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07 January 2016

Published: 20 November 2014









04 January 2011

#4 SWLA Genealogy & Historical Library, Speaker-‘A Family Heritage  Matrix” PPt. Presentation’ Lake Charles

Shirley Burwell, Mgr./20

Heritage and Archival Special Collection

Network – Genealogy

& Historical Society/PPt/AAHT


19 January 2011

# 14 Heritage Tour, Paternal Cousins from The Hague, Holland

Anne Fautt/5

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour



10 February 2011

Medical Resource Book taught ~ CSPH Smart Solutions Dietary Program.


Medical Resource Book



23 February 2011

# 15  Heritage Tour ~ Lafayette (LA) Genealogical Society

Brenda Fuselier, President/6

Arthur Avneue

Heritage Tour



12 March 2011

#36 Silent Retreat, “Teresians”

 Lafayette, LA

Suzie Monlezun-Kebodeaux/6

Silent Retreat Series

1-5 pm Day


17 March 2011

“Parkinson’s Association of the South” Support Group, United Way Bldg.

Eligha Guillory/6

Medical Resource Book



23 March 2011

Medical Resource Book taught ~ CSPH Diabetes Support Group

Theresa Goree/7

Medical Resource Book



25-27 March 2011

First Associate Convocation, Congregation of Divine Providence, Our Lady of the Lake Convent, San Antonio, TX

Sr. Lucille A. Fritsch, CDP/44

Silent Retreat Series



11 April 2011

#16 & # 17 Heritage Tours, “OLQH Parish Altar Society” Lake Charles, LA

Una Couvillion/16

A.M. and P.M. Tour!

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour

Day of Reflection Present

  Spring 2012


17 April 2011

15th  JHensgens Family Reunion,

First Family Tree Maker Wall Mural!

Host – Family of Christian Joseph Hensgens, First in Roberts Cove, LA/194

Hensgens Family Chronicle

Joseph & Anna Gertrude


Next One/2013 in Roberts Cove, LA!!


20 April 2011

Medical Resource Book taught ~ CSPH Mended Hearts Support Group

Elena Miller/8

Medical Resource Book



24 April 2011

10th Year, ‘Eucharistic Minister’ CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital


CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital



27 April 2011

Lead, Kindly Light TV Segment Interview, Bp. Glen John Provost

Airing Date:  June 12, 2011

‘Lead, Kindly Light’ TV Diocese of Lake Charles



06 May 2011

#5 Placed Based Education/4th & 5th Graders, St. Peter Catholic Elementary School, Gueydan, LA

Rebecca Hardee/Kayla Duhon, Teachers/23

Heritage & Archival

Special Collection

‘Placed Based

Heritage Education’




18 May 2011

“Project Recovery” Grand Chenier, LA on camera interview for LSU Library, “My Heritage Work Across the Board!”

Melony LeMay, Graduate Student




27 May 2011

#37 Silent Retreat, CSPH Dept. of Marketing Director and Staff

Karen Stubblefield/6

Silent Retreat Series

1-5 pm Day


28 May 2011

#18 Heritage Tour, OLQH Children and Parents of the Family Choir!

Gretchen Jester/9 children & 8 adults

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour



13 June 2011

Medical Resource Book Teaching, MSU Student Health Center

Elisa Guillory, Director/5

Medical Resource Book

RAR/First one solo!



16 June 2011

Carnegie Genealogy Workshop


Organize the Heritage Data!



16 June 2011

#5 Vermilion Parish Library Adult Program, “A Family Heritage Sequence” PPt., Abbeville, LA

Sue Trahan, Young Adult and Adult Services Director/7

Heritage and Archival Special Collection

‘A Family

Heritage Sequence’

Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


14 July 2011

#6 ‘A Family Heritage Sequence’ PPt. Presentation to the Kiwanis Club, LC

Frank Tartamella/16

Heritage and Archival Special Collection

‘A Family

Heritage Sequence’

Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


July 24, August 14 & September 11 & 25  2011

4 Germanfest Folk Singers Rehearsals, Roberts Cove, LA (Director #2!)





13 August 2011

St. Peter School, #2 Faculty Spiritual Day

Gueydan, LA/12




14 August  2011

‘LKL About Youth’ Diocesan Catholic TV, Dominique Joseph Monlezun, Jr.

