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20 January 2016

Discussion  of ‘Heritage Studies Series’,

McNeese State University, Office of May Gray,

SAGE Program/Leisure Learning

Heritage Studies Series


21 January 2016

Discussion of my ‘Heritage Studies Series’

with personnel at The Verandah and Carriage House at Graywood.

Scheduled ‘Heritage Studies Series’ with The Verandah, Lake Charles, LA

Heritage Studies Series


08 February 2016

Viewed the newly refurbished St. Michael

Church, Crowley with Alberta Lyons and Fr. Donald Pelous, lunch

then on to Alberta’s for coffee and dessert! AND, we get to meet Emma Dale Bruce!

Birthday Lunch for Four!

(Dec/Jan. bdays)

24 February 2016

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping

Airing:  March, April 2016


“Lead, Kindly Light!”



04 March 2016

#17 ‘Place Based Heritage Education’

Day on Arthur Avenue; St. Francis Catholic School, Iota, LA/28

Place Based

Heritage Education


25 March 2016

Good Friday Service, St. John Cathedral in

Lafayette, LA…in the pew with Alberta Lyons!

Our favorite place, for years now, to kiss the Holy Cross of

Our Dear Lord.


26 March 2016

HRP sold his sailboat “Valero” to a friend

who is a member of the Lake Charles Yacht Club.

It served in its season!



06 April 2016

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping

Airing:  May, June & July 2016


“Lead, Kindly Light!”



08 April 2016

‘Five Ladies’ Luncheon discussing ‘Germanfest

Folk Singers’ performances at Germanfest, 1 & 2

October 2016 in Roberts Cove, LA! See you there!



08-10 April 2016

Six men stayed on Arthur Avenue for a

‘Faith Renewal’ Weekend in Lake Arthur! Wonderful!

Our Lady of the Lake

Catholic Church



15 April 2016

# 44 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ for residents and family

members of The Verandah and Carriage House at Graywood , Lake Charles/7

Heritage Studies Series 2

Heritage Workshop


16-23  April 2016

My son captains a large catamaran in the

British Virgin Islands with 8 friends from the Carolinas.

He webcamed us from the first  island stop and it was

thrilling indeed!


April 2016

‘Antoine A. Pontón Design, LLC’!! Our son’s

newly opened design business in N.C. with a

Wonderful website! We are so very proud and happy for him!



24 April 2016

My dear daddy’s 99th birthday. Blessed Day,

dear one. We celebrated with a weekend  in Galveston , TX

with my sister and her husband my first brother-in-law!!



29 April 2016

First official meeting “Lake Arthur Heritage

Chroniclers’ on AAvenue!/8

Heritage Studies Series

Lake Arthur Heritage Chroniclers


Commencing May 2016

My website ‘host’ is updated 2004 – 2016!

…over one thousand pages of text and some pics!

RAR! (Pray for her and our electronic consultant!)



03 May 2016

To listen,  learn & envision from the director of ‘St. Landry

Parish Cemetery Historical Reenactment’ discerning Germanfest 2016!

Germanfest Heritage Theater



6 &7 May 2016

 Retiree ‘Warrior Camp’ weekend, Ft. Polk, LA

(where we met!) for my dear soldier husband! I will be in  

The post library, PX and Starbuck’s!



07 June 2016

Associate Genealogist with the Historical And Genealogy Library in Lake Charles, 

PPt. Presentation for residents of The Verandah/Carriage House

Heritage Studies Series 4 of 5!/12

Germanfest 2016!!


14 June 2016

I am residing at Castel Gondolfo…El Papa’s Italian summer

residence … in my mind!…to read, think, journal, plan, cook/bake, stare at

the pool, sometimes get into the thing…fully enjoy my superb and wonderful husband!!!

RAR braces for the work ahead!!


24 June 2016

Second meeting, ‘Lake Arthur Heritage

Chroniclers’ on Arthur Avenue…agenda ‘Topics

of Interest’ for All!/6

Vicki Carter-Broussard,

Appointed Co-Coordinator!


July 2016

25 years as a member of the Catholic Daughters

of America, Our Lady Queen of Heaven Court #1785.

