Number of persons through Arthur Avenue, my ancestral home of origin:

03 January 2001 to 29 December 2018:  2,608! Wonderful!


Time for a self-imposed sabbatical filled with hope and invigorating work between my home study and Arthur Avenue!


1)      Reflect and Assess the ‘Spirituality and Work of Heritage – Reverencing Those Who Have Gone Before” across 19 years of gathering, preserving, sustaining, making relevant by heritage teaching on Arthur Avenue!


2)      Strategic & integrating way to advance in partnering Arthur Avenue with

a)      McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA, and the University of Louisiana Lafayette – University Libraries & Departments of History and English to start…


b)      Genealogical and Historical Library, Lake Charles, LA and LA Parish Public Libraries:  Acadia, Calcasieu, Cameron, & Jefferson Davis


in order to share the curated & organized home for students’ study and identification of their personally researched lineage, heritage and history … a ‘Finding My Roots Heritage School!’ Arthur Avenue is bricks and mortar with heritage family walls in heritage rooms, heritage ‘paper’ in many binders and has an ongoing heritage electronic footprint…


3)      To Complete A Link:  ‘Cypress Point, LA 130 Years Later’!


4)      Research:  Matriarchal lineage of Basque, French and Swedish descent!


5)      Read:  Basque books on the shelf!


6)      Review:  All binders (# 320) thinking on website publishing and for genealogical and historical publications! (2021 and beyond!)



A Ave.





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January 2019

Our ancestral home of origin is 115 years old; built in

1904. My brothers two are the fourth owners of this precious and

important place of tradition, heritage & lineage.




April 2019

19th Joseph Hensgens-Reiners Family Reunion

Host Family: Children of Lee Joseph and Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun to be

Celebrated at the Home place on Arthur Avenue, Lake Arthur, LA.

20th ‘JHensgens Reunion’ 2021 ~ Host Family ~ Children of

Catherine Frances Hensgens-Habetz!