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My thoughts for ‘Remembrances’ began while spending one day a week, after Mom’s death on

28 November 2000, at our home of origin in Lake Arthur, LA… a weekly sojourn I treasure to this very day! As I began to order the contents and paper, forty-seven years of life in one place, I found myself remembering their words, actions and exhortations that lead to vignettes of stories which I have compiled for you!! Just keep clicking on this Web of Gratefulness! These ‘Remembrances’ just keep on coming!


~ There is no particular order; I write when I remember, due to a familial encounter or just about anything in life can trigger ‘Remembrances!’ It is very comforting to me in remembering but wonderful-wonderful to be able to share them in one place with you!


January 2013 marked the major tending of this link having counted 93 Remembrances on 81 pages!! Hence, time to divide things up a bit!! Categories below are to date!!


~ My memories are bright and fulfilling for I loved and esteemed my parents on earth as I do in heaven and will miss them all the days of my life from this side!

Now I pray to them instead of for them.

Click and enjoy the printed vista of wonderful memories:


1)     Dad ~ Lee Joseph Monlezun

2)     Mom ~ Anna ‘Gertrude’ Hensgens-Monlezun

3)     Dad and Mom!

4)     All Other Remembrances!

5)     Dad’s Family of Origin!

6)     Mom’s Family of Origin!

7)     Their ‘children!”


Notations for this compilation:

~Unless otherwise connoted, these are my remembrances hence “I" in the stories! They are written, after discerning the intent of the memories or writings of Mom and Dad, as to the profound message of their heart through the pen; does it instruct, inform, encourage or edify by connoting love and concern toward their beloved family.


~ Bette/Babette are my nicknames.


~Permission received for publication of requested letters.


Lead, Kindly Light!

Anna ‘Bernadette’ Monlezun-Pontón, Fourth Child of Ten Children, Eldest of Four Daughters!