A Ave.













02 Jan 2018

Eucharistic Ministry  (E.M.) resumed at CHRISTUS

St. Patrick Hospital somewhat! Ailment persists through January and

February 2018 however reading David McCullough remedies all

maladies! E.M. every other Tuesday.


14 January 2018

40 years of wedded bliss indeed!

The Father certainly knew what He was doing!! Thank you, Father!

We spend the day talking about our wonderful son and past military assignments!!



Jan/Feb 2018

The blasted flu and cold symptoms for 40 days

and 40 nights with two + relapses! Really!! Sacameh! Cancelled

meetings, events, appointments…God bless

the elderly one and all!


31 January 2018

Little Rock Bible Study/Romans!

Wonderful ladies all; I am humbled to be in the same room

with them as I hobbled in…once! MUST recover!

I AM offering this up, God!


12 Feb. 2018

Invitation extended to CDA’s, Creole, LA to

visit Arthur Avenue for a ‘Heritage Tour’…presented as part of their

monthly meeting. Also, a few other ideas for their




16 February 2018

#1 A Retreat Day on AAvenue for

a friend; to rest, read and be with The Father!

I beverage and fed her while I read, thought and, journaled…!



23 Feb. 2018

The Day that Christmas ‘came down!!’ Truly!!

First time in 17 years my Fridays on Arthur Avenue have been severely

interrupted by the pesky flu and cold maladies!!

I miss being at home.


02 March 2018

#20 ‘Place Based Heritage Education’

Day on AAvenue:  Sacred Heart Catholic School, Ville Platte, LA/47!

Placed Based Heritage Education Day My sister, Constance, took a group!

First visit to Arthur Avenue!


22 March 2018

We sisters-three visited with our first cousin

who is a recent widow.

She said that she thought of all the ‘ones who have

gone before as we sat around the table ‘catching up’ and munching on much!



26 March – 05 April 2018

A timely visit with my son who is moving into his new 

Townhouse/Office in Raleigh, NC! Off to the Museum of Art, favorite restaurants &

Holy Week services at the new Cathedral! AND,  plenty of gumbo-making!

Beautiful Holy Week indeed!








09 April 2018

‘Germanfest Folk Singers’ meeting in The Cove

with Josie Thevis then on to a gathering of the Extension Ladies Group

for a craft day of rosary making and visiting! Love this!

I made a ladder

rosary for my dear husband!


12 April 2018

My sister, Constance, and I visited our Dad’s favorite first

cousin in Crowley, LA. She is 100 yrs young;  twas a

delightful time!

She tells the stories as we ask the questions!! Thank you, Father, for

her long and fruitful life.


01 May 2018

#48 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ for my friend

Abby Fletcher and her high school classmates/spouses!/9

“The house that faith built” says Abby at the end of the Tour!

Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


04 May 2018

#49 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ ~ CDA’s

of Creole, LA… are relatives and more relatives!!/09


Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


14 May 2018

#50 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage

Tour’ for Extension Ladies of the Roberts Cove area/07


Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour


16 May 2018

Met with my pastor in order to share my ministry


I was exhilarated and

he was very tired by 

the end! But now he knows!



27 May 2018

The 53rd anniversary of the drowning

of my brother and sister; Alvin Joseph age 10 and Veronica Gertrude age 6.

In His time, will way and wisdom all will be known in an instant.



29 May – 21 June 2018

(7 weeks)

Invited to serve as a ‘Spiritual Care Visitor & E.M.’ with CHRISTUS

Lake Area Hospital. The dear chaplain is doing mission work in Vietnam as a religious with The

Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word’, Houston, TX. I am humbled to serve patients in this newest of  the CHRISTUS

Facilities in Lake Charles, LA


01 June 2018

#51 ‘Arthur Avenue

Heritage Tour’ for college friends of old

and their guests/04



07 June 2018

Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Lake Arthur -

Altar Servers’ crayfish boil and walk through on Arthur Avenue

facilitated by the Pastor/15



22 June 2018

#2 Retreat Day on Arthur

Avenue for a friend of old…an accomplished

pianist; yes, she will be invited to play the old



04 July 2018

Joined Masterworks Chorale

for the the 4th of July Concert with the Community Band!

Patriotic Songs All!












05/18 July 2018

RAR hands up my website for me to  tweak, upload and will

learn to publish. She secured lkl.net Dec. 2004 named ‘Web of Gratefulness!’

God bless her all the days of her long life; What technical work indeed publishing over a

thousand pages on my site!




Keith Coleman (RIP) was my

first Webmaster then Renee A. Reina who

will now teach me. I am so grateful to

these fine  talented people!



01-09 August 2018

Return visit with my son in

Raleigh, NC!

I shadow him

to his vendors, clients, job sites, restaurants, museums, and read

the time away in his very comfortable townhouse!

We love Raleigh!   

Wonderful friends and clients.


28 & 29August & 04 & 06 Sept. 2018

Invited back to CHRISTUS Lake Area

Hospital as a Spiritual Care Visitor and E.M. as Chaplain

will be on retreat & vacation in Ireland! I’ve got this Sister…enjoy

the Green Isle!


12-28 September 2018

Our son and friends visit Milan, Cinque Terre, Barcelona,

Paris and London… his second trip to Europe loving

and cherishing the experiences each time! Patron Saint

of Travelers protect my men.


29 September 2018

Constance Victorias’ 50th Goretti Class

Reunion with ‘Open House’ on Arthur Avenue!! Special

weekend for all with pics, memories, stories = The Goretti

Collection!I was in the kitchen!/85





26 Aug,  & 09 & 30 Sept. 2018

Rehearsals commence for ‘Germanfest

Folk Singers!' An anticipated time of year to gather with

cousins & friends in the tradition of our ancestors! Wonderful!

24th Germanfest!


01 & 08 October 2018

My sister Constance signs me up for

fun, fun, fun

participation with “The Liberty Belles”- a singing troupe who

performs in nursing homes! We started our singing lives  at the Jennings nursing   

home now continuing into our late 60s’s and early 70’s!!


6/7 October 2018

Germanfest! Directing ‘Germanfest Folk

Singers’ (8th year) and facilitating the ‘Church Tour From

The Pew!’ (4th year) Love this weekend so !



28 October 2018

CHRISTUS Ochsner St. Patrick Hospital

Health Screening, Workplace Wellness

SWLA, Calcasieu

Parish Public School employees all!! Served as a ‘Pink Lady’ on

a Saturday morning!





23 October 2018

Medical meeting and lunch on

Arthur Avenue!

The team loves to meet in this home as

Tina Louise King-Monlezun makes all feel at home/08



November 2018

Our son charters and captains a

52’ catamaran in the British Virgin Islands for friends! Tis his 

5th trip loving this part of the Caribbean and first trip after the devastating 2017 hurricanes...so sad.

12 excited folks have signed up!














November 2018

‘Speak A Word’ ~ OLQH Parish

Altar Society of which I am a member like my mother

and grandmother before me. Talk entitled:  

“Lead, Kindly Light!”


December 2018

St. Nick and Santa Claus visits families

throughout The Cove with a Choral Group accompanying the entourage

belting out carols in English and German! The children are a sight to behold indeed!

I love the memory of all!


December 2018

Troupe #2 with ‘The Liberty Belles’ for

Christmas fiestas singing in 9 nursing homes! I absolutely

love this event. The ladies are wonderful and we have a ball  making pretty good

sounds of cheer!


December 2018

Extended family Christmas gathering

on Arthur Avenue for  traditional caroling hayride, visiting, music, food galore

and Santa Claus! This tradition was started by

our parents many

moons ago!/