RAR & David Dawson




07 September 2011

Medical Resource Book Teaching ‘Parkinson’s Assoc. of the South’, Orange, TX

Ella Guilllory/11




14 September 2011

#38 Silent Retreat, Mother’s Group, OLQH, Lake Charles, LA

Jennifer Gary-Tassin/6

Silent Retreat

2011 TOTAL:  18



17 Sept. 2011

SWLA Genealogical Society, Lake Charles

‘A Family Heritage Sequence’ PPt. Presentation




01 March 1995-

16 Sept.  2011

Total Medical Resource Books taught through groups and/or to individuals 892 MRBs + in the beginning 303 MRBs personally printed and given away individually = 1,195 for 17 years = approx.70 MRBs given away per year!!


Medical Resource Book



August 1985 – 16 September 2011


Total Silent Retreat Alums on Arthur Avenue 3 March 2001 > 14 September 2011/275.

Total Retreat Alums VA/DC/LC/Lake Arthur. … 1983 – 2011 28th year of facilitating Silent Retreats -685 who have heard: The Dailiness of Prayer, Ordering the Home and Time Management with a Christian Perspective! Thank you, Father!!


Silent Retreat



January 2001 –

16 September 2011

10th year compiling/writing ‘Sayings & Remembrances of Mom & Dad’,   ‘Happenings’ and ‘I’ve Been Thinking!’

Mucho ‘Happenings’ therefore moved to link - ‘Timeline!’




24 July 2006 – 16 September 2011

5th year ‘We Love You More Than Life Itself’ web link initiated on his grand birthday, dedicated to our son, Antoine!





03 Mar 2001 to 16 September 2011


TOTAL:  1,369

Arthur Avenue

77 Events in the Home



27 May 1990 to

16 September 2011

Lead, Kindly Light Diocesan Television Interviews 27 May 1990 to 16 September 2011:  445

TOTAL:  445 

‘Lead, Kindly Light TV’

Diocese of Lake Charles



17 September 2011

#7 SWLA Genealogy Society, Carnegie Library, LC “A Family Heritage Sequence” PPt. Presentation

Pat Huffaker, President/25

Heritage & Archival

Special Collection



24 September 2011

#19 Heritage Tour with the Fruge and Gossen Clan! Cousins!

John William & Fay Fruge-Gossen/10




01 & 02 October 2011

#2 Germanfest! Directed the  Germanfest Folk Singers twicely//45-strong! #2 Substitute Presenter in the Folklore Tent ~ “Reverencing Those Who Have Gone Before!” I had 20 minutes to prepare!


Hensgens Family Chronicle

‘Germanfest’ –

GFSingers &

Folklore Tent!



04 October 2011

#20 Heritage Tour, Roberts Cove for Resi Knoben, M.D., first contact with that side of family for my maternal great-grandmother & her maternal great-grandfather were brother & sister!!

Lawrence & Mary Reiners-Cramer/4

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour



14-17 October 2011

#7 Trip/Holy Angels Convent, AR, OSB Oblate Spiritual Day!

Sr. Mary John Seyler, OSB




26 October 2011

#21 Heritage Tour, SWLA Genealogical & Historical Society, Lake Charles, LA

Pat Huffaker/14

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour



09 & 11 December 2011

#16th Performance with Masterworks “Christmas Concert” Lake Charles, LA

Dr. Darryl Jones, Director, LA Choral Foundation

Where Are My Keys…

‘LA Choral Foundation’



14 December 2011

#22 Heritage Tour, Volunteers for Family & Community, Iota, LA and Jeff Davis Parish club members!

Ruth Ann Klumpp/14

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour

TOTAL 2011- 72



24 December 2011

Traditional Extended Family Christmas Eve on Arthur Avenue!





30 December 2012

‘Germanfest Folk Singers’ Coordinators gather.

“The Five Points of Light!”

Hensgens Family Chronicle










03 February 2012

#23 Heritage Tour and Dinner with Aaron Matthew Tellers, maternal/patriarchal relative from MA!


