'Journals and Binders'


 “Therefore, since we are being observed by so great a cloud of witnesses who have gone before us, let us rid ourselves of all things that hinder us and let us run with courage and endurance the race that is set before us.”    Hebrews 12:1

Diaries, Binders, Calendars, Journals & Electronics

…gathered and tracked commencing 1961, age 14, to present date

having changed residences 24 times before the age of 40!  


My years of tending life on this side and who’s ‘Canon of Binders’ on my 60th Birthday 2007 opened the ‘ABMPontón Archival Special Collection’ McNeese State University (MSU), Frazer Memorial Library, Archives and Special Collections - a little way of a life striving to live in His will, way and in His Light!


These Binders will be gathered up and delivered to the MSU Archives post-my-passing (!) except for Certain Binders which are coded and with which my husband and son can eventually decide! This is my final gift to them (if I go first!) for they will have not one piece of paper to think on; just to read in their time and enjoy with their beautiful and compassionate hearts…to know fully my love for them, and all God’s children, to the best in me By His grace all the way to the end on this side!!!

…Always in process; surely there are no Binders in heaven!


·        Console Table with laptop, printer + baskets of Fr. Donald Pelous’ Holy Cards for Others!

·        Left to Right Circling My ‘Scriptorium!’ ~ Reference/Sources, Lives of the Saints, Sayings of the Desert Fathers, Liturgical Desk Calendar, Lectionary, Commentaries, Breviary, Current Holy Reading and:

A)    ABMP ‘RISE’:  Horarium & Current Journal Binder Vol. 1 & 2 of the current year.

Placed into the annual ‘Journal’ Binder/s at years end:   HRP’s Calendar, my Month & Week Calendars, Liturgical Desk Calendar, and Breviary Guide!

B)    ‘To Read’ Binder: Holy Reading:  Patristics, Desert Fathers/Mothers, Doctors of the RCChurch, Commentaries, Monastic Spirituality/Benedictine/Thomas Merton! The Saints (Sts. JHNewman and JMVianney), Catholic Christian Classics/Fathers, Commentaries & Reference Books

1)     AAP Main Binder Vol. 2:  Certificates/I.D.’s, TDL, Whom, C.V., Business:  A.P. Design, L.L.C., Residences, Insurance, Medical, Travel, Vehicle.

2)     JHensgens/AReiners Descendants EXCEL!

3)     DMonlezun/TPeterson Descendants’ EXCEL!

4)     Directory & Affiliations Main Binder:  LC Media, CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital, OLQH Parish:  Daily Reader, Sunday Reader, Family Choir, Neighbors, Events to Schedule, Diocese of LC

5)     Fiscal Responsibilities Binder Vol. 2-current

6)     Medical Resource Book Main Binder

7)     Electronics All!

8)     Greeting Cards/Invitations Binder

9)     Meal Planning

10)  ABMP RISE Main Binder! Daily Marching Orders! – Events/Preparation:  27 November 1991 to current year, month, date…

11)  ‘Silent RetreatCONNECT’ Main Binder

12)  ‘HeritageCONNECT’ Main Binder


Shelf #1:

13)  A.B.M. Main Binder Vol. 1:  1957/age ten, Letters, 1954, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 - age 29, retired from last post! - Executive Director, Convention and Tourist Commission Correspondence Binder

14)  St. Maria Goretti Catholic School/Vintage/All!:  Goretti Sisters, 1955, 1957, 1960, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1990, 1991, 2001, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010

15)  ‘St. Maria Goretti Special Collection’:  1988 Speech/Catholic School Week, To Do List, OSB/Goretti Sisters, MSU Facts, Collection Fact Sheet, Collection Donor Form, Collection Identify Object, Collection Press Release, Who Donates, Henri (Pelous), Whom, 30 Reunion/1995, 40th Reunion/2005, CMD 40th Reunion/2008, 45th Reunion/2010, 47th Reunion/2012

16)  First Dairy/Little Red Book! January-May 1961 Sophomore/High School age 14 and a few pages March 1963/age 16

17)  Yearly Calendars:   December 1965 only, 1966, 1967, 1968

18)  First Week at a Glance-1969, 1970. 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977 1978, 1979, 1980

19)  A.B.M. Correspondence Binder:  1976, 1977

20)  ABM to BMP from HRP-First Letters 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1981

21)  Executive Planner 1977

22)  Our Wedding 1978 Journal, Binder & Accordion Folder Of Central and South America Military Assignments 1978-1981

23)  Calendar 1978

24)  Binder: 1978 wedding tabs & first correspondence to Dad and Mom February 1978

25)  Correspondence Binder:  BMP and with HRP: 1978-1983

26)  Dad and Mom Correspondence to Pontons Binder Vol. 1~ 1978-1985/Daddy’s last card to HRP & AAP

27)  Dad and Mom Correspondence to Pontons Binder Vol. 2~ 1986-1998

28)  Appointment Books:  1980, 1981, 1982

29)  “Hector and Antoine, A Unique Christmas Gift 2006 from MAMA featuring a Love Binder of Letters Collected Over the Years! You might want to sit down with a full cup of coffee! Enjoy!” 1982 ages 45, 34 & birthed – 1987!!

30)  Monarch Planner 1983

31)  ‘Book’ of First Spiritual Journaling:  26 October 1983…”Our Home in Virginia-Antoine is asleep, Hectór is in New York and it is 8:45 a.m…”- 11 March 1985

32)  Monarch Planner 1984, 1985

33)  Booklet/Journal:  08 May 1985-16 September 1986/Letter to Daddy in Heaven

34)  Trinity College, Washington, D.C. Journal September 1986-9 November 1989

35)  Monarch Planner  1986, 1987, 1988, 1989

36)  Spiral Journal:  9 November 1989-12 September 1992

37)  Correspondence Binder:  1982-1990

38)  Correspondence  Binder:  1984-1989

39)  Mom’s Correspondence to Los Pontón 1986-1998



Shelf #2:

40)  Correspondence Binder:  1987 - 1988

41)  Correspondence Binder:  1988-1992

42)  Correspondence Binder:  1988

43)  Correspondence Binder:  1990

44)  Journal:  12 August 1991 – 20 January 1993

45)  Correspondence Binder:  1991-1992

46)  Monarch Planner 1991

47)  Monarch Planner:  1992

48)  Spiral Journal:  January – July 1993

49)  Spiral Journal:  August – December 1993

50)  Correspondence Binder:  1993-1997

51)  Journal:  1993-1998

52)  Correspondence Binder:  1993-1994

53)  Journal:  April 1994- December 1995

54)  Prayer Journal:  1994-2002

55)  Mi Vida – Milestones: 1965- December 1994 

56)  Correspondence Binder:  1995

57)  Journal:  January – December 1996

58)  Correspondence Binder:  1996. 1997

59)  Journal:  January – December 1997

60)  Correspondence Binder:  1998 (ages 61, 50, 15)

61)  Journal:  January – September 1998

62)  Journal:  September – December 1998

63)  Correspondence of  Siblings in Blue Folders - Over the Years

64)  M.I.P.-R.I.P.!

