lies gifts, such as the love of simplicity and knowing that it is essential to rely upon our Creator if we are to become whole. In spite of the difficulties he still experiences in the area of written communication, he believes that he has heard a whispering within to write. His first book is titled “God’s Gifts, A collection of Short Stories from the Heart of Cajun Country” published this year. Welcome my special friend!!! Upbringing, family, faith, loving spouse, children, labor and author of stories from the heart in gratefulness to your God. Speak of your parents dear Bill and Mazie Marceaux long-long friends of my parents Lee and Gertrude…

2. Lake Arthur is our town of origin and where you reside. Try to explain the beautiful spot where you live?


3. When did your book, “God’s Gifts, A Collection of Short Stories from the Heart of Cajun Country begin to tug at your heart and enter your conscienceness?


4. How did you begin to write?


1. You have lovely and colorful characters in your weavings of story…how  were you able to select those you did and you must have many more in ya?!?


2. Tell us of that day at Holy Mass when you knew to write of the story of Alvin and Veronica Monlezun, my brother and sister?...Mr. Marceaux’s letter.


3. “He also believes that hidden within this imperfection lies gifts, such as the love of simplicity and knowing that it is essential to rely upon our Creator if we are to become whole.” Unpack this profound statement for us, dear friend!

….What do you carry in your heart of the goodness and faithfulness of God, our Father who uses every good thing to include being differently-abled to bring it all to good?


4. How do you want your children to remember you and what you stood for?



Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc     

Airing Date: 26 February 2006…his final interview/RIP Dear One.

 “Do I need letters of recommendation to you or from you as others might? You are my letter, known and read by all men, written on your hearts.”

Today’s second letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians capture what I think every time I open the pages of Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc’s books! He is our respected, loved and trusted man of the cloth having served as priest for 68 years! Msgr. DeBlanc as Wise Counselor & our Senior Prelate in the Diocese of LC is friend and confidant to many people the world over but especially to his beloved people throughout LA. He has faithfully served as Shepherd, artist, builder, writer, teach , mentor, confessor, spiritual director … he has taught us how to suffer together, toil together, pray together, build together and celebrate together. Most of all, Msgr. has been a seeker of knowledge which has directed him to Lady Wisdom which as you know is a brightness that never dims and is preferred to any other Light!  WELCOME!!! This time is Easter time, resurrection time, alleluia time …how do internalize the message of Easter?


2) Tell us of your newest book…


3) What has been a golden thread in giving your life to the Roman Catholic Church through His people?


4) How important are parents?


1) Msgr., we are facing Hurricane season …La Tormenta…truly can be tortuous!

What can you speak to that which we can prepare for and the consequences of Nature that can be so devastating and life changing for many?


2) In your conception of Villa Maria, its function, beauty, location, what was your intention as to honoring the dignity and meaning of one’s age of re-firement?!!!


3) If you can say anything, and you may, what is on your heart for your viewers on this special segment entitled Lead, Kindly Light! 


1)      There is a “Msgr. IAD Special Collection” at the MSU Library in the Archives and Special Collection Department. This personal collection of your writings, letters, personal papers, photographs, building projects, memorabilia, your authored books and book notes is accessible in the library’s collection. Therefore, your work and writings will be available for scholastic research. What does this mean to you that your life’s work and intention to serve The Father, as He willed for you, live on for others to emulate?


Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc died on Sunday July 16, 2006 the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel! This diocesan television segment you are about to see was his last recorded interview aired February 2006. His beloved sister Ruth said that when he was ordained their mother, Ms. Eugenie said, “Now remember, Irving belongs to Christ and his people, his parishioners first!” We thank them for sharing their brother and Uncle with us and sincerely offer them our respect, condolences and love; we his flock knew the Shepherd’s unique call! In gratefulness to him we will strive to be faithful internalizing well his words, ‘’how is what I’m doing going to affect me for all eternity?’  There he intercedes for us.


