There is always something wonderful throughout the culture in which to wander and experience awe especially music and heritage!



“Birthday Trips” Accompanying My Mother!

Hence, the name for this link which she often uttered…

“Where Are My Keys and Let’s Go!!”

As a birthday gift for the five years prior to her death November 2000, of which she wanted again every year after the initial Birthday Card, was that I gather her up at the Holiday Inn in Jennings, LA and the entire day was hers! We went wherever she wanted to go as she had the directions jotted down on the first piece of paper she could get her hands on and would call the person and make the arrangements! I had a little gift for her on her seat; she was dressed top to bottom and off we shot!! What joyous days well spent packed with lasting memories forever and ever!

We Traveled East and West, as well as, North and South!




 1) “Louisiana Choral Foundation!” 

Lake Charles, LA




2) “Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church Parish Family Choir”

Lake Charles, LA



3) “Germanfest”

 First Full Weekend in October of Every Year!

Roberts Cove, LA