65)  Sacameh! Vol. 1:  1975 -2006

66)  Sacameh Vol. 2:  2008- 2013

67)  MInformation Sheet Initiated 1988; Initiated ‘Generational EXCEL’:   2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015…go to every other year post JHensgens Family Reunions, or not!


Shelf # 3

68)  General Correspondence Binder Closer to home!:  1999, 2000, 2110 Arthur Avenue, 2001 LJM, Jr. Talks!, 2002 Arthur Avenue, 2003, 2004/S. Marceaux

69)  Journal 1999 /Folder of correspondence

70)  Journal 2000/Folder of correspondence

71)  Journal 2001

72)  Lake Arthur Health Clinic, LLC:  Timeline 2001 < >01 August 2016, Healthcare Wiring Diagram/2002/Office of Emergency Preparedness, LAHC TDL, LAHC Gift Binder, LAHC Guest Lecture Series, Patient Health Information Form

73)  Journal 2002, Vol. 1

74)  Journal 2002, Vol. 2/Folder of correspondence

75)  Journal 2003 Vol. 1

76)  Journal 2003 Vol. 2/Folder of correspondence

77)  Journal 2004 Vol. 1

78)  Journal 2004 Vol. 2/Folder of correspondence

79)  Journal 2005 Vol. 1

80)  Journal 2006 Vol. 2/Folder of correspondence         

81)  Journal 2006 Vol. 1

82)  Journal 2006 Vol. 2

83)  Journal 2007 Vol. 1

84)  Journal 2007 Vol. 2

85)  Journal:  01 January ~ 10 June 2008 Vol. 1

86)  Journal:  20 June – December 2008 Vol. 2

87)  Journal:  01 January – August 2009 Vol. 1


Shelf # 4:

88)  Journal:  August – December 2009 Vol. 2

89)  Journal:  01 January – July  2010  Vol. 1

90)  Journal: August – December 2010 Vol. 2

91)  Journal: 01 January 2011 ~ June 2011 Vol. 1

92)  Journal : June 2011 ~ December 2011 Vol. 2

93)  Journal:  01 January 2012 ~ 12 June 2012 Vol. 1

94)  Journal:  13 June 2012 ~ December 2012 Vol. 2

95)  Journal:  01 January 2013 ~ 21 May 2013 Vol. 1

96)  Journal:  01 June 2013 ~ 31 December 2013 Vol. 2

97)  Journal:  01 January 2014 ~ 30 June 2014 Vol. 1

98)  Journal:  01 July 2014 ~ December 2014 Vol. 2

99)  Journal:  01 January 2015 ~ 30 June 2015 Vol. 1

100)                   Journal:  July ~ December 2015 Vol. 2

101)                   Journal:  01 January 2016 – 24 June 2016 Vol. 1

102)                   Journal:  24 June 2016 – Vol. 2

103)                   Journal:  01 January 2017 – 01 June 2017

104)                   Journal:  02 June 2017 – December 2017

105)                   Cookbooks Galore!  Vol. 1/Steno Pads/Index Cards of Who was entertained, When and What was served from Ft. Bragg, NC to Central America to South America to Colorado to Virginia to Washington, D.C. to Louisiana!


On Arthur Avenue: worked this wonderful organizing detail January 2000 to May 2014!!

106)                   Dad and Mom Documents Binder 1917 – 1989 (Arthur Avenue/Original Bedroom Closet)

107)                   Dad and Mom ‘Anniversary’ Binder Vol. 1:  1959-18th, 1961-20th, 1966-25th, 1971-30th, 1972-31st (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed!)

108)                   ‘Cards from ‘The Children’ Binder Vol. 2 (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

109)                   Dad and Mom Correspondence Binder Vol. 3 – No Date (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

110)                   Dad and Mom Correspondence Binder Vol. 4 – No Date (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

111)                   Dad and Mom Correspondence Binder Vol. 5 – 1936-1959  (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

112)                   Dad and Mom Correspondence Binder Vol. 6 – 1960-1969  (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

113)                   Dad and Mom Correspondence Binder Vol. 7 – 1970-1979  (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

114)                   Dad and Mom Correspondence Binder Vol. 8 – 1980-1989  (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

115)                   Dad and Mom Correspondence Binder Vol.9 – 1990-1995  (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

116)                   Dad and Mom Correspondence Binder Vol. 10 – 1996-2000 (Original Bedroom/Baby Bed)

117)                   Dad and Mom ‘Messiah Chorus’ Binder – 1946 – 2012 (Arthur Avenue/Front Room-Their first performance 1963!)

118)                   LJM Interests, Inc. Binder Vol. 1 (Arthur Avenue/Front Room):  no date tab, 1930, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 2000! 27 May 2014 finished this the last Binder for Arthur Avenue ‘paper!’ Twas an honor and privilege.

