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20 April  2016


20 April 2016







5 February 2015

Ladies of the ‘Women’s Library Club’ of Lake Arthur, LA!

# 36 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’/ 21. My mom was a member of this

wonderful group and I am so happy they are here!

Heritage Workshop


21 February 2015

Bridal Shower for the bride-elect of my

nephew of New Orleans to be held on Arthur Avenue/30 women (9 men!)

Arthur Avenue Heritage #37 Tour then offered!



09 March 2015

#14 ‘Place Based Heritage Education’ Day on Arthur Avenue

‘Young Historians Club’, St. Margaret Catholic School, Lake Charles/Teacher-Kayla Booth/23

Place Based Heritage Education

Heritage Workshop


14 March 2015

Completed  paper and pics listed in 300

‘Journal and Binders’

Link age 16 to age 67…52 years of gathering, preserving, sustaining and making relevant and I’m not yet finished!!

Heritage and Archival Special Collections!



17 March 2015

Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, artifacts donated

to the CSPH Heritage Center; received from his widow ‘Katrin.’


Heritage Center



18 March 2015

Catholic diocesan television taping

Airing: April, May, June 2015


Lead, Kindly Light!

Diocesan Television


28 March 2015

Wedding of the first child of my youngest

brother. Invited to be Reader 1…an honor and privilege indeed!

St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church,

New Orleans, LA


3 April 2015

#38 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ for

Isaac Jared Edwards of Chapel Hill, NC…a special friend of Los Pontons!

A Pilgrimage Commences!



10 April 2015

#39 ‘Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour’ D.A.R.’s

of Lake Charles, LA/10

Alice Tippin, Coordinator

Heritage Workshop


15-19 April 2015

Conference trip to Las Vegas, NV  Forward to

visit Holy Trinity Abbey, Huntsville, Utah/ Trappists. On to Salt Lake City

 surround mountain drives then home!



23 April 2015

#15 Place Based Heritage Education Day on Arthur Avenue

Redemptorist Catholic 4th Grade Social Studies Unit Class, Crowley, LA/29

 Place Based Heritage Education

Heritage Workshop


24 April 2015

My dear father’s 98th birthday In The Light!

Thank you for being my father who brought me up in the faith and

provided for me wholistically! I named my

son after your father!


14 May 2015

Cantor Mass in Amelia Manor Nursing Home,

Lafayette; Fr. Donald Pelous, Celebrant. We shall sing El Pescador!

A grand lunch post-Mass catching up on all!



20 May 2015

Dear Renee added yet

another shelf in my

home study to hold the canon of Thomas Merton and Monastic

Spirituality books. I now have room   

for Journals and Binders through to the year 2029; I will be 82 years of age!!

Thank you RAR for a priceless gift!


23 May 2015

# 40 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ with

the wonderful CDA ladies of Westlake, LA./9 women & 4 men!

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour

Heritage Workshop


25 May 2015

50th Year High School Commencement!

St. Maria Goretti Catholic High School, Lake Arthur, LA. There were

20 in our 1965 graduation class/seven girls!



29 May 2015

Luncheon  meeting with the ‘Five Points of Light”-

GFSingers ladies to discuss Germanfest rehearsal and performances:  Josie Thevis, Anna

Kormesser, Simone Dubois, RAR, ABMP!




30 May 2015

Jubilee Eucharist Celebration, Villa de

Matel, Houston, TX…Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word!

The St. Pat’s Sisters!



02 June 2015

Meeting with Philip Fabacher, M.D. at the German Heritage

Museum initiating a confluent ‘Roberts Cove Heritage Signage’ Project for Germanfest 2016!

Roberts Cove

Heritage Signage



06 June 2015

‘Germanfest Folk Singers’ performing for

retired Jesuits, St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, LA! 12 priests!

Singers lunch afterward!

21 Folk Singers at table!



14 June 2015

‘JHensgens Family Reunion’ in Welsh, LA

Hosted by the Family of Herman Lawrence & Barbara ‘Leona’ Hensgens-Berken-Smaihall

17th JHensgens Family Reunion 2015

18th Reunion 2017: Nicholas Anthony Hensgens Family


24 June 2015

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping

Airing: July, August, September 2015


Lead, Kindly Light!