I was kindly given a precious pin like my mother and her

Mother…and so it goes! I brought it to AAvenue!


02 July 2016

Annual ‘Patriots’ Ball’, Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA

honoring all U.S.A. military men and women in uniform having served,  serving and

who will  serve! My husband in dress blues; I am so proud, so grateful!



06 July 2016

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping

Airing:  August & October 2016



13 July 2016

‘Antoine A. Ponton Design’, L.L.C. … he is in business commencing in NC…to start!

Friends arranged for him to shadow their businesses  in  Charleston,  SC, NYCity and

Raleigh, NC. He has his first  commission in D.C.!

They have hit the Atlanta Design Mart and twice to the High Point, NC Design Mart …to date! Isaac Jared’s undergraduate is Architecture!

He skillfully helped construct AAP’s website and designed business cards printed within a week!!!


21-28 July 2016

My husband and I journey to Washington, D.C.WW ll Memorial & Museum and my

stomping grounds around the Capitol! By Amtrak to NC in order to celebrate the three

July birthdays of my three men! 82nd Airborne Museum, Ft. Bragg, NC was on the list as well!

All by Air,  Metro and Amtrak!

Wonderful memories!


31 July 2016

31st year of my father’s death.

Rest in peace, dear one.



07 & 21 August 2016

Germanfest Folk Singers Rehearsals in The Cove

for our 22nd Germanfest! But first a mgting to discuss a invitation to facilitate the

‘St. Leo IV Church Tour’ for

Germanfest 2016! I delightfully accepted!


(Germanfest 2016/Folk Singers)

Germanfest 2016


31 August 2016

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping

Airing:  September, November & December 2016


“Lead, Kindly Light!”



04 & 25 September 2016

Germanfest Folk Singers rehearsals in The Cove!

Prior meeting with Gretchen Zaunbrecher with details for the 2 day festival! Full days!

Germanfest Folk Singers



03 &0 4 September 2016

‘Heritage Family Sequence’ presented to

retired Jesuits, Grand

Coteau, LA/9 and Germanfest mgting to organize the sale of the ‘Germanfest Folk

Singers’ Songbook at Germanfest 2016!! Sing along with gusto!!



15 September 2016

My brand new leased vehicle arrives…every

Three years…tis a wonderful thing! Thank you, husband!



13-18 September 2016

Trip to Phoenix, AZ/’Wild Horse Resort!’ Visit to the Grand Canyon; my first trip

was age 16!  Drive through the Painted Desert. Hopi, Apache and Navajo Reservations! Wonderful!

Vigil Mass, Newman Center, University of Arizona! Many miles on the rental indeed!

O, the Arizona Mall wasn’t bad at tal!!


1st & 2nd October 2016

Germanfest in Roberts Cove, LA and my 6th

Year directing Germanfest Folk

Singers…11th year as a happy member! Facilitated ‘St. Leo IV Church Tour From The Pew!’

# 83 Sat. and #74 Sunday joyfully attended! Retired Jesuit and attendants joined us again this year.  Wonderful days!

Germanfest 2017!


4 & 5th October 2017

Major trimming of the old magnolia tree on

Arthur Avenue. She is a little sick, the state team cut and

shaped and we pray she will recover over time!!

Poison Ivy and Oak followed!!!


22 October 2017

Ft. Polk Retirement Day!

We journeyed there for

current military ID cards, etc. They plan a great day

for all! I love this trip up, there and back with my wonderful

‘re-fired’ husband!


October 2017

Lake Arthur Health Clinic Board Meeting on

Arthur Avenue round the big table!! Wonderful!/7



04 November 2016

#19 ‘Place Based Heritage Education’

Day on AAvenue:  St. Peter Catholic School, Gueydan/9

Place Based

Heritage Education



08-13 November 2016

Drove Sr. Mildred Leonards, CDP  to visit  with German cousins in

Jasper, IN. Also a visit to St. Meinrad’s Archabbey and the OSB’s on ‘The Mount’

in Ferdinand, IN as well as an ‘Olinger Sibling Gathering’ at a charming cabin in the hills!