119)                   The ‘Lake Arthur Binder’ tabs:  1921, 1941, 1954,1965, 1967, 1976, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984-85, 1994, 1995, 1998-99, 2000-01, 2002-03-04, 2005, 2013

120)                   ‘Alvin Joseph Monlezun (1954-1965) Main Binder’:  His very broken glasses! Dr. Thomas H. Casanova, 704 N. Parkinson St., Crowley, LA/Optical Co. are first up in a Ziploc bag! (This precious boy was always breaking or bending his glasses and Daddy would attempt to bend them back hence they sat crooked on his face like his elder sister and her glasses who is this chronicler!), Jennings American Legion Hospital  8/7/54 (discharged 8/9/54) receipt for his birth $73.45 Rm. A4! (The Code Patient Ledger is priceless!) Photos, No Date tab, 1st grade 1960,  1961, 1962, 1963,1964, 1965


64 years of ‘paper’ (1936-2000) collected by Dad and Mom which I ordered into Binders 2 January 2001 to 28 October 2013 at which time my son (age 30) said that he has practically gone paperless!! That is why there is an ‘Archival and Special Collection’ at your local university library; God bless archivist and all people who love ‘ paper’ and know what to do with it all for the generations here and descendants on the way!! … on Arthur Avenue:

121)                   Letters to Parents/Siblings from: Immaculata Seminary, Harvard University, Notre Dame Major Seminary ~ St. Maria Goretti Catholic School Collection/Arthur Avenue/’Upstairs; White Porch Room”

Lee Joseph Monlezun, Jr. Robert Joseph Monlezun, & Charles Joseph Monlezun


122)                    Binder 1         06 September 1958—May 24 1959

         Lee J. (Age 15)                 54 Letters

123)                    Binder 2           03 September 1959---21 May 1960

            Lee J. (Age 16)             49 Letters

            Robert (Age 15)                        37 Letters

124)                    Binder 3           04 September 1960---25 May 1961       

            Lee J. (Age 17)            54 Letters

            Robert (Age 16)                        12 Letters -through 21 Oct 1960

            Charles (Age 14)                       54 Letters

125)                    Binder 4          06 September 1961---21 May 1962

            Charles (Age 15)                       66 Letters

25 June 1962---08 August 1962 

            Lee J. (Age 19)             16 Letters-Harvard University

126)                    Binder 5          06 September 1962---06 July 1963

            Charles (Age 16)                      37 Letters

127)                    Binder 6          09 September 1963-24 October 1964

            Charles (Age 17)                       66 Letters

1966 Notre Dame Seminary New Orleans, LA

            Charles (Age 20)                       1 Letter

1967 Notre Dame Seminary New Orleans, LA

            Charles (Age 21)                       1 Letter

These letters were gathered while ordering all ‘paper’ on Arthur Avenue. Cousin Renee organized, sleeved and bindered these treasures during an 18-hour round trip to Holy Angels Convent in Jonesboro, AR for an ‘Oblate Spiritual Weekend in 2011!’ In that she was in the passenger seat I thought she could work in that we brought office supplies…for the Sisters! She, of course, could look out of the window at the wonderful countryside and enjoy a drive-through or two complete with all the ice cream cones she wanted!! She worked non-stop and finished these Binders just a little north of Lake Charles on the return trip!  God bless her and all the good she does for others all the while having such fun! Notation:  She now wants to drive, and I had to gather more office supplies for the Sisters!!


Shelf #5:

128)                   Financial Responsibility Binder Vol. 1

129)                   Express Scripts Main Binder

130)                   ABMP Timeline:  Original Index Cards:  Church Ministries/D.C., First Home Files Categorized, 1992-1993 just before my first Macintosh-Spring St: Files Labeled, Reference Books  & Books To Read Listed (I had a Lending Library!!) moved ‘To Read ‘Binder, Timeline 1974  to present, ‘A Monastic Wife!’ 1993 < >Enrichments, Biographical Sketch/Articles, Trinity College, D.C. to present

131)                   Address Books:  1970 – 1992…see Address Books by year…

132)                   ‘Heritage Studies Series’ Main Binder:  TDList, Dr. PWilliams/Letter, Transcript, Trinity University, L.E.C.1965-, References/Totals/MSU-‘Heritage Studies Series-05 August 2015

133)                   Silent Retreat Motherlode Binder Vol. 1:  TDL, Whom, Fact Sheets All, Survey, Silent Retreat-Military

134)                   Silent Retreat/To Teach:  RDL, Whom, SRS Readings, Hand-outs, Organizing the Home, Time Management with a Christian Perspective TDL, TMan./Whom, TMan./Readings, 1-5 p.m. Day, Journeying, Wellspring, (OWM, W.Diag., Finding Your Place to Serve in the Vineyard!

135)                   Silent Retreat Hand-outs Binder/Guest Books (2)

136)                   Silent Retreat Thank you Correspondence

137)                   ‘Speak A Word’ Spiritual Talks 1990 (QH Parish Council) to present year…

138)                   ‘The Wheel’ (Organizational Wheel of Ministry) Main Binder:  1989 to present…

139)                   The First Wiring Diagrams:  E.P.S. 1986:  What, Whom, Where, How:  Diocese of LC 1988, I.A.D. 1987, People with Gifts 1989, First Silent Retreat Invitations 1990, Original C.N.R.L. 1991, SWCatholic Article/HRPonton Family 1993, Rome/EPS/Orsuto Letter 1996, UNDA 1996, Home Filing in Cabinets 2001 (08 July 2015 - 311Binders/Published on lkl.net!)

140)                    Wiring Diagram Vol, 2:  SLCHS 1997 (Recruitment & Training, Implementation, Information Management Ministry, Enrollment Committee) , Social Justice 1998, The Franco-Fete French Mass 1998,  CCVI Associates 1998, Radio Maria 2000, Catholic Charities 2014


141)                   lkl.net Website Main Binder Vol. 1: 2001-2009:  TDL 6 August 2001, lkl.net 2007, Whom, Happenings/Thoughts, Room by Room

142)                   My lkl.net Website Binder as printed with Links Galore!

143)                   Lkl.net Binder for Arthur Avenue with Links Galore!  August 2008

144)                   Website Binder/Gift from RAR:  lkl.net/All then…over a thousand pages to date! On AAvenue/Library

145)                   Website Updates 2013< >


146)                   The Business of Arthur Avenue/DJM 3 December 2000:  TDL, Whom, AAve/$, Sibling Meetings/23 April 2001 < > , Inventory the Home, Work Order, LABC LC Location Opening 2012, DJM/Clocks, DJM/General

147)                   Arthur Avenue Red Binder ~ Arthur Avenue-Kitchen Secretary

148)                   Arthur Avenue Main Binder Vol. 1: To Do List, 2001 through 2004, National Registry papers, O.Carm, ‘The Red Binder’, Arthur Avenue Events:  Sing Along!, L.A. Historians, Christmas Eve…Pics Galore/Arthur Avenue Library, Bridal Showers!


149)                   AAP & Parents Correspondence Binder Vol. 1:   1995-2008

Accordion Folder/Raleigh, NC (Magnolia Glen/2012!!)