26 June 2015

#41 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ with

the ‘Kinder Garden Club’ ladies!/11

Initiated/Leavon Ladner

Jane Unkel, Coordinator



27 June 2015

Annual ‘Patriots’ Ball’, Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA

honoring all U.S.A. military men and women in uniform having served,  serving and who will serve!

My husband will be in dress blues! I am so proud, so grateful!



10- 14 July 2015

‘National Association of Oblate Directors and

Oblates’ meeting, Subiaco Abbey, AR. So excited and humbled to attend.


‘In His Time!’



17 July 2015

Christian Joseph Monlezun, nephew,

‘satellite marked’ the gravesite of his paternal great-great-grandmother

Cypress Point, LA. RAR dug 12 layers of bricks

down covered with silt 3 ½’ 130 years ago this year!


16 July 2015

My mother-in-law’s 100th  birthday celebrating it in

The Light! She was a wonderful suegra and paternal grandmother for

our son whose middle name  “Adolfo’ is for her



16 July Birthdays!

Our wonderful son celebrates his 33rd

birthday and the very next day his Dad celebrates his 79th! Both look

fantastic and are healthy! Thank You, God!



31 July 2015

Lee Joseph Monlezun 30th Anniversary year of

death 1917 – 1985…my wonderful father.  Rest in peace, dear one. This year we placed an iron cross and

laid flowers on your paternal grandmother’s

grave 130 years after

 her death. She is now ‘marked!”

Cypress Point, LA


01August 2015

#42 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ with

St. Leo IV Catholic Daughters of America coordinated by Mary Jo

Olinger, cousin! They are so welcomed!/7




01 August 2015

At 9:00 a.m. Pascal Monlezun descendants/3 sat around the kitchen 

table with their binders and folders seeking information about our lineage; we met for the first time

when they walked in the back door!! They then joined the ‘Heritage Tour’

with the RCove contingent…all together!!


09 August 2015

A visit with my paternal second cousin, Enez Monlezun-Marx, age 98

inquiring of stories about her paternal grandfather, my great-uncle

and our sharing pics of her grandmothers’ gravesite

buried 130 years ago!


09 & 23  August 2015

Germanfest Folk Singers Rehearsals

Roberts Cove, LA



14 August 2015

Heritage investigative trip to the Abbeville, LA

Courthouse to search records on my paternal great-grandfather while he

and family resided at Cypress Point, LA

1876- …


06/27 September 2015

Gernanfest Folk Singers Rehearsals

Roberts Cove, LA



10-17 September 2015

Wonderful visit in Chapel Hill,/Cary, NC with my son, IJEdwards and

family and friends along with a tour of the lab at UNC Dental School where Isaac Jared built up a wax 

tooth with the patience of Job! Beautiful and prestigious campus. They

also introduced me to ‘juicing!’ I’m in!


23 September 2015

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping

Airing:  November & December 2015



3 & 4 October 2015

Roberts Cove Germanfest! 

Direct ‘Germanfest Folk Singers’(#5)

and Sunday Mass with St. Leo IV Choir. Proceeded  to escort the retired

Jesuits, a novice and their Activities Coordinator around the grounds!!

Twas wonderful!


19 October 2015

Induction into CDA St. Katherine Drexel Court, Lower Cameron Parish.

Court re-established post-H. Rita. In reverence and thanksgiving I am

joining in honor of my foremothers

in The Broussard/Miller Family. Our mother court is CDA’s in Lake Arthur!!

Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


19 October 2015

‘Heritage Studies Series One’ ~ At The Veranda and Carriage House

at Graywood, LC. 25 hearty souls from Independent and Assisted Living residences.

Judy Naquin, Coordinated

Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour


23 October 2015

# 49 Silent Retreat on Arthur Avenue/10

Director, staff & volunteers – ‘New Life Counseling Ctr.’, Lake Charles

Silent Retreat Series




30 October 2015 

#43 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ with the

SWLA Cattle Women’s Association of SWLA! RAR facilitated!/7

Desere Richard, Coordinator

Heritage Workshop


06 November 2015

#16 ‘Place Based Heritage Education’ on Arthur Avenue!