Crossroads Bookstore in Lake Charles, Wake and Funeral Service DVD of Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc, Priest 1938-2006.


Contact the Archives Dept. at the McNeese State University library if you would like to donate any photo, letter, or memorabilia from IAD. This treasure will be added to his ‘Special Collections’ for all the generations to come. Love is stronger than death.



Dominique Joseph Monlezun, Jr.

Dominique Joseph Monlezun, Jr. is an outstanding and cherished young man in many ways indeed! He is the eldest child, first son of Dominique Joseph and Tina King-Monlezun of Lake Arthur, LA. He is a recent graduate of St. Louis Catholic High School in Lake Charles; his elementary school is Our Lady Immaculate School in Jennings, LA.. Nique will be in the freshman class attending Tulane University in New Orleans this fall 2007. His high school ministries and leadership thrusts were many and varied…to name a few… president of the Key Club and its service projects, Our Lady Help of Christians Retreat Team (Jennings) in leadership and talks blending spiritual truths and life experiences to youth, Diocesan CORE Team, St. Louis Swim Captain, member of the Soccer Team and served on the Student Council as Senator. His home parish is Our Lady of the Lake in LA where he was liturgical guitarist and an altar server along with his brother Christian Joseph and sister, Suzanne Louise! Nique is my nephew, the 16th grandchild of my parents and I am so very proud of him! Welcome!  How do you think your upbringing formed your character and subsequently who you are in the process of becoming?


2. Of your recent years of schooling and a few more to go, what do you find most rewarding about the learning process?


3. In thinking of others you organized 40 people from St. Louis Catholic and Sulphur to travel to Cameron to clear hurricane debris from homes. What did that experience mean to you and the other members of your team?


4. You have worked as Office Assistant in your father’s business, Lake Arthur Butane Company, and in your mother’s Lake Arthur Health Clinic in Lake Arthur…what about working with your father and mother did you most enjoy and what did you learn?!  


1.You have two specific goals: to graduate from Tulane University with a Double Major in English and Spanish/ Minor in Philosophy or Theology and either… enter seminary and study for the priesthood or ….attend medical school. Firstly pos- seminary training and ordination where whom would you like to serve? And concurrently, post-medical school where would you like to serve and in what specialty?


2. What was some of the best advice that you have received from special mentors?


3. If you could share with youth any message of hope and love, what would it be?


4. How grateful are you for your parents, siblings and those that are praying you into adulthood growing in His image and likeness?

Will you return to LKL for updates…?



Randy Roach, Mayor of the City of Lake Charles/Christmas Airing Date

Today, the birthday of Our Savior, in a manger long ago, love incarnate was born to His Mother, Mary and His father on this side, St. Joseph and they presented Him to us. There was life, death and resurrection wrapped in swaddling clothes ending in a shroud then the Light of the Resurrection that Leads Kindly!!

We welcome you today, Christmas Day 2005, Randy Roach, Mayor of the City of Lake Charles. This has been the year that was! In the midst of great challenges, strife and the dailiness of life, the citizens of Lake Charles have pressed on under your leadership and vision along with your Team Support Members to a bright, prosperous and wholesome future in time. Your rest has been little, your heart has fractured, your hours long but your resolve has not waivered.  You know what your constituents know…strength lies in a common vision and faith is our guide.


1. What have you learned about humankinds’ resolve to care since your time in office?


2. How have you observed people coming together to assure a positive outcome of a common project any common project? What inspires not just motivates?


3. What lessons from the N.O. Katrina debacle were learned that were paramount not to repeat for Rita and what worked?


4. What would you have done differently…in any area?


1. While attending a ‘SWLA Rebuilding Task Force’ post-Rita meeting at United Way headquarters, I was humbled by all the folk present whose minds and hearts found the right page however shaken by the immensity of the destruction, disruption in people’s lives of the basic necessities, the depth of clean-up and re-structuring of Imperial Calcasieu Parish. They were armed with information, statistics, knowledge and know-how and will. How did this wonderful group come about?