Tellers Family Chronicle




04 February 2012

#24 Heritage Tour, ’St. Leo Parish Sodality’ from Roberts Cove, LA

Charlene Olinger-Reynolds/9

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour

Invite 2014


11 February 2012

#9 Point del’Eglise Historical and Genealogical Society, Crowley, LA ~ “A Family Heritage Sequence” PPt. Presentation

Ann Mire, President/32

Heritage and Archival Special Collection

Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


18 February 2012

#39 Silent Retreat/Tramels’ Group, Raymond, LA


Silent Retreat Series



29 February 2012

LKL Diocesan Television interviews with Nola Mae Ross, author, historian & Abbot James Liprie, OSB, Mother of the Redeemer Monastery, Plaisance, LA

ABMP/RAR/David Charles Dawson

‘Lead, Kindly Light’

Diocesan TV Segment

Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


02 March 2012

#10 Serra Club of Lake Charles, LA ‘The Spirituality and Work of Heritage!’

Marie Davidson/51

Silent Retreat Series

Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


09 March 2012

#25 “Five Points of Light!” Germanfest Folk Singers Coordinators!

Josie Thevis/5

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour



10 March 2012

40th Wedding Anniversary ~ San Sabastian/Spanish Basque Ponton search & walk a part of ‘The Camino’ from a monastery!!

HRP (age 82)/ABMP (age 71) AAP (36) Wonderful!

…start planning now for

January 2018



 19 March 2012

Speaker/Our Lady Queen of Heaven Altar Society ‘Spiritual Day’, Lake Charles, LA

Mary Carrier-Hurst/38

Silent Retreat Series

Silent Retreat Series or AAHTour


30 March 2012

#6 Placed Based Heritage Education, Rayne Catholic Elementary Student Council

Margaret Doucet/35

Heritage & Archival

Special Collection

‘Place Based

Heritage Education’

“A Family Heritage Sequence” PPT Presentation at the school Fall 2012!


12 April 2012

Medical Resource Book Presentation

Michelle.Hensgens@LourdesRMC.com MBA-HCA, Manager, Service Excellence,  Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center, Lafayette, LA  337-470-4405/Core Team-7

Medical Resource Book

Silent Retreat Series/sent 16 April 2012…


04 May 2012

#7 Placed Based Heritage Education, St. Peter’s Catholic Elementary, Gueydan, LA

Barbara Hedge, 4th grade and Rebecca Hardy, 5th & 6th graders – 20 students & 10 adults!

Heritage & Archival

Special Collection

‘Placed Based

Heritage Education’

Total: 208 Adults & Students

Silent Retreat Series!


10-12 May 2012

Annual Silent Retreat, Grand Coteau, LA





21 May 2012

My dear Suegra ~ R.I.P.

Caguas, Puerto Rico




02 June 2012

My oldest and best friend

Peggy Claire Guidry-Oustalet, RIP




04 July 2012

#17 Performance/Masterworks!

Dr. Darryl Jones

Where Are My Keys…

‘LA Choral Foundation’



07 July 2012

St. Maria Goretti Catholic School Alumni Celebration

Lake Arthur, LA




08 July 2012

MRB Presentation, Grace Industries. 

Suzanne Emerson, Cooperate Account Manager/CSPH/35

Medical Resource Book



29 July 2012    

Mass in Mire, LA then 1st ‘Germanfest Folk Singers’ Rehearsal

Fr. Donald Pelous

Hensgens Family Chronicle




02 August 2012

#40 Silent Retreat

Debbie Rice/8

Arthur Avenue Silent Retreat

TOTAL:  40,

287 Retreatants,

696 TOTAL in 29 Years!



02 August 2012

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Prayer Group

#26 AAHTour/7




09 August 2012

#3 Speaker, OLQH

Administrative Team Pre-Retreat

Pam Fontenot/8

Silent Retreat Series

Silent Retreat Series


13 August 2012

Speaker, OLQH Faculty & Staff Retreat

Pam Fontenot/60

Silent Retreat Series

Silent Retreat Series


14 August 2012



Teacher In-Service, St. Peter Catholic Elementary, Gueydan, LA

Rebecca Hardee/12

Silent Retreat Series

“The Spirituality and Work of Heritage and Tradition!”

Silent Retreat Series


15 August 2012

Feast of the Assumption Mass, Our Lady of the Assumption Chapel, 6 p.m.