 St. Peter Catholic Elementary, Gueydan, LA/15 students and 13 adults. Constance Victoria did it!

Place Based

Heritage Education



10 November 2015

‘Heritage Talk’ ~ with the Retired Jesuits,

St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, LA

…to be rescheduled in 2016…



17 November 2015

134 years ago today  the Christian Hensgens

and Franz Anton Reiners families arrived in New Orleans, LA

from Germany to Roberts Cove, LA



26 November 2015

HRP and I celebrate Thanksgiving in N.C. with

our son and Isaac Jared at the Edwards Farm…family galore and pics with all beautifully attired.

Home, barn and animals in a beautiful and undulated landscape.

I gave Pam Edwards Edelweiss seeds!


28 November 2015

My dear Mom’s 15th year In The Light!

Miss her daily; pray to her daily.

Rest in Peace, dear one. Thank you for being my mother, my first

teacher of the faith of our

ancestors, 1600 to present!

Vigil of The

First Sunday in Advent


06 December 2015

75th Year Celebration of ‘Handel’s Messiah”,

Bulber Auditorium., LC. My sister Constance Victoria donated tons

of hours toward this special performance!

Our parents loved Handel’s  “Messiah”!


16 December 2015

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping Dates

Airing January 2016


Lead, Kindly Light!



23 December 2015

Family Christmas Gathering! AAP and IJE home for Christmas/his first in LA! 66 in attendance-60 direct descendants/6 guest

As of March 2015…#80 Monlezun/Hensgens total family members – 51 direct descendants!

Second year “Sayings of Mom and Dad on a Candy Cane!”


Family Chronicles!


27 December 2015

Anna ‘Gertrude’ Hensgens-Monlezun’s 94th birthday!

(1921-2000)…my wonderful mother. Rest in Peace, dear one.


Feast of the

Holy Family!




































Totals to 06 November 2015  

Link Categories: 


Silent Retreats:

1989 Virginia and Washington, D.C. &

Commenced 1990- Lake Charles:


08 May 1990 to 23 October 2015 on Arthur Avenue:


Spiritual Talks penned “Speak A Word!”

07 May 1990 to 11 October 2014:


‘Heritage and Archival Special Collection!’ Links:


 ‘Journals & Binders’

age 16 to date, age 67!:


‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tours’

10 February 2009 to 30 October 2015:


‘Place Based Education Day’

01 May 2009 to 06 November 2015:



Family Chronicles:




Events on Arthur Avenue:


Number of persons through the home

03 March 2001 to 23 December 2015:

# of events, categories or participants:






Total - #701 Retreatants




#49 Silent Retreats - #332 Retreatants









#25 Categories









#398 persons toured!




#5 school + 15 visits =

#410 participants


9 Lineages, a ‘Family Heritage Sequence’ and one “’So! You Want to Organize a Family Reunion’ link!!



#131 to include Family Christmas Gathering 2015




2,048 men, women and children!

January 2001 to

06 November  2015:

14 years x 52 Fridays in a year =

728 days in the Home


130 events in the home

(x 24 for we spend 2 days and one night for each event) =

3,120 glorious hours spent on Arthur Avenue…to date!








01 March 1995 to

03 August  2015

Medical Resource Books:


Given away:  1,406

Volunteer hours – 3 hours per teaching = 4,686 hours





27 May  1990 to 16 December  2015

‘Lead, Kindly Light’

Catholic Diocesan Television 1990 to December 2015:




#474 interviews

To contact, write and interview – 3 hours per guest = 1,422 hours



March 2001 to August 2015

14th year serving as ‘Eucharistic Minister’ CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital (Dept. of Pastoral Care ) and tending ‘The Heritage Center’ est. 2003

In 2015…Invited to assist with the ‘Dr. Michael Ellis DeBakey Heritage Project… in process…



3 & 4 October 2015

5th year directing Germanfest Folk Singers!...as well as…

this year hosted retired Jesuits and a Novice, St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, LA!! Was wonderful!



31 December 2015

Leave of absence:  EM/CSPH,  MRB/ Teaching Groups & Masterworks Choral

Focus on Binders Galore (!) to Publish, Silent Retreat Series and Heritage Studies Series, etc!!!