2. What is now the biggest challenge for our area?


3. “What we’re dealing with is probably the largest displacement of U.S.

population for a natural disaster in the history of the country, but I’m not sure

that’s well understood,” says Vice Admiral Thad Allen   Where has the compass of

your mind pointed in recent months as you have had to comprehend the

unthinkable, 2 destructive hurricanes affecting the entire southern region of the



4. What will you tell your grandchildren one day of these last months and of the future?


5. Did you write your letter to Santa Claus and can you tell us what was at the top of the list?


“You are a resilient bunch and you get a palpable feeling of community coherence when you walk around here. You guys are up to task of rebuilding your parish and your cities.” Vice Adm. Thad Allen …I think of Cameron Parish…




Mayor Randy Roach

I last visited with Randy Roach, Mayor of the city of Lake Charles in front of these cameras beamed into your homes Christmas 2005. Today I wish to invite the Mayor to speak at will to a myriad of ideals: faith, family, tradition and leadership. But first, for our last interview in 2005, the year that saw Hurricane Rita make landfall just west of us…I said to you …”in the midst of great challenges, strife and the dailiness of life, the citizens of LC have pressed on under your leadership and vision along with your Team Support Members to a bright, prosperous and wholesome future in time. Your rest has been little, your heart has fractured, your hours long but your resolve has not waivered. You know what your constituents know…strength lies in a common vision and faith is our guide.”  WELCOME!  Tell us of the work since those days and weeks and months of challenge.

2- What continues to be the most looming challenge for our area?

3- My Cameron parish cousin has a website and its main page reads in part, “There are no heirlooms in Cameron Parish!” Stunning statement isn’t it? How have you witnessed the struggle for the citizens of Cameron Parish?

1- What of humankind’s eternal quest for faith and reason have you studied toward the ideal of:   

+ family     +tradition       + compassion      +resolve to do the right thing….

2- What would you add that you are developing a philosophy toward?!

3- What yet do you want to do in life?

4- As a grandfather, what do you want most for your grandchildren to know about you?


Stephanie Rodrique, a friend and servant for many!                

 June 1, 2007 Stephanie Rodrique was named Superintendent Cameron Parish Schools. An odyssey of untold proportions has unfolded before her in the name of Hurricanes Rita and Ike. As Superintendant and since the horrendous storms she has rallied her teams and guided recovery efforts in reopening schools and offices, and then reopening them again elsewhere then back again where they were originally, managing FEMA issues, arranging for children to receive CCD religious education classes albeit during school recess all the while observing as her community shifts into a permanent diaspora as in the scriptures of old. Stephanie and her husband, Nicky who teaches Agriculture at South Cameron High are active and dedicated members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church Parish as she has  served 18 years as Trustee and DREducation. In April 2009, as Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic church parish trustee she was asked to work with contractor and architect to assist in completing repairs and renovation to the severely damaged church structure.  Stephanie has given numerous talks on recovery and pre-planning for disaster. She is a member of the Cameron Parish Library Board of control. The Cameron Parish Substance Abuse Coalition and the Cameron Parish Children and Youth Planning Board. Stephanie and Ricky are very active in the LA High School Rodeo Association and the parish and state Livestock Program. WELCOME! God prepares the Man for the time and the Challenge….Do you believe this?

2) You knew you were taking this position as Superintendent of Cameron Parish Schools at a time of tremendous turmoil.   How have you felt His presence and His influence during some of the most difficult times?


3) How or Where did you seek perspective…distance from the daily -to be able to return with clarity of thought for the next day’s decisions?


4) It would be inhuman to be in a leadership role…responsible for guiding so many though the uncertainty of the future of their families without having a firm grasp on HOPE.  Where did you learn Hope?  Who exposed you to the power and influence that Hope has on the survival spirit?