Johnson Bayou, LA…and blessing of the new statue in front of the chapel facing the Gulf of Mexico!!




18 August 2012

#27 AAHTour, St. John Vianney Parish Choir, Bell City, LA

Pauline Poole/12

“Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour”

TOTAL:  26,

220 people

Silent Retreat Series


26 August 2012

Mass in Grand Coteau then 2nd Germanfest Folk Singers Rehearsal

Roberts Cove, LA

Hensgens Family Chronicle




27 August 2012

(29 March 2002 to 29 March 2012) 

Ten years with Co-owners > Synopsis of Data sent in Gratefulness!

As Caretaker of Arthur Avenue!

“Happenings/Their Children!”

Thank you, Father!



30 August 2012

Ordered this current “Timeline’ by year

Published ‘Timeline!’ Mon Dieu!!!

Heritage & Archival

Special Collection



August 2012

Began planning the first “Heritage Workshop!”

“What Am I Suppose To Do With All That Paper?” And, a Field Trip called ‘The Paper Trail!’

Heritage & Archival

Special Collection



5 September 2012

Commenced planning “Germanfest Walk-About!

Germanfest 2013…gather/write script for the Tour & Whom!

Hensgens Family

Chronicle ‘Germanfest’



6 September


Visit with genealogist & archivist for ‘Heritage Workshop’ input!

Carnegie/MSU Archives/LC America Press Archives

Heritage & Archival

Special Collection



7 September 2012

Placed the last piece of

 ‘paper’ on Arthur Avenue in ‘Binders’ by Category, Year, Month, Day!!!

All Binders to hold archival ‘paper’ in designated Room by Room on Arthur Avenue!!! Commenced this lovin project year 2000!

Heritage & Archival

Special Collections

‘Journals & Binders!’

Actually, ‘paper’ placement went through 2014!!!




09 September 2012

Mass at the Diocesan Deaf Center & on to 3rd Folk Singers Rehearsal!

Fr. Donald Pelous

Hensgens Family Chronicle/Germanfest!



12 September 2012

Visited schools: St. Peter-Gueydan, Redemptorist-Crowley, Carencro Catholic, St. Genevieve Middle & Elementary-Lafayette & St. Francis/Iota

Diocese of Lafayette, LA-Principals, staff &  teachers 4th & 5th grades

Heritage & Archival

Special Collections

‘Placed Based

Heritage Education,’

Arthur Avenue!



19 September


LKL TV Taping/Airing Nov. & Jan. 2013


‘Lead, Kindly Light’

Diocesan TV Segment



21 September 2012

#41 Silent Retreat/OLQH Elem. School Faculty

Jo Ann Wallwork, Principal/8

Silent Retreat

Medical Resource Book

Heritage Workshop


21 September  2012

Could-it-be:  Invite for Silent Retreat/Teacher In-service Day

Catholic Elementary School Principals/Faculty/Staff, Diocese of Lake Charles/6 of 7!

Silent Retreat Series

Placed Based

Heritage Education Day:  Student Council/Sponsor/



23 September 2012

‘Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion’ Workshop

St. Margaret of Scotland Parish Church, Lake Charles, LA

Diocese of Lake Charles

Office of Liturgy



30 September 2012

Check graves of ancestors then 4th Germanfest Folk Singers Rehearsal

Roberts Cove, LA

Hensgens Family Chronicle




06 & 07 October 2012

18th Germanfest, Roberts Cove, LA

Direct, Germanfest Folk Singers/Third Year/First Performance w/ group 2006!

2- Present, Folklore Tent, PPT.:  “A Family Heritage Sequence”/Third Year!

3. Man the Hensgens/Reiners Data Table for all descendants/Fourth Year!

Hensgens Family Chronicle




12 October 2012

#8 Placed Based Heritage Education, Redemptorist Catholic Elementary, Crowley, LA  

Principal-Louis Cramer, Sr. and Teacher-Donna Joan Leonards-Sarver!/20 students, 9 adults!

Heritage & Archival

Special Collections

‘Placed Based

Heritage Education’



14 October 2012

Attended LA Bi-Centennial  ‘Voices From Our Past’ Cemetery Tour, Opelousas, LA!

