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He is responsible for nurturing the dream of reuniting the people of the Cove with their heritage and their

roots. His personal search for relatives led to the reunions and special celebrations that was the genesis for Germanfest!”

+Special Commendation for the First Germanfest 1995 was dedicated to Reverend Charles Zaunbrecher!



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Letters of Profound Gratitude:

‘Germanfest Folk Singers’ 2010 and

‘Germanfest Association’:  2009, 2003, 1995


5 October 2010

Dear Ones ~ Germanfest Folk Singers and Musicians!


What glorious and lovely days indeed! Thank you for your heart, voice, being and soul in the two performances during Germanfest 2010!! The ancestors were rewarded for delivering your Novena straight to The Father Himself…they heard your singing at the top of your voices all the way to heaven! It was beautiful, exuberant, full,  lively, on key and in rhythm! You should be especially proud of yourselves. And, you held your books up and never stopped smiling and enjoying the words you were praying forward for all…we are truly the Body of Christ making joyful sounds unto the Lord! You evidenced that this weekend past!


I appreciate Josie and Rusty’s work in organizing all for all! It is an annual pilgrimage toward the first and subsequent rehearsals plus the performances.


Renee and I visited with Joseph and Anna Kormesser after our last Sunday rehearsal. They were in fine spirits and were praying for us as we pray for them. I sang the ‘Benediction Song’ to the tune of Edelweiss and, well, his face was angelic as he is Austrian you know!!


It was wonderful seeing Blaise and Bernardine Leonards in the audience right up front and center singing and smiling and weeping with joy. We pray them forward appreciating their years of membership and heart for all things of their beloved Cove. Vincent Zaunbrecher, you gave your all for our So Ein Tag with ne’er a blink but steady as she goes!! Now we sing songs of prayer for them and all who need our one-voice-supplications as they face medical challenges known and unknown.


Thank you Simone and musicians for your fine rhythm and smiles! You fill us out albeit in a tight space! Simone, thank God your hand is being seen by an orthopedic surgeon and pray all will go well before, during and post-surgery Tuesday 26 October. You were beaming as you enjoyed your ‘family’ while holding us in rhythmic focus.


I continue to direct through the night in my sleep as I loved every minute …and, love each

of you my Greater Family! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our precious Roberts Cove Germanfest 2010.


Lead, Kindly Light!

Anna ‘Bernadette’ Monlezun-Pontón, Director, Germanfest Folk Singers

Daughter of Anna 'Gertrude' Hensgens-Monlezun who loved her Germanfest Folk Singers!!





12 October 2009

Thank you! Danke! Mil Gracias! Merci Beaucoup!


Germanfest 2009 was an experience like no other. Thank you for the opportunity to present in the Folklore Tent a “Family Heritage Sequence: To Gather! Preserve! Make Relevant! Sustain!”  “To the south is our Benediction Chapel under the ancient oaks where in 1980 6,000 descendants of the 41 original German immigrants knelt in humble gratitude to our Lord of all continents. Behind me to the west is St. Leo IV church built by our ancestors on sound faith as our place of worship, across to the north is our beloved cemetery where our loved ones are resting and to the east is our very special German Heritage Museum where we find the connections to all we love and hold dear! Here like arms around us we are encircled by Our Father and our people; we are home!” This was just my opening statement!!


I look forward every year to building toward this grand festival of heritage, faith, family and the dignity of work! It has become the highlight of my year.


Thank you Rev. Fr. Keith Bordelon , Mr. President, Board, Directors, Coordinators, Volunteers/Families and Patrons for the thousands of myriad details that are tended as well as year round planning with commitment and zeal for we are our ancestors and they would be extremely proud of each and every one of you! I am.


Lead, Kindly Light!

Anna ‘Bernadette’ Monlezun-Pontón

House of Hensgens/Reiners!





This letter was written to the Germanfest Association the day after Germanfest, my first since 1999, the year my mother was diagnosed with cancer. The chalice used at Mass belonged to our founder Father Peter Leonard Thevis and the Thevis Family served at the altar.


October 6, 2003

Roberts Cove Association


Dear Ones,

Danke! Danke! Germanfest 2003 was gloriously culminated on sacred ground for reverencing family that have gone before, that live today and those who will come after us!The Celebrant hit the nail on the head when he thanked all those present for their Catholic faith and, in that it seemed 99.9% of Mass participants received Holy Communion, it is a glorious gift to be embraced, living this faith of our fathers and mothers! As the meaningful chalice was raised and the ‘Thevis’ family served at the altar, I was overwhelmed by The Father’s love for us by covenant of Word and Eucharist and that Roberts Cove is a manifestation of our ancestors covenant with us by their sacrifice, love through faith, family and labor!

Danke for the organization and commitment to the plan year after year all the year long in the spirit so admired.  We are our ancestors, we carry the blood through our namesake and that is a continual source of pride and a sense of humble duty as a continuum code for living. Germanfest is a manifestation, as families the world over, gather to celebrate faith, family and harvest; life-giving sustenance for our soul and body which constitutes and is the fulfillment of the Body of Christ on earth, this side of heaven!

May our families who have gone before continue to light our path as we reverence them by good example, family bonds that can never be broken, faith lived by study and good example.

May Clara Habetz, as she sets aim on her ninetieth birthday in 2004, be blessed with the knowledge that her life’s work with adult and child are perpetuated through all good works of faith, hope but most of all, love!

Lead, Kindly Light!  In appreciation,
Anna ‘Bernadette’ Monlezun-Pontón, eldest daughter of Lee Joseph, Sr. and Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun




3 October 1995

Dear Family-Team-Support-Members of Germanfest 1995,


Cheers, Kudos, Congratulations and Danke!! What a successful first! That you for precious time spent on sacred ground celebrating our ancestral heritage.


I am so proud of the Team Support Members who gave their all in thousands of hours of love put into hard work. And the Fathers smiled on you for the rains went elsewhere not to dampen your cheerful hearts. It was the most organized, efficient, beautiful, delicious and joyful celebration that we have attended wherever we have lived!! And we have enjoyed many!


The anticipation began to build when we where detoured from going the ‘old way’ and followed the many cars to a wonderful huge field; I seriously looked for a hay wagon for the commute to the big white tent! The ‘forever view’ to me were the red balloons on the graves across from the church which signaled my heart that I was on holy ground of those who have gone before and that all was well. The mural-cut-outs were a pure delight, the ribboned rice sheaves and costumed-smiling attendants, the pilgrimage chapel standing as a sentinel by the old oak tree was a wonderful sight to behold, all with polka music wafting the open air! The folklore hall was my favorite. I felt such pride upon entering the beautifully decorated space with my thirteen year old son and seeing all the photos, my grandparents included, the exact one which hangs in his room. Boy, was he impressed!


The sense of pride is deep and steady; it always has been for my mother, Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun has always shared ‘the stories’ of her beloved Roberts Cove days with her family, relatives and friends. To share such a day with my husband and son was truly gratifying for the circle comes full and the story lives on.


Thank you for your great gift!


Lead, Kindly Light! 

Hector, Antoine and Anna Bernadette Monlezun-Pontón



“Each of us has been warmed by fires we did not build.

Each of us has been nourished by wells we did not dig!”  Author Unknown