1)  Share with this praying audience the status of your Schools…and the specific prayers you have for the families who inhabit them.:

South Cameron High (Grades Pre K-12)

Grand Lake High School (Grades Pre K- 12)

Hackberry High School (Grades Pre K- 12)

Johnson Bayou High School (Grades Pre K-12)


2)      Tell us of your team…


3) School commences August 12th…what do you have to say to your students?


4) What may we pray for you at this time?


5) When you close your eyes at night to sleep where does your mind wander in seeking goodness?




Clarence Berken, Farmer of the Year 2009

The International Rice Association presented its prestigious award “Farmer of the Year 2009” to Clarence Aloysius Berken!  He grew up in a farming family as he was born to Herman Lawrence and Barbara Leona Hensgens-Berken of Thornwell, LA. Clarence attended St. Maria Goretti Catholic School for 12 years and graduated from U of LA Lafayette, LA, then USL, in 1973 with a major in agricultural engineering at which time he began farming as his vocation forming a partnership with his eldest brother Stephen Herman in 1974. They plant approximately 2,150 acres of rice, 1,100 acres of soybeans, and 300 acres of winter wheat.

It is this partnership and working relationship that has allowed him the freedom to become involved in off farm activities related to the rice industry.  Clarence is active with numerous Associations to name a few: USA Rice Federation Executive Committee & International Promotion for the Western Hemisphere and Europe, LA Rice Research Board, Thornwell Warehouse, LA & JDavis Rice Growers as well as JD Bank member Board of Directors.

Most importantly, farming has been all about family. To Clarence, the most rewarding part of his occupation was having the flexibility to spend time with his family. He is married to dear Karen Berry and they are the parents of three children- Erik, 30; Erin, 25, and husband Brady Williams; and David 23. Welcome!!  What was one of the many lessons learned at the side of your father, Uncle Herman, that stays with you to this day; that you might even hear him in your ear?!?!

1. You are very active with your church and community as well such as LC Diocesan School Board member and K of C involvement for 30 years…how important is it to give back?

2. QUOTE:  “When the kids were small, I could always run by the house and take them out to the field or into town. I remember my oldest son learning his ABCs while riding in the combine with me.  Even today, they all enjoy spending time with me on the farm.”  How did you balance the stewardship of family and stewardship of the land?


3. Had you ever considered any other occupation than farming?


4. “He was accustomed to water leveling that was introduced in the 1960s to improve rice production and red rice control.  In the late 1980s, he began using the method of grooving to prepare a seed bed and then use Ordram herbicide for red rice control and plant in clear water as opposed to water leveling.  Today, Clarence practices a combination of fall stale seed bed, true no-till rice behind soybeans, grooving, and conventional pin-point flooding as well as Clearfield cultural practices on all of his rice acreage.  ” Is the art of planting & harvesting rice as old as the hills and/or how far has the science of this most important of occupations developed?


  1. One of the biggest improvements Clarence has made is the practice of laser leveling.  Approximately three-fourths of the land he farms has been lasered.  This one practice has been especially productive in recent years with the increase in fuel prices.  Laser leveling has reduced water usage, improved red rice control, and improved yields because of better water management. How are these practices implemented from research to rice on the table with gravy of course?


2. Speak a word to a few bullets if you will!

  1. In addition to perfecting his farming methods, Clarence is an active participant in numerous committees and organizations in the agricultural community.  He just completed his term as Chairman of the USA Rice Council. 
  2. He also serves on the USA Rice Federation Board of Directors and the Louisiana Rice Growers Board of Directors.  Clarence is Vice Chairman of the Louisiana Rice Council and Vice Chairman of the Louisiana Rice Research Board.
  3.  He is also Chairman of the Imported Rice Task Force which has just released a “Grown in the USA” logo to be used on all packages of domestically produced rice.  He was an integral part of the La Rice Grower effort that changed the national crop insurance regulations to include salt water intrusion as a covered peril.  This change yielded huge dividends and saved many farmers in the aftermath of our three recent hurricanes. 


