1)     ‘Your Aunt Gloria had more energy than any woman I have ever met!  We would walk every morning and one day we spotted a 5 dollar bill on the sidewalk we both went for it but she got to it first! She offered me half and I said no, it is yours! The next day walking she gave me $2.50!  Later, I found a penny while on our walk but I didn’t tell her a thing. I went home and had Junior cut it in half and I gave it to her while on our walk!!”  (Margaret Monlezun)




2)     Saturday January 21, 2012   Subject: From Alberta Gertrude Hensgens-Lyons...

Alberta telephoned this morning the following information:

"Aunt Gertie Mae wanted her nieces and nephews to know they are invited to sing for her funeral."  Alberta is organizing the music for us for the "Monday morning 10:00 a.m. funeral Mass in Jennings at Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church as well as the German song "Das Schiecksal" at graveside in Welsh for those who know it!"

This beautiful song from the 'old country' is traditionally sung graveside in Roberts Cove, and beyond, as requested by German descendants; Mom would sing out this doleful dirge in her wonderful alto with everything in her!  ...translation...

"1. No one is exempt from Providence, Death pursues even Scepter and Crown. Luck does not last. None of these last. None of these last.

2. The Body taken from the Earth, returns whence it came. Wealth, Beauty, Wit, splendid Power. Eternal night covers all. Eternal night covers all.

3. I will not remain forever in the dust, thus Holy Faith teaches me. For the Soul will be reunited with the Body; how blest am I. How blest am I!

4. Friends and Brothers, why do you weep? We shall see one another again on the Day of Judgement. Fear God only; fear nothing else. Fear nothing else.

5. Tears are the sign of Love, a natural instinct. But only one thing do I ask. Pray daily, pray for me. Pray for me."

I had never read all the verses til now...yes, dear Aunt Gertie Mae, I will pray for you!

May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen!

 Lead, Kindly Light!

P.S. Kathleen Gertrude, my first cousin, shared that Aunt Gertie Mae had told her “when you hear the bells ring at church for my funeral Mass it will be that I am marrying Uncle Cony up there all over again!!” We just love this and are able to think on it at every Mass; I am thrilled with the return of the bells ringing during the Consecration; I mean, after all….!!!