150)                   AAP & Parents Correspondence Binder Vol. 2:  2009-2012

151)                   AAP & Parents Correspondence Binder Vol. 3:   2013-2015

152)                   AAP & Parents/IJE & Parents Correspondence Binder Vol. 4:  2016-

153)                   AAP Seeking & Employment Opportunities/His L.L.C./2016


Shelf #6:


154.‘Heritage Studies Series…In The Beginning” WHOM:  TDL, Whom/When, U.S. National Archive & Records Administration, National Genealogical Society, Society of American Archivists, Society of Southwest (USA) Archivists, LA Archives & Manuscripts Association, ULL Genealogical Research,  MSU Archives, SWLA Genealogical Society, Events, SWLA Genealogical & Historical Library (Carnegie): How to Preserve/Research, The Meaux Family Reunions, Articles, SWLA Genealogical Society, Inc., Beverly Delaney/Cameron Parish, Acadia Parish Genealogical & Historical Society Inc.: Membership February 2012, Reina/Meaux Family Reunions/Cameron Heritage Signage Thought 2013


155.Heritage and Archival Special Collection/Ancestral Research and Preservation Main Binder/HOW: Terms and References, Preservation:  Family Papers, Photographs, Paintings, Furniture, Books, Matting & Framing, Ancestor Charts, Tips to Tracing Your Family Tree, Downloads, Heritage Quest, Topical Research, Websites, Thomas Merton Collection, Articles

156.References/Texts/Accordion Folders…


157.Heritage and Archival Special Collections Beginning 2001 to ‘A Family Heritage Sequence’ Presentation Main Binder to Heritage Workshops to Heritage Stuey Series/WHERE:  Caretaker/Arthur Avenue January 2001 to present date, CSPH Heritage Center/Archival Room 2003, Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc Special Collection/MSU Archives and Special Collection 2004, First MFReunion 2005, Hurricane Rita 2005-2006, St. Maria Goretti Catholic School Special Collection/MSU 2006, Hensgens Highlighted Family Germanfest 2007, RAR Main Page & Heritage Room June 2007, Hensgens Highlighted Family Germanfest 2007, BMP Journals & Binders Link, ABMP Special Collection/MSU Archives 2007,  Heritage and Special Collection 2007, Fr. C.Z. Special H/R Papers 2008, Reiners Highlighted Family Germanfest 2008, Placed Based Heritage Education 2009-, Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour 2009-, Dronet/Broussard-L.A. Historians 2009, ‘A Family Heritage Sequence’ PPt. Presentation: TDL, Germanfest ‘A Family Heritage Sequence’ Folklore Tent PPT: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012  subsequently invited by:  Lafayette Genealogical Society 21 October 2010, SWLA Genealogical & Historical Library 4 January 2011, (Beginning Genealogy Workshops (3) 2010), Cameron Parish My Project 2011, Kiwanis 14 July 2011, SWLA Historical Society 17 September 2011, Genealogical Society of Acadia Parish 11 February 2012, Serra Club/LC 2 March 2012, St. Peter Catholic School Heritage Day 14 August 2012 total 13 to date/10 September 2012…commenced planning the first ‘Heritage Workshop’ Family of Pascal Monlezun September 2013, Heritage Workshop #2 Shirley Griffen & FriendsFebruary 2014, L.A. Women’s Library Club AAHT February 2015, Heritage Studies Series: Presentation 19 October 2015, Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour 15 April 2016, Presentation by Genealogy Associate 07 June 2016, Retired Jesuits, Grand Coteau, LA  10 November 2015, Lake Arthur Heritage Chronicles, 27 May 2016: Electronic Cemeteries:  Andrus Cove, Lakeview, St. Anthony, Shell Beach, The Black Cemetery/north of Lakeview and St. Anthony,  eManagement of Data/Topics/Resources, Historical Update of the 2004 Lake Arthur Centennial Document (CD), History of OLLake Catholic Church in Pamphlet Form, Live eChat with Elders/Others entitled “They Passed This Way!”, Mary Jo Olinger November 2016,‘Diocesan Special Collection’ Offer 09 May 2017, German Heritage Museum Heritage Presentation: Precious Paper and How To Do A Family Reunion PPt


158.‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour' Main Binder:  10 February2009 to present date…

159.‘Place Based Heritage Education’ Main Binder: 28 May 2009 to present date…


160.Roberts Cove (RC) History Main Binder: TDL, History of R.C., R.C. Centennial 1980

161.Accordion Folder/RC History Texts

162.Roberts Cove Physical Plant:  Pilgrimage Chapel, St. Leo IV Catholic Church Parish, St. Leo Choir, St. Leo Altar Society, St. Benedict Annex, St. Nick Songbook, Corpus Christi, St. Leo School, St. Joseph Church/School, Rayne, LA


163.German Heritage Museum Binder Vol. 1:  What, TDL:  2009, 2015, Whom, 2009, GHMuseum Board/TDL. 2001, 2008 (Photo Gallery) , Board-2017, RC Germanfest Association


164.Roberts Cove Germanfest Projects Main Binder:  1- TDL, WHOM, Germanfest Folk Singers 2005 to current year,  Hensgens/Reiners Table 2007, A Family Heritage Sequence PPt in the Folklore Tent 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 , Heritage Signage 2012/Pioneer Families/Map, Heritage Theater 2012, Heritage Walking Tour Germanfest 2014, St. Leo IV Church Tour 2014, 2016, 2017


165.Germanfest Folk Singers Main Binder Vol 1: 1996 pics, 1997/1998 pics, 2004 pic, TDL:  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

166. ‘Germanfest Folk Singers’ Main Binder Vol, 2:  2005 to present, TDL, Whom/EXCEL, Recruitment Fact Sheet, GFS History, Annual Rehearsal Schedules, Costume, Sell Songbook 2016, Germanfest Mass, Selection of Songs/Germanfest

167.Germanfest Folk Singers EXCEL/WHOM Folder:  2008, 2011, 2013, 2014

168.Germanfest Folk Singers Songs Folder:  Clara Habetz reciting songs German to English, GFSingers CD, First Song Sheets, ABMP Song Book  2005, GFSingers/Music for Accordion & Guitars, GFSingers Large Print 2016!     


169.Germanfest/Dispatcher Main Binder Vol. 1:  1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 (German Room/Arthur Avenue)

Mom’s Photo Album, Germanfest 1999 & 2000 performed with the Germanfest Singers from a wheelchair/her final.