Wonderful ideas for St. Leo ‘Walking Tour’ and Roberts Cove ‘Re-enactment Theatre’ – could-it-be Germanfest 2012-2013!?

Roberts Cove, LA




16 October 2012

To Date: Arthur Avenue 

< > AAHeritage Tour < >

< > Heritage/Archival Special < > A Rite!

PBHeritage Education Day < > Family

< > Hensgens/Reiners Family

Reunions/EXCEL Data Table


< > Germanfest



PPt. Presentations/’AF

Heritage Sequence’ < > Heritage Wkshop

< > St. Leo ‘Heritage Walking

Tour < > Gfest



Singers Recruiting

Invitation/Fact Sheet 2013!




26 October 2012

#42 Silent Retreat/OLQH Faculty

Pam Fontenot/8

Silent Retreat

Medical Resource Book

Heritage Workshop


27 October 2012

Surprised AAP with a visit while he was enjoying his University homecoming!

O! I brought boudin for all!




28 October 2012

Cantored ‘All Souls Day’ Mass in Mowata, LA

And, updated the EXCEL of the Christian Joseph Hensgens Family members!

And, placed flowers on nine graves in Lake Arthur!




09 November 2012

#43 Silent Retreat/OLQH Faculty

Jane Piraro/8

Silent Retreat

Medical Resource Book

Heritage Workshop


13 Nov. 2012

MSU Wellness Program, Health Education


Medical Resource Book

Panel Cards



14 Nov 2012

LKL TV Interviews/3

Airing December 2012, February 2013 & March 2013!

Lead, Kindly Light

Diocesan television segment



15 Nov 2012

Medical Resource Book, MSU Faculty and Staff

Corporate Account Manager/CSPH/5

Medical Resource Book



17/18 Nov. 2012

Replaced all fasteners on Arthur Avenue’s roof!!

Two full days exercise and good for 40 more years/I’ll be 104!,DJM 92!!

3 of us!! One is the professional!!



A Week in Nov 2012

Time Well Spent in Raleigh, NC

with our favorite son!! Tis a true Thanksgiving Day!

Holy Mass/Our Lady of Lourdes-AAP’s Parish!

Toured ‘Sr. Living Communities!!’


26 Nov 2012

Two babies and two engagements for 2013!!

We grow to four, to date, for the JHensgens Family Reunion 2015!!


Family Chronicle



28 Nov 2012

‘Christmas All’ goes up on Arthur Avenue!

And, the cemetery silks are placed honoring our nine graves!

All to Otis Redding on the record player!!



2 December 2012

‘St. Nick’s Day’ in Roberts Cove, LA a-caroling-away!

St. Leo IX church choir and the Germanfest Folk Singers!

Josie Thevis, Santa Claus and St. Nicholas to 15

homes/Pioneer Families!!



13/16 Dec 2012

#18 Performance as a member of Masterworks

Dr. Darryl Jones

Where Are My Keys…

‘LA Choral Foundation’



14 December 2012

#44 Silent Retreat/OLQH Faculty

Chris Crosby/6

Silent Retreat

Medical Resource Book

Heritage Workshop


23 December 2012

Extended family gathering  on Arthur Avenue to fete

just before Santa/Elf entered to the delight of the children and adults alike/54

Mom and Dad would be so pleased!



27 December 2012

Mom’s 91st  Birthday spent in Roberts Cove searching out my great-grandfather’s

ancestral home place; received 2 bricks and the base of old iron!! As they till the soul the blades churn up pieces of the columns for the home that once was!

Louis and Anthony Cramer, cousins, with map in hand pointed out who lives where!









03 January 2013

Commence ‘Special Grand Jury’ duty!!

Proud to serve twice a month for 6 months!

Civic Duty!



14 January 2013

Thirty-five wonderful years of wedded bliss!!

Mass and a visit to the Adoration Chapel




18 January 2013

#45 Silent Retreat/OLQH Faculty

Diana Jackson/6

Silent Retreat

Medical Resource Book

Heritage Workshop



22 January 2013

Divided ‘Happenings’ & ‘Remembrances’ links!

90 pages and 90 stories later… it is time!!




25 January 2013

Anne Broussard-Fautt at 90 moves to Houston!

The last of cousins of Daddy’s generation in Lake Arthur/will miss her so!