  1. How do you want your children to best remember you?


  1. Behind every successful farmer is a farmer’s wife> it takes two>>>as I wrote in your congratulatory note! As difficult as times can be in the lives of a farming family what blessing does it bestow on the family as a benediction?



Most Reverend Glen John Provost, Bishop Diocese of Lake Charles, LA

“From the Greek word meaning “overseer,” a bishop is a supreme, divinely instituted member of the Church hierarchy. He has received the highest of the holy orders, is

invested with the authority to govern a diocese, and is a successor of the Apostles.” Catholic Encyclopedia… Bp. Glen John Provost was born August 9, 1949 in Lafayette, Louisiana, ordained a priest by His Holiness Pope Paul VI (6th) on June 29, 1975 at St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy. Ordained Bishop and Installed April 23, 2007.

Bishop’s impressive wide and steady educational thrusts range from English Literature to ­Theology to summer semesters enveloped in the requisite countries studying the language of French, Victorian literature, Spanish, Italian and Archaeological Study Tours in the Middle East as well as private instruction in piano, organ and the loveliest of the stringed instruments. 

His assignments were throughout our Mother Diocese of Lafayette then traveling a bit more west to the Diocese of LC! His Positions range from Chaplain to His Holiness 1986 to currently Judge, Laf. Diocesan Tribunal, Instructor in Church History/Diaconate Program, Laf., Instructor in Department Of Theology for Church History, Aquinas Institute, Holy Cross College, Laf/N.O., Board of Governors for the Pontifical North American College, and Chair, Academic Committee, Notre Dame Seminary, N.O.


WELCOME, Our Bishop and Blessed Christmas Season to you and your family!!!!

Thank you for your vocation, your fiat to priesthood.  It will be three years April 2010, Trinitarian three, celebrating your installation as Bp.…what best prepared you in your ancestral home of origin, what example of your parents is your best default position?


 (2) What is most rewarding, fulfilling as Bp , what is the most challenging?


(3) What does music bring to your soul?


(4) Your years of blessed travel, study, education, experience, esp. the study of language and archaeology are obviously part of The Father’s plan for your life. How have you come to understand the ancient world of place and language and how it relates to the daily of understanding of God’s creatures called man and his search for meaning? 


(1)     VATICAN CITY, MAR 2009- In order to favour this tendency of priests towards spiritual perfection, upon which the effectiveness of their ministry principally depends, I have", as stated by Pope Benedict 16th, "decided to call a special 'Year for Priests' which will run from 19 June 2009 to 19 June 2010 "Faithfulness of Christ, faithfulness of priests" is the theme of the Year for Priest. ST. JEAN MARIE VIANNEY: PATRON SAINT OF ALL PRIESTS. How do you pray, work and set the example for spiritual perfection; how can we reach for spiritual perfection?


(2)     The son of St. Gianna Beretta Molla was quoted in the Nat’l Catholic Register as to a saying of his mother the saint, “God’s providence is in all things; it’s always present!”  What simple truth is there in this statement that is your creed for living in the daily?


(3)     While pastoring Roberts Cove, LA early in your assignment, you composed the “St. Leo IV Day Hymn” …When from a distant shore came those who dwell here today, they brought with them rich store of knowledge, faith and charity. Gelobt sei Jesus Christus, in alle ewigkeit. What do these words speak to those who emmigrant to our land of the USA?


(4)     How yet do you pray to be formed by The Father so that eternal life will be sweeter than ever?


(5)     Christmas Blessed Christmas, what do you pray when you pray to this Christ Child as you consider eternal life in The Light? Please extend your Blessing on us...