170.Germanfest/Dispatcher Binder Vol. 2:  2016, 2017 (German Room/Arthur Avenue)


171.HHensgens Main Binder (1600): Maps of Germany, TDL, HHensgens Original Papers/C.Z., Karl Hensgens/Germany, Dirk Vollmer/Germany, Christian Joseph Hensgens (1839), Grand Hensgens Reunions:  1967, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1978, 1982, 1985, 1991


172.HHensgens Family Chronicle/Reunions Main Binder:  HHFamily Main Page, JHFReunion/How, TDL, Whom, Ray Olinger/Church Hall Rental, Current Year  Reunion/TDL, Spread Da Word List!


173.Joseph Hensgens: Wedding Pic, Family Pic, Homes:  White Oaks Woods, Morgan Shores, Thornwell, Gravestones, Family Tree


174.Children of Christian Joseph Hensgens:  KatharinaHDischler, GertrudeHZaunnbrecher, BarbaraHHeinen, ReginaHBollich, Conrad/Schatzle, JohannyHKlauser, (Joseph/Reiners), William Nicholas/Leonards…‘Highlighted Hensgens Family’, Germanfest 2007 (German Room/Arthur Avenue)


175.Joseph Hensgens Family EXCELS Main Binder:  2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011…to present date (German Room/Arthur Avenue)


176.Greater JHensgens Family Reunions Vol. 1:  1984, 1985, 1987, 1989. 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005 (German Room/Arthur Avenue)

177.Greater JHensgens Family Reunions Vol. 2:  2007 on Arthur Avenue! 2009-Habetz-First ‘Data’ Table! (German Room/Arthur Avenue)

178. Greater JHensgens Family Reunions Vol. 3:  2011-CJHensgens Family (Arthur Avenue/German Room), 2013-CJH-G Family (Arthur Avenue/German Room), 2015-Berken, 2017- Anton Hensgens,  2019-Arthur Avenue, 2021, 2023, 2025, 2027, 2029, 2032! (German Room/Arthur Avenue!

179. RAR’s Binder for the Greater JHReunion 2011

180. Greater JHFReunion:  2013/Gwendolyn Claire Gauthreaux-Sherburne’s Notes


181. Mom’s Sibling//Family of Christian Joseph Hensgens Binder (A.Avenue/German Room)

182. Mom’s Sibling/Family of Catherine Frances Hensgens-Habetz (A.Avenue/German Room)

183. Mom’s Sibling/Family of Conrad Leo Hensgens (Arthur Avenue/German Room)

184. Mom’s Sibling/Barbara ‘Leona’ Hensgens-Berken (Arthur Avenue/German Room)

185. Mom’s Sibling/Family of Nicholas Anthony Hensgens (Arthur Avenue/German Room)

186. Mom’s Sibling/Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux (Arthur Avenue/German Room)


187. My Parents Trip to Germany Vol. 1, 1981 (Arthur Avenue/German Room)

188. Moms Trip to Germany Vol. 2, 1990 (ordered July 2007 (Arthur Avenue/German Room)


189.Tellers Family Main Binder: TDList, Tellers Family Tree Maker, Tellers Papers/Fr. CZaunbrecher, Whom, Necrology, Correspondence:  ‘Maggie’/Erie, PA, Aaron 2012


190.Reiners, (Theodore 1722-1778- 5th Great-grandparent) Franz Anton (1846-1907-

191.Maria Veronika Knoben (1847-1929) Family Chronicle Main Binder:    

Pic, lkl.net Reiners/Knoben Main Page/2008, Germany Papers/Fr. Charles Zaunbrecher., Genealogy, Theodor Reiners/Generation 1, Franz Anton Reiners Children:  Peter Joseph/Berken, William Joseph/Scheufens, Catherine Josepha/Ohlenforst, Anna Gertrude/Hensgens, Maria Catherina/Scheufens

Oidtmann,  Ignatius (1694-5th Great-grandparent) Heinrich 1, M.D. (1838-1890):  Oidtmann Workshop (Stained Glass) 1857 Family Chronicle, Business Areas, Views of Workshop, Projects, Publications, Map, New/Anniversary

Knoben, (Johann 1716-1776=5th Great-great grandparent ) Lambert Arnold (1811-1904-Great-grandparent) m. Anna Maria Mechtilde-Oidtmann (1812-1901)

192.Reiners Family Reunions:  1985, 1991, 2008 (Germanfest Highlighted Family!) Reiners, Schaffhausen./Scheufens

193.Accordion Folder 2008 Grand Reunion


194.Necrology Cemetery Listing Main Binder: Acadia Parish Cemetery Association Booklet of Roberts Cove Cemetery issued 2010,  Death Cards in German/Notices, VFW of Roberts Cove Cemetery

195.  Necrology Binder Vol. 1:  A-K (Arthur Avenue/German Room)

196. Necrology Binder Vol. 2:  L-Z (Arthur Avenue/German Room)

      (Finished ordering 29 ‘Hensgens/Reiners Binders’ 3 January 2001 through 1April 2013!)


Shelf #7:

197. Pierre Monlezun/Jeanne Abadie (Generation One) Family Chronicle Main Binder:

Daddy’s Letter, age 23, Re:  Tracing our family tree!”, TDL, Ctr. for Basque Studies 2 September 2010, TDL/Reno/Ponton/Monlezun/Interview Q./The Center Facts/Basque History, LA Basque Society, N.O., Michel-Antoine G. Nicholas, Maps,/Homeland, CVMD “And So We Will Gather”, GERS Letter/Mayor of Monlezun, Lalanne, Trie Sur Baise, Forest of Monlezun, Monlezuns in France 1879-2004, C/V pics, Pierre Monlezun FTM, Great-niece of Antoine Monlezun/b. 1839, Gen 4, Acadian, Ancestors of Generation One:  Pierre Monlezun/ and Jeanne Abadie; Charles Auguste Peterson and Bonisa Riphala Buchanan, Ancestors of Dominique Monlezun, Gen. 4/ pics, Birth Certificate, Passport, Dominique and Louisa Thomasine Peterson-Monlezun:  pics, History, Newspaper article:  Generations of Monlezuns have made their mark!