16 November 2016

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping

Airing:  January & March 2017


“Lead, Kindly Light!”



17 November 2016

135 years that my ‘Hensgens/Reiners

Families’ arrived in New Orleans from Germany! Also

my nine year anniversary of being commissioned as a

Benedictine Oblate/AR


28 November 2016

16th year of my dear mother’s death.

Rest in peace, dear one.

You would love the

Arthur Avenue activities; thank you for being my mother!



December 2016

Caroling with the Singers of Roberts Cove

for the ‘Day of St. Nicholas!’

We will visit about 8 homes!

One of my favorite Cove traditions!

Cancelled due to cold rain!! Ugh!


12 December

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe = Spring

Street Christmas goes up! She is Patroness of the

Americas…Our Blessed Lady!



December 2016

Extended ‘Family Christmas Gathering’ on

Arthur Avenue! This tradition was begun by my parents

many, many years ago/53!

Monlezun/Hensgens Family Chronicle!


27 December 2016

My dear mother’s 95th Birthday. Blessed Day,

dear one! Tis the day we ‘take down’ Christmas at

home with a slice of birthday cake, a prayer & candle for you!

In Gratefulness!































Totals to 10 December 2016 

Link Categories: 


Silent Retreat Series:

1989 Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Commenced 1990-my home in  Lake Charles and 2000 to Arthur Avenue:


08 May 1990 to 23 October 2015 on Arthur Avenue:




links now combined:


 ‘Journals & Binders’

age 16 to date, age 68!:


‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tours’

10 February 2009 to 15 April 2016:



Place Based Heritage Education Day’

01 May 2009 to 04 November 2016:



Family Chronicles:



Events on Arthur Avenue March 2001 to December 2016:


Number of persons through the home

03 March 2001 to 23 December 2016:

# of events, categories or participants:








Total - #699 Retreatants




#49 Silent Retreats - #332 Retreatants













#405 persons smiled thru the home!




#5 school + 17 visits =

#444 participants



9 Lineages









2,172 men, women and children!

January 2001 to

10 December 2016:

15 years x 52 Fridays in a year =

780 days in the Home


138 events in the home

(x 24 for we spend 2 days and one night for each event) =

3,312 glorious hours spent on Arthur Avenue…to date!








Combined links for updated website:  1- ‘We Love You More Than Life Itself’,  2- ‘Silent

Retreat Series’, 3- ‘Read! Read! Read!’, 4- ‘HeritageCONNECT’, 5- ‘Medical Resource Book’, 6- ‘Lead, Kindly Light’ Diocesan Television!’



Summer 2016

HeritageCONNECT  link combined and established:

Journals and Binders, Timeline, Family Chronicles and A- Lake Arthur HeritageCONNECT, B- Roberts Cove HeritageCONNECT, C- Heritage

Study SeriesCONNECT and D- In The Beginning!/26 Links!





01 March 1995 to

09 December 2016

Medical Resource Books:


Given away:  1,415

Volunteer hours – 3 hours per teaching = 4,686 hours                 




27 May  1990 to 16 November 2016

Lake Charles Catholic Diocesan Television


‘Points of Interest’, ‘In His Image’, ‘From the Pew’, ‘Building Bridges’ and ‘Lead, Kindly Light’!

#477 interviews

To contact, write and interview – 3 hours per 477 guests= 1,431 hours



March 2001 to Spring 2015

15th year serving as ‘Eucharistic Minister’ CHRISTUS St. Patrick

Hospital Dept. of Pastoral Care and tending The Heritage Center est. 2003

Spring 2015 …on sabbatical



1 & 2 October 2016

6th year directing Germanfest Folk Singers!...as well as…

Facilitating the ‘St. Leo IV Catholic Church Tour’ on Saturday and Sunday/#157 souls in attendance!



31 December 2015 – 1st Quarter 2017

Leave of absence in some ministries in order to focus on Binders Galore

 (!) to Publish, ‘Silent Retreat Series’/thought and ‘HeritageCONNECT’/thought!

New and updated website in process…God bless Ms. Renee all the days of her life!