Airing Date:  14 April 2013   JOHN F. DEROSIER  attended undergraduate school at the University of Southwest Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana and entered Louisiana State University Law School in 1967.  Mr. DeRosier enlisted in the Marine Corp. as a machine gunner during law school, spent 11 months in Vietnam and was awarded the Naval Achievement Medal with Combat “V.”  He re-entered law school upon his return to the States.  As a Lake Charles resident of 38 years, Mr. DeRosier had a law practice that focused on civil litigation, personal injury, and criminal law until his election as District Attorney.  He also served as City Attorney for the City of Lake Charles and General Counsel for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. Mr. DeRosier took the oath of office for Calcasieu Parish District Attorney on December 20, 2005 and was re-elected to an additional six-year term in 2008. He is Roman Catholic and a member of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Our Lady Queen of Heaven parish in Lake Charles. WELCOME!!

1.How did your formative years chisel you into who you are in the process of becoming?


2.Did serving in the field of law find you or did you pursue it? If not a lawyer which profession would you have liked to consider?


3.How important is home life with parents ‘raising up a child in the way they should go and when they are old will not depart from it?!’ and how has society changed?


4.What is brings you joy in your profession and what are the challenges?


1-      What would you do if you could re-structure our way of life in these USA? What is right and what is wrong and has that changed since time in memorial?!


2-      What does your faith mean to you? How do you pray? What are the characteristics of a spiritual person?


3-      How do you change your mind after a long day on the job? How do you maintain balance and joy in your life?


4-      What would you say to anyone who is contemplating studying to enter your profession?


What is your Catholic vision for this place and time esp. in this Year of Faith?




Airing Date:  12 January 2014   Suzanne Louise Monlezun is the third child, only daughter of Dominique Joseph and Tina King-Monlezun of Lake Arthur, LA. She is a senior at SLCHS in Lake Charles having finished elementary school at Our Lady Immaculate in Jennings like her two brothers before her, Dominique Joseph, Jr. and Christian Joseph. They are members of Our Lake of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Arthur where the entire family served or serves in various ministries. (Suzanne Louise is considering attending the University of Dallas in Irving, TX and/or Spring Hill in Biloxi, MS.) Either location she will be an asset to her school and community as she has been at her previous schools, in her associations, academics, extra-curricula formation, parish and diocesan organizations. She is the 18th of 18 grandchildren in her extended family and my beloved niece! WELCOME!!!

I am so very proud of you as a child of God and all that you are and in the process of becoming as a soldier in Christ army! How much do you love our Father in heaven?!


I will read your words to me and if you would, please expound on them:

  1. “My parents are the dearest people in my life. Their love reminds me of the Father’s love for me: nothing I do will ever lessen or increase their love for me. It is pure and whole. This love has given me the courage and hope needed to overcome the many little obstacles I face daily.”


  1. “My two older brothers have instructed and guided me through my life from the time I began to ask questions. They separate the “Red Sea” of life for me!”


  1. “I am currently a senior at St. Louis Catholic High School where I call both Lake Arthur, the place where I will never grow tired of calling my home, and Lake Charles, the place where I have recently grown fond of calling my home. My parents have lovingly and humbly sacrificed more than my brothers and I will ever know in order for us to have a strong Catholic education. Oddly enough, I was not afraid to begin high school because I knew that there were more than plenty of Monlezuns who walked the same halls before me.” 


  1. What joys and challenges have you found in your young life and how do you offer all of it to The Father?


  1. What would you tell someone who is preparing for high school and is unsure of their themselves?


  1. How proud are you of your parents for the sacrifice to send you and your brothers to Catholic schools for your formation in the faith?


  1. This are the last months of your senior year in high school. What do you feel is your personal call to holiness and how do you plan to live that call as you enter the next phase of your long, long life?


We are able to spend time together at MawMaw’s house in Lake Arthur. What does heritage mean to you especially seeing yours on Family Walls throughout the entire home as you spent many a hour there with your MawMaw?!


Final ~ Suzanne writes “No award or achievements recognized by this world will ever satisfy my heart, my soul that is constantly unsatisfied the promises of this world because I have caught glimpses of the world to come. I choose to live my life with joy and a hope that my life is not my own. I am so grateful to be the youngest of 18 grandchildren…my vocation is to be a child in God’s family!


God bless this child of God and use her to Your honor and glory!