198.Accordion Folder:  Family Tree Maker print out for M/Peterson Family Reunion 23 April 2005

199.Accordion Folder/Data, Textbooks/Basque Center, UReno, NV, Travel Book of Spain


200. Pascal Monlezun Family Chronicle: #1-Bernadine Abadie, #2-Lovinia ‘Levie’ Plattsmire, Siblings, Lake Arthur Monlezuns, Monlezun-Abadie, Four Daughters, Extras!


201.Louisa Thomasine Peterson-Monlezun (Generation Two, A Twin!) Family Chronicle Main Binder: TDL, Charles Auguste Peterson and Bonisa Riphala Buchanan Gen 1; Birth Records:  Louisa Thomasine, Selinda Josephine, John Auguste, Jochina Theresa; Letters:  1874, 1876, 1881 (2), 1882, 1883, 1925 (3), 1926, 1929, 2005,  No Date

202. Children of Dominique and Louisa Thomasine Peterson-Monlezun Family Chronicle Main Binder: Anna Josephine, Joachim Ezador, Paul Emile, Theodor Joseph, (Antoine), Baby Monlezun


203.Antoine Monlezun and Victoria Broussard Main Binder:  Paper and Pics: 1903, 1908, 1920; 1936, 1937, 1938; 1941, 1946, 1952, 1953; 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1974 (age 90!). 1976, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986 (age 102!), 1987, 1988, 1989 (age 105/d. 12 June 1989)

204.Children of Antoine and Victoria Broussard-Monlezun Main Binders: 

205. Mary ‘Beulah’ Monlezun-Pitts (first of four children, only daughter):  Pics/Letters: No Date, Cards/No Date; Allen Joseph; David Alvin (The Living Room/Arthur Avenue 2015)

206. Clyde Joseph Monlezun (second child, first of three sons):  Pics/Letters:  1943, 1945, 1948, 1950, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1969,  1975, 1997, 1984, Clyde Joseph Jr. and Karen Nadine  (The Living Room/Arthur Avenue 2015)

(Lee Joseph Monlezun, third child, second of three sons)

207. Alvin Joseph Monlezun (fourth of four children, third of three sons):  Pics/Letters:  1936, 1943, 1944, letters returned to Mom and Dad ‘Friday Morning September 15, 1944 and October 7, 1944 with deceased stamped on the envelope/Uncle Alvin died in the Battle of the Bulge or ‘Belgian Bulge’ 10 October 1944 age 24. Christmas Letters from friends (2) to Uncle Alvin 1945 simply addressed Mr. Alvin Monlezun, Lake Arthur, LA, pics of Mom and Dad’s visit to Henri Chapelle Cemetery in Fleron, Belgium, 1995, No Date, 2007, 2009 (The Living Room/Arthur Avenue 2015)


208.Monlezun/Peterson Family Reunion 23 April 2005:  TDL, Invitation, Family Tree Maker on easels, Scavenger Heritage Hunt, Guest Books, Video Questions, two day TDLists!, Welcome and Blessing, Suggestion Box, ‘Thank you’ letter to all in attendance.

209.Accordion folder of Reunion CD’s:  map of S/W France/Lindy,Yvette, Jean May 2004, CDM photos; M/Peterson Siblings; Pics; St. Anthony Cemetery Banners at Gravesites of Ancestors & Pic. Of Antoine Monlezun on Wall at Nott’s Corner (2)

210.Accordion folder of Blue Reunion Booklets, 2 CD’s of Booklet


211. Jean Baptiste Broussard/ and Catherine Richard (Generation One) Family Chronicle Main Binder:

TDList, Nickolas Broussard/ (Generation Two) pic, Antoine Broussard (Generation Three) Aspasie Miller Family Pics,  Homer Broussard (First child of six children, first of three sons), Victoria Broussard (second of six children, first of three daughters), Philo (third of six children, second of three sons), Telesia Broussard (fourth of six children, second of three daughters), Theogene Broussard (fifth of six children, third of three sons), Lucille Broussard (sixth of six children, third of three daughters).s


212..Jean Baptiste Broussard/Richard Genealogy Main Binder


213.Jacob (Jacque/John)Miller  and Anna Marie Theigen (Mueller) Family Chronicle Main Binder:

TDList, Jacob Miller (Generation One) Genealogy, Jean Baptiste Miller/Boutin (Generation Two), Pierre Valcour Miller/Emelia Broussard (Generation Three), Aspasie Miller/Antoine Broussard (Generation Four), (Victoria Broussard/Antoine Monlezun , Generation Five, Lee Joseph Monlezun/Anna Gertrude Hensgens, Generation Six), Pics, Eugene Miller (third child of  fourteen children, second of seven sons)/Angeline Sturlese, Aspasie (fifth child of fourteen children, fifth of seven daughters), Pierre Valcour, Jr. (seventh child of fourteen children, fourth of seven sons)/Beatrice Sturlese, Valerin A. Miller (Thirteenth of fourteen children, seven of seven sons)/Ella Blocker, Louise Miller (fourteenth of fourteen children, seventh of seven daughters)/Louis Kallorahs,  No Date Tab, Miller Data Stack from Keith James Broussard  (son of Adam Broussard, ninth generation of Millers) 6 January 2012 


214.Monlezun-Peterson/Broussard-Miller Family Necrology Main Binder

(French Basque, Sweden, Acadians of Port Royal, Canada & German Lineage!)


215.Ramon Manual Pontón y Rivera/Carmen Nieves Negron Family Chronicle Main Binder:  TDList, Basque Ctr./Reno, Genealogical documents, Jose Ponton y Figaredo/Pics, Ponton/Nieves Family,  Yasmin’s Vitae 2015, “Antonio’s Will”, Correspondence/Yasmin/ 2015:  March, May, June, September, October, November, December 2015, “How the Colonel Got His Nickname”, Nieves/Negron Family Tree/Pics, Necrology, Pics

National Geographic Magazine, December 1939 – Articles:  Puerto Rico:  Watchdog of the Caribbean & Polychromes (25 Natural Color Photographs)


216. HÉCTOR RAFAEL PONTÓN Main Binder:  (CD interview with KPLC 2012), ID cards! Military Assignments, Vitae, 1958, 1961, 1970, FT. Polk, Army War College, Bogota, Central America, 1988 Retirement, 1991 LA State Department of Education Teaching Certification, Sailing… Yasmin Tirado-Chiodini Correspondence 2015, 2016!