(Lilla Mae Requilmy in JDParish Nursing Home

Jennings, LA)


13 February 2013

LKL TV interviews

April, May and June Airings!

‘Lead, Kindly Light’

Diocesan Television



15 February 2013

Rode Roberts Cove with my first cousin, Raymond

Hensgens as he told of remembrances of who, where, what…ambled on over to his

home of origin on Schultz Rd! Have great pics

of this special day!


20 February, 4/12 March 2013

Meeting with RN’s & Social Workers, Cameron Parish Schools/4

Update Medical Resource Book/Panel Cards/their ideas requested!

Medical Resource Book

Silent Retreat Series


22 February 2013

#46 Silent Retreat/OLQH Faculty

Lisa Jakel/7

Silent Retreat

Medical Resource Book

Heritage Workshop


01 March 2013

#9 Placed Based Heritage Education, Arthur Ave.

St. Francis Catholic Elementary School, Iota, LA/21

Placed Based Heritage Education

Heritage Workshop


08 March 2013

#47 Silent Retreat/OLQH Faculty

Sue Ellen Stokeld/7

Silent Retreat

Medical Resource Book

1-5:00 p.m. Day


15 March 2013

Invitation to Read, ‘The Blessed Mother’s

Way Of the Cross’, OLQH church. Fifth year and privileged to read those words.




19 March 2013

Invitation to attend the Lenten Retreat for

OLQHeaven Principal, Faculty and Staff/Very Nice!

In His Time!

Silent Retreat Series



25 March 2013

Work Day for Hensgens Family Binders!

German Heritage Museum, Roberts Cove, LA/Map of the Cove shared!

Hensgens Family Chronicle



29 March 2013

Good Friday Solemn Service!

St. John Cathedral, Lafayette, LA

With first cousins/Lyons and Hensgens!



April 2013

Renee and I finish placing into many boxes!

All correspondence to Mom & Dad from my7 siblings over 59 years!

8 years of gathering, ordering, boxing, placement,

 labeling & storing to deliver with letter!


03 April 2013

Teach Medical Resource Book to Director, Staff

and Volunteers, Catholic Charities of SWLA, Diocese of LC/7

Medical Resource Book

Silent Retreat Series


05 April 2013

 64 years of ‘paper’ (1936-2000) collected by Dad and Mom which I (age 54 to 65)

ordered into Binders from 2 January 2001 to 5 April 2013 at which time my son age 30, said that he has gone practically paperless!!

That is why there is an ‘Archival and Special Collection’ at your local university library!

God bless archivist and all people who love ‘paper!’


April 2013

Gathered  over the last 14 years on Arthur Avenue,  packed and 

handed out 7 large boxes for each of my siblings of all their letters and pics sent to our parents over the

many, many years! A letter I penned to them was on top!



05 April 2013

AAP…your Mama is calling you!

Envisioning! “Just This Side of Heaven ~ A Digital

Grand Hensgens Family Reunion 2017!”

Germany (Hensgens Hamlets)/Roberts Cove/ /USA/Other Continents Surely…synchronize all 

Devices-iPhones, Facebook, Tablets, Blogs, Websites, Skype…only God knows

what will be in order to communicate smiles of the ancestors in the ‘Cloud’!!!


12 April 2013

#48 Silent Retreat/8 of 8 for OLQH Faculty/Staff

David Rivero/5

Silent Retreat

Medical Resource Book

Heritage Workshop


19 April 2013

Met with Josie Thevis, Dot Leger with a map of RC

which ushers in idea for Roberts Cove, LA ‘Heritage Signage/Ancestral Land!’

Met with Gfest Singers w/ rehearsal schedule 2013!



19     April


16th JHensgens Family Reunion, Roberts Cove

GCGSherburne, Reunion Coordinator/82

Hensgens Family Chronicle ‘Family Reunions/How To!’



23 April 2013

‘Thank You Summary’ e-blast to Greater Family

with data, names, pics and attachments of the wonderful Reunion!

Hensgens Family Chronicle




25 April 2013

Completed  re-ordering all Journals & Binders 

in my study and for Arthur Avenue, 258 of them! Now I can get to work!!!

