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07 January  2016


17 Nov.   2014







23 January 2014

 CSPHospital Dept. of Marketing mgting to

overhaul the Medical Resource Book/20 years later!

MRB KPLC/Healthsource taping dates set

MRB Panel Cards



24th Year in diocesan

Catholic television/5 different

segments! Thank you,



7 February 2014

My sister, Veronica Gertrude, is fifty-five

today in heaven! She entered that holy of holies in 1965 age six!


In The Light, dear sister

of mine.


7 February 2014

CSPHospital 30-minute

Taping/Health Source promoting the

Medical Resource Book!



12 February 2014

Medical Resource Book


Gamma Delta sorority in Maplewood/5

Medical Resource Book

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour


17 February 2014

Medical Resource Book information exchange with Cameron Parish

School RN’s in Hackberry, LA and Johnson Bayou, LA. I sat on the beach and stared at the Gulf!!

I love these visits!

These are my people!



18 February 2014

South Cameron School. I sat on the beach and stared at the Gulf!!!



21 February 2014

#2 ‘Heritage Workshop’ on Arthur Avenue

Shirley Griffins’ Group, Crowley, LA/5

Heritage Workshop!

Silent Retreat Series


25 February 2014

Medical Resource Book

information exchange 

with Cameron Parish School RN in Grand Lake visiting the C.O.Aging!

I love these visits!

These are my people!



6 March 2014

A wonderful visit with

our son in Raleigh, NC; he has first

class friends and so much going on!!



19 March 2014

Lead, Kindly Light Television taping

Airing:  RAR-April/May/June 2014

Lead, Kindly Light Diocesan Television Segment



28-30 March 2014

Spiritual Day Speaker, Muenster, TX

OSB/Novice Oblates/HAC Chapter/23

Sr. Mary John Seyler, OSB

A Family Heritage Sequence PPt.


1 April 2014

Draft to Sr. Mary John Seyler, O.S.B. – “Muenster

Chapter ‘(Texas)  hotlink off the Holy Angels Convent Oblates Main Site!! Wonderful work so that all

may win!





Save the Date! JHensgens Family

Reunion, 2015 in Welsh, LA! Host Family of Barbara ‘Leona’




24 April 2014

13th year serving as Eucharistic Minister

CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital, Lake Charles, LA in Mom’s stead

celebrating Daddy’s 97th birthday!



30 April – 13 May 2014

AAP – Sailing excursion from St. Thomas, British Virgin Islands

 to Puerto Rico (wonderful visit with his Uncle Cano!) to Bermuda!

God of the Seas, bless this crew!!



09 May 2014

#12 Placed Based Heritage Education/

St. Peter, Elementary School, Gueydan, LA/20

Place Based Heritage Education




22 May 2014

Volunteering with Sr. MVWalsh, RSM, Director of Catholic

Charities SWLA with the merging of Working Binders listing Needs and Resource Lists….to start…!



04 June 2014

Updated the Medical Resource Book

~ printed and teaching to CSPH Support Groups and others.



10-15 June 2014

Our son is home from Raleigh, N.C. for

various celebrations culminating with Father’s Day!



17 June 2014

Presented Director CC USA, Sr. Mary

Vianney Walsh ‘CC Working Binder!’ (267th Binder collated!)

Catholic Charities USA/LC

Silent Retreat Series


18 June 2014

Lead, Kindly Light television taping

Airing: July/August/September 2014

Lead, Kindly Light Diocesan Television



20-22 June 2014

‘Work Weekend’ at Holy Angels Convent in

Jonesboro, AR assisting Sr. Mary John Seyler, O.S.B. with projects

from her very long list of

To-Dos and Could-it-be’s/#9 visit

Heritage Center Work


28 June 2014

Patriot’s Ball attendance for many

years now! HRP dons his dress white uniform/I decide just before we

depart for dinner, Program of Remembrance and

dancing the night away!


02 July 2014

By post to SMJohn: Working Binder/Oblate

EXCEL, thoughts of oblate link, Caretakers! TDL:  Oblate Directory,

Calendar that rolls forward! Wonderful work!

Work Weekend, June 2015?!


05 July 2014

#32 AAHTour, Faulk Family!

Sheron Faulk, Coordinator/4

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour

   Silent Retreat


08 July 2014

Ordered the updated Medical Resource Book

with Marketing at CSPH! Cancer Pt. Navigator, Support Groups, etc.. all

To Teach the Teachers!

Silent Retreat


09 July 2014

Commenced ‘THE Wiring Diagram’ with outline for San

Antonio, TX Talk October 2014 and for other very important usage!




03 August 2014

The updated Medical Resource

Book with Department of Marketing

SCPHospital, Lake Charles, LA

goes to print!