Generation One:       Manuel Ponton y Figaredo (1830 – 1895)

Generation Two:       Manuel Ponton y Fernandez (1851 – 1919) Immigrant, Asturias, Spain

Generation Three:     Manuel Ponton Santiago (1880 – 1947)

Generation Four:                   Manuel (Manolin) Ponton Rivera (1906 – 1992) y Carmen Nieves y Negron

Generation Five:         Hector Rafael Ponton 1936-

Generation Six:                     Antoine Adolfo Ponton 1982-


217.Pontón/Nieves Family Correspondence Binder to HRP/ABMP/AAP - 1977 to 2005

218.Pontón/Monlezun Family Photos sent to Ponton/Nieves Family in P.R. over the years!

219.HRP Pontón Correspondence Binder Vol. 2:  2004- 2014, FT. Benning, GA trip 2013/2014,  No Date, Sailing

220.HRP Correspondence Binder Vol. 2:  25 June 2016 -

221.Sympathy Cards Abuela Carmen Ponton y Nieves sent to HRP 21 May 2012

222.Accordion Folder of pics from Puerto Rico

223.HRPonton-Sailing pics/Sold ‘Valero’ sailboat 26 March 2016 at seventy-nine years of age!


Col. (Ret.) Héctor Rafael Pontón ~ Military Assignments woven through with Vehicles! 1958-2015

Hectór- (HRP), Wife-Bernadette (ABMP), Son-Antoine (AAP)

1958-59 – Ft. Benning, GA, Basic Course-Airborne and Ranger School. Had a 1954 2-door used Chevy, left it at Ft. Benning with a fellow Puerto Rican to sell and he sent the money to me in Germany!

Germany – 1959 Bought a new Blue Volkswagon, brought it to the states, drove from N.J. to Washington State to Ft. Bragg, NC to CA! Sold it in CA and left for Vietnam 1st tour.

Ordered Chevelle Malibu Supersport 2-door from Vietnam delivered to N.J. drove to Ft. Benning, GA for the Career Course and on to Ft. Ord, CA. Chevelle put in storage.

1964 - To Korea then to Germany – sold the Chevelle and bought a 1964 Austin Healy in CA delivered from England to Germany. It was the last year made, kept in Germany 1967-68 and brought back to Norfolk, VA – Armed Forces Staff College 1968-69. Graduated and to Vietnam for 2nd tour …  sold the Austin Healey in N.C. in 1969.

From Vietnam ordered a Pinto and to D.C. to pick it up. At the Pentagon 1970 and then on to Ft. Polk 1974!

1975 - Sold the Pinto at Ft. Polk, LA and acquired a Datsun 280Z driving it out of the showroom with BMP!

1976 – Army War College, Carlisle, PA

1977 - Washington, D.C. for Internship with Office of Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico. Drove the 280Z from Carlisle, PA to Panama, Central America (7,500 miles) for assignments in,


1978 – Costa Rica, Central America


1980 – Colombia, South America where I sold the Datsun 280Z.

1981 – Denver, CO, Datsun 200SX for wife and Chevy Monza 2-door for me.

1983 – Washington, D.C. Faculty, Inter-American Defense College, Ft. McNair

1988 – Retirement, Ft. Myer, MD

1990 gave the Datsun 200SX to a nephew and bought a Blue Dodge Caravan for BMP, kept Monza. Later another White Dodge Caravan for BMP and I got the old one! Then a Nissan Stanza for AAP which I inherited after he got his first Ford Explorer. Next, an Eddie Bauer for AAP, Saturn Station Wagon for ABMP and I inherited first the Dodge Caravan and then the first Explorer. AAP now has a Land Rover

2013 we commenced leasing two vehicles every three years; first year lease: Chevy Malibu for ABMP and Chevy Equinox for HRP. 

2016 -


WHEN/WHOM Family Data from Website & ‘Family Tree Maker Framed or Scroll:

1)     2005 August 5             Entire Website printed/Binder for JWD 21st Birthday!

2)     2005 December 25        RJM/”Sayings of Mom and Dad”/Remembrances/

HRP/DJM/RAR The Entire Website in a Binder

Rev. Donald Pelous & Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc “Sayings”

3)     2006 January 20                         LJM Website-187 pages/BMP

4)     2006 Christmas:                        RJM, Jr. /Reiners FTM Framed/HRP     

 LJM, lll/Sayings

HRP & AAP/A ‘Love Binder’ of Letters/Collected Over the Years!

5)     2007 April                    HFReunion 2009 Binder to Sr. Lawrence!

6)     2007 May                     JWD, College Graduation/HFTMaker

7)     2007 September                        Wedding/KADDawson HFTM

8)     2007 Christmas:                        HRP/Ponton FTM



9)     2008 March 29              Patrick Leo and Margie Habetz Sayings/Excerpts

Remembrances/I’ve Been Thinking/Room by Room

10)  2008 May 27                RJM, 64th Birthday/Framed H/RFTM

11)  2008 Christmas             SLM/HFTM


12)  2009 July 21                 KJM, 40th Birthday/ HFTM

13)  2009 August                 JWD/Sayings//25th Birthday!

14)  2009 September 23        LJM, lll & Lawrence Joseph 40th Birthday! Paternal Lineage of

Hensgens/Reiners FTM Scrolls

15)  2009 Christmas             Clarice ~ RFTM

16)  2010 May 25                  SLM, Eighth Grade Graduation, MFTM/framed

17)  2010 May 26                 Clarice Dischler-Stewart  HFTM/scroll/Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour!!

18)  2010 August 22                         Alberta Lyons – Hensgens Family Reunion Binder to include HF

EXCEL 2011, 17 April 20; Hensgens & Reiners Family Tree Maker

19)  2010 September  20       DJMs 50th Birthday Binder with Cover Sheet:

CD two-part –series airing on Diocesan Catholic Television: 1) “Family History from The German Room” Aired 11 July 2010 and  2) “Family History The Lake Arthur Home” Aired 12 September 2011!

 “Arthur Avenue Website Main Page!”

“Events on Arthur Avenue!”

“Arthur Avenue Heritage Tours” List!

“The Outdoors” on Arthur Avenue!

“Work Order Project Template/Listings!”....just love this way of gifting!