Heritage and Archival Special Collection/Journals & Binders



27-28 April 2013

Installation ~ Sr. Mary Lawrence Habetz, OCD


President ~ Sisters of Mount Carmel

New Orleans, LA; spent great quality time with nephews Nique and Christian!

Sister is my Maternal First Cousin!

Hensgens Family Chronicle


30 April 2013

Updated JHensgens Family Chronicle site

With all links ‘how to’

pertinent to 17th Reunion 2015! Now to send to 11 historical/archival contacts for said updated data!

Hensgens Family Chronicle


Idea-‘Heritage Bingo!’



01 May 2013

Updated Timeline Link

big Time adding all MRB Presentations

And ‘Talks!’ To Publish!



03 May 2013

#10 Placed Based Heritage Education, Arthur Avenue

St. Peter Catholic Elementary School, Gueydan, LA/12

Placed Based

Heritage Education

Heritage Workshop



21 May 2013

One year anniversary of the death of my dear

mother-in-law, Dona Carmen…may her soul…I miss her voice especially her




27 May 2013

48th anniversary of the drowning of my brother

Alvin Joseph/10 and sister, Veronica Gertrude/6…may their souls…

My nephew, Nique, publishes!

Read! Read! Read!

Reflections/DJM, Jr.


29 May 2013

Holy Mass Commencing the Start of Hurricane

Season ~ Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Cameron,  LA &

dedication SHJesus Parish Community Ctr, Creole, LA



03 June 2013

One year anniversary of the death of my first friend

-of- old, PeggyCCG-O…may her soul…




05-09 June 2013

AAP home for a visit!!





06 June 2013

Last day of Special Grand Jury duty after 6 mos.!

Grácias a Dios…God bless them all.




19 June 2013

LKL TV interviews/3

July, August, September 2013 Airings!

‘Lead, Kindly Light’

Diocesan Television



23 June 2013

#28 AAHTour for 3 sisters whose last parent had died.

Coordinator ~ RAR/4 all  cousins!

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour

Heritage Workshop


27 June 2013

#29 AAHTour for Pascal Monlezun cousins!

Cousin Nookie Breaux-Miller/10

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour

Heritage Workshop


18-21 July 2013

RB/Oblate Spiritual Day

Speaker/Series 3, Holy Angels Convent, Jonesboro, AR/32

And, meeting with their Web Keeper for the ‘Oblate Link’ update possibilities/#8 trip

In His Time!

‘Speak A Word!’

Series 4!/Wiring Diagram &

Organizational Wheel of Ministry!!


31 July 2013

Twenty-eighth Anniversary

Dad’s Death. Burial of Bishop Emeritus Jude Speyrer.

Rest in Peace!



07 August 2013

Alvin Joseph’s 59 Bday!

258 Binders and Journals to date; RAR

worked on the trip to and

from AR!!


11/25  Aug. 2013

Germanfest Folk Singers Rehearsals

Roberts Cove, LA

Germanfest 2013



13 August 2013

Redemptorist Catholic School Faculty #4 ‘Spiritual Day’ Speaker

OLLake Church and #30 Arthur Asvenue for a ‘Faith and Heritage Tour!’ Louis Cramer, Principal/21

In His Time!

Mom and Dad’s 72nd Wedding Anniversary!



15 August 2013

Mass at Alberta Lyons’ Nursing Home in Lafayette

She is the pianist, I cantor and Fr. Donald Pelous is the Celebrant!!

What a team! All Blessed Mother songs as it is

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!


22 Aug 2013

OSB ‘Oblate Link’ Phase

1 to Sr. Mary John Seyler for publishing!!

All updated!!



24 Aug. 2013

Commenced planning to walk El Camino across

Spain on pilgrimage which can up to one month trodding along!!! My nephew

Nique is in; 2016 will be age 27 and I age 69…

We now need to train!!


26-29 Aug. 2013

Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

AAP flies in for a wonderful visit and 

time well spent pool side!!



13 September 2013

 First ‘Heritage Workshop’ on Arthur Avenue!’

Cousin Nookie Breaux-Miller/6

Descendants of Pascal Monlezun and two of Dominique Monlezun!!

Heritage Workshop!

Silent Retreat


18 Sept. 2013

LKL TV interviews/3

October, November, December, January 2014 Airings!