08 August 2014

#5 Spiritual Day and #33 ‘AA Heritage Tour’  for Priest/Principal/

Faculty St. Margaret Catholic Elementary School, Lake Charles, LA/28

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour

Place Based Heritage Education Day


20 August 2014

Another shelf added to my study to hold more

binders and books! Picture wall was reconfigured!



22 August 2014

Suzanne Louise, the 18th of 18 grandchildren

plunges into her first day at College, Spring Hill in Mobile, AL! I mess her




10 & 24 August 2014

Germanfest Folk Singers rehearsals

Roberts Cove, LA

Germanfest Folk Singers



31 August 2014

Bridal Shower on Arthur Avenue 

for the bride-elect of my godson! Offering a post-shower #34 Heritage  

Tour/  for that side of the new extended family/28




07 & 21  September 2014

Germanfest Folk Singers rehearsals

Roberts Cove, LA

Germanfest Folk Singers



24 September 2014

Lead, Kindly Light

Diocesan Television taping

Airing:  October/November/December 2014

‘Lead, Kindly Light!’ Diocesan Television



4/5 October 2014

20th Germanfest, Roberts Cove, LA

Direct Germanfest Folk Singers/6th year, Hensgens/Reiners Heritage

Table and ‘Roberts Cove Heritage Walking Tour’

Facilitator! Direct the Choir for Mass


9-12 October 2014

‘Congregation of Divine Providence Associates

Retreat’ Speaker, Our Lady of the Lake Convent, San Antonio/20. And, visited Moye Retreat Ctr.,

Castroville, TX & Benedictines of Boerne, TX

Silent Retreat on Arthur Avenue


22 October 2014

L.A. Tour, lunch at The Regatta Restaurant &

AAHTour #35 with Marilyn and Lisa Flavin and RAR! Wonderful day!



16 November 2014

Germanfest Association mgting to commence what was and can be

for Germanfest 2015! I am thinking about a cemetery ‘spirit monologue’ in the name of Maria Veronika

Knoben-Reiners, my maternal great-grandmother 1847 – 1928!

“On Holy Ground” and Heritage Theater!


28 November 2014

Mom’s 14th anniversary R.I.P.

I miss you so…Christmas Environment and Art up on Arthur

Avenue; cemetery Christmas flowers done by

All Souls Day!


7 December 2014

St. Nick’s Choraling visiting in 8 homes

throughout Roberts Cove, LA by bus…so much fun with St. Nickolas,

Little Black Peter and Santa Claus!



13 December 2014

‘Bishop’s Gala’ with music provided by

Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra! Benefit Diocesan Office of




17 December 2014

Lead, Kindly Light television taping

Airing:  January/February/March 2015

Lead, Kindly Light

Diocesan Television



23 December 2014

Our son visits from Raleigh, NC…gumbo,

seafood, etc… all his favorites are prepare! …cousins galore he spends

quality time with holding those tah-tah babies!

First year of ‘Sayings of Mom and Dad on a Candy Cane!

(#1-50) Sweet!


01 January 2001


17 November 2014

Link Category: 

‘Heritage and Archival Special Collection!’


Link: ‘Arthur Avenue

ü  48 ‘Silent Retreats’ – 343 retreatants

ü  12 ‘Place Based Heritage Education’ Days – 229

ü  35 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tours’ – 308

ü  2 Family Reunions ’05 & ‘07 – 400

ü  (13 ‘Family Christmas Gatherings’ (average 40 per event) – 520)

ü  3 Sing-Alongs – 90

ü  2 Heritage Workshops – 11

ü  1 ½ Bridal Showers! – 28

(- Family Christmas Gathering #146)


TOTAL – 116 Events in the Home = 1,783 persons in attendance!

January 2001 to November 2014:

13 years x 52 Fridays in a year =

676 days in the Home


116 events (for we spend 2 days and one night for each event) =

2,784 hours spent on

Arthur Avenue!!





1995 to 2014

Medical Resource Books

Given away:  1,373

Volunteer hours – 3 hours per teaching = 4,119





November 1990 – 2014

‘Lead, Kindly Light’

Catholic diocesan television

Guests 1990 to March 2015 - 468

To contact, write and do the interviews – 3 hours per guest = 1,404 hours

By His Grace!


2001 to 2014

13th year serving as ‘Eucharistic Minister’ CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital (Pastoral Care Log for hours!) and tending ‘The Heritage Center’ 2003 est.




‘Heritage and Archival Special Collection’ -

25 links!




‘Journal and Binders’










5th year directing Germanfest Folk Singers!

2nd year directing Roberts Cove ‘Heritage Walking Tour!’

6th year hosting the ‘Hensgens/Reiners Table’ with electronic heritage mining!




23 December 2014

Family Christmas Gathering on Arthur Avenue…44 present!