20)  2010 October 2/3                      Germanfest at the H/Reiners Table ~ ‘Hensgens Family Tree

Maker’ print outs/scrolled/ribbon:  Olivia Marianne Harding, 2. Hailey Claire Hensgens, 3. Joseph Alvin 'Joe'  Hensgens, 4. John Christian Lyons, 5. Olivia Kate Lyons, 6. Annie Elizabeth Sarver, 7. Sarah Michelle Sarver

21)  2011                             Joseph Hensgens Greater Family Reunion/Cousins Galore!

22)  2011 May                     NJM’s Tulane University graduation/MFTMaker & DJM’s little

hand traced & Fr. Donald Pelous’ “D” cufflinks!

23)  2011 December                         Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society, Inc. “Kinfolks”

Publication/September 2011 Program “A Family Heritage Sequence” (PowerPoint Presentation by ABMPontón) sent by post to Lee Joseph Jr., Dominique Joseph, Constance Victoria Monlezun Darbonne and a copy on Arthur Avenue!

24)  18 June 2012                 BHB 32nd Birthday and First Father’s Day, MFTMaker

25)  30 August 2012             C/Vic’s 39th Wedding Anniversary, Darbonne/MonlezunFTMaker

26)  05 August 2012             JWD 28th Birthday, MFTMaker

27)  29 October 2012            Susan Leonards-Albritton HFTMaker/All Soul’s Mass Family

Reception and Marcy Lyons, Jr.  H/RFTMaker & H/RFamily

Chronicle Main Page!

28)  15 March 2013              LJM’s 70 Bday20 January 2013 M/HFTMaker

29)  21 April 2013                The four Gauthreaux ‘children’ HFTMaker scroll ‘Joseph/Reiners Family Tree’ a Reunion Day as gift!

30)  03 August 2013             ChristianJM/’Monlezun Family Tree’ scroll for UNO Graduation!

31)  04 January 2014                        Nickolas Scott Conner and Carrie Elizabeth Greene/Wedding, ’Hensgens Family Tree’

32)  10 May 2014                 Aunt Leona 90th Birthday-printed as gift – ‘Hensgens Family

Chronicle Main Page’ and ‘Joseph Hensgens/Reiners Reunion’ Binder- all pages!

33)  14 June 2014                 First Baby (Shower)/’Monlezun Family Tree’-the WPB, lll family

34)  14 June 2014                 First Baby (Shower)/’Monlezun Family Tree’-the SJB family

35)  31 August 2014             Joseph Wayne Darbonne ‘Monlezun Family Tree’ - Wedding Gift!

36)  07 September 2014        A Hensgens/Reiners Binder Gift to Lady and Chronicler Mary Jo Olinger in gratitude and esteem: ‘Heinrich Hensgens’ Main Page, ‘So! You Want To Do A Reunion’ Main Page, Joseph Hensgens Family Reunion 2011 packet, ‘Spread da Word’, an EXCEL page as example, my Reiners Family Tree print-out as example, ‘Theodor Reiners/Boverat Family’ Main Page, St. Leo IV ‘Heritage Walking Tour’ Germanfest 2014 (first was 2013)!

37)  21 February 2015                      Dominique Joseph Monlezun, Jr. ‘Monlezun Family’ – Wedding Gift!

38)  02 May 2015                 BreAnna Gayle Moses Wedding Gift! (Hensgens Family Tree)

39)  11 June 2015                 To the ‘HBerken Children’ in gratitude for hosting the JHensgens Family Reunion 2015:  Charlotte, Stephen, Martha, Clarence, Rachel, Kevin and Mary Gayle!


Shelf #8:

224.CHRISTUS St Patrick Hospital (CSPH) Main Binder Vol. 1:

Wiring Diagram, Whom, Facts/Ideas/Verbiage, Physical Plant, Auxilian: Information Desk, Department of Marketing, Department of Pastoral Care/EM, Health Fairs, Archival Room/Heritage Center (Binder), Ideas: Crisis Task Ministry, The Business of  the Spirituality of Wellness Center, e-archives, Medical Resource Book, Coordinated Care post-Hurricanes Binder 2005-2006/Creative Network Resource List, Dr. MEDebakey Research 2015

225.Pastoral Care Training                                                                         

226.Hospice Training

227.CSPH Archival Storage Room/Heritage Center Main Binder 2003-2010:

 To Do List,, WHOM, Archival Room, Calendar of Events, Heritage Corner, $, Donation Loan Agreement, The Wall, The Tracks, Display Cases/Tent Cards, Millennium Christ, Verbiage, Publicity, Visitors List, Pics, CSPH e-archives, Phase 3: Memory in Glass Walk, Phase 4: LKL CSPH Interviews in the Heritage Center, 2008 100 years, Heritage Center Re-dedication March 2009. Ordered Archival Room with labels after 2011 move!

228.Hurricane/Influenza  Main Binder        

229.Hurricane Katrina/CSPH/August 2005                                                 

230.Hurricane Rita/September 2005/CSPH Department of Coordinated Care

231.Hurricane Rita Long-Term Recovery Main Binder                                            

232.Post-Rita Reference and Resource Guide                                                          

233.Hurricanes Gustave/Ike, Desk/CSPH/September 2008               

234.Calcasieu Parish Crisis Management Response Team    


Shelf #9:  Bags/container selection/grab and go!


Shelf #10:                                                        

235.The Home Vol. 1/Accordion Folder


236. Lead, Kindly Light Diocesan Television Segment Main Binder: TDL, Whom

237.National Association of Catholic Communicators and Broadcasters (USA), October 1995-October 1999 Radio Maria   March 2000 –September 2000/Mom is diagnosed/Leave of Absence returning November 2001

238.Lead, Kindly Light Diocesan Communications Advisory Board, second time>5 October 2007 – 14 June 2010!


239.Points of Interest” Vol 1/ May 1990-19 December 1993/3 years              

240.Points of Interest” Vol. 2/ 29 November 1992-5 December 1993 (3 years) #172            

241.“In His Image”/30 May 1993-28 Janu ary 2001 (8 years) #79                            

242.From the Pew”/6 February 1994-4 February 2001 (7 years) #79                       

243.Building Bridges”/24 February 1996-5 January 1997 (11 mos.) #7

244.Lead, Kindly Light!” Vol 1:  25 November 2001-January 2009

245.“Lead, Kindly Light!” Vol. 2:  8 February 2009- 11 June 2017 Final Interview.                            


Medical Resource Books:   

246.HRP Military Records

247.HRP Medical Resource Book Motherlode Vol. 1

248.HRP Medical Resource Book Main Binder Vol. 2                