‘Lead, Kindly Light’

Diocesan Television



08/29 Sept. 2013


Germanfest Folk Singers Rehearsals

Roberts Cove, LA

Germanfest 2013



26 Sept. 2013

HRP and I Leased two white vehicles!

His was 14 yrs. ‘later’ and mine 12!!!




Oct., Nov., Dec. ‘13

Work Hensgens/Reiners

Family Chronicles at the German Heritage

Museum, Roberts Cove, LA

Once per month!


05 & 06 Oct. 2013

19th Germanfest 2013 in

Roberts Cove, LA

Direct Germanfest Folk Singers, ‘First Heritage Walking Tour’/85 in attendance!

& H/R HeritageTable!

My son will be attending!!

Dirk Vollmer, Chronicler

Grand Hensgens!


Oct. &  Nov. 2013

Work the Hensgens/Reiners Data

at the German Heritage Museum in Roberts Cove, LA!! Met new principal at

St. Francis, Iota and scheduling PBHE!



18 October 2013

Michael and Greta Monlezun in L.A. for

Homecoming stopping by for coffee and  #31 Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour!




26 Oct. 2013

‘Ft. Polk Veteran’s Day!’

We love to hear and see the updates in

the US Army! Vehicle tags, no more…

Remembrances for this is…we met there in 1975!



08 Nov 2013

#11  Placed Based Heritage Education, Arthur Avenue

Redemptorist Catholic Elementary, Crowley, LA/38

Placed Based

Heritage Education

Heritage Workshop


12 Nov. 2013

To Sr. MJSeyler, OSB the updated ‘Oblate

Links’ to publish as per her request! Wonderful labor of love culminating correspondence

with Holy Angels Convent 1962 to today!




26 Nov. 2013

Finished Monlezun/Peterson Family

EXCEL/131 names in 4 generations!!


Family Chronicle



28 Nov. 2013

Thirteenth Anniversary of Mom’s Death.

She sure would have loved these activities at home…right up her alley!!!




08 Dec. 2013

e-blast to the Grand/Greater Monlezun

& Extended Families:  Monlezun Main Page and the Generational EXCEL!

Heritage and Archival

Special Collections!

‘Monlezun Family Chronicle’


11 Dec. 2013

LKL TV interviews airing

Jan., Feb., March 2014  which includes

niece, Suzanne Louise!!



23 Dec. 2013

AAP home For Christmas and Gumbo!!

Not necessarily in that order! Family Christmas Gathering/57




12 November 2013


All Links Tended and reconfigured a bit…



Consolidated link: 

 ‘In His Time’



Heritage and Archival Special Collection:

Silent Retreats: 08 May 1990 to 12 April 2013:  #422 retreatants on Arthur Avenue


‘Sayings of Mom and Dad’:  #667


Medical Resource Book given away:  01 March 1995 to 12 November 2013 Total:  1,360

             Total MRB volunteer hours: 4,080


12th year as a ‘Eucharistic Minister’ CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital (Pastoral Care Log for hours!) and tending ‘The Heritage Center.’ (2003)


Lead, Kindly Light Diocese Television:  Interviews February1990 – December 2013 – Total:  #452


Arthur Avenue Heritage Tours:  10 February 2009 to 18 October 2013:  #32, Total: 281 guests


Place Based Heritage Education Day:  01 May 2009 to 03 May 2013:  #308, persons, #11 Catholic Elementary Schools, Diocese of Lafayette, LA


Heritage Workshop: First-

                    12 September 2013:  #6


First ‘Heritage Walking Tour’ Germanfest 5 Oct. 2013: # 85 persons


‘A Family Heritage Sequence’ PowerPoint Presentations: 03 October 2009 – 19 July 2013, #12


Invited Guests to 109 Events on

Arthur Avenue  01 January 2001 to 12 November 2013: # 1,767!

      01 January 2001 to 12 November 2013:


12 years x 52 Fridays x in a year = 624 days (12 hours days) spent on Arthur Avenue in 12 years.

Two full days and one night are spent on Arthur Avenue for every event – 109 events to date…Grand Total = 12 years x 52 weeks = 624 days and 109 nights on Arthur Avenue!


Wonderful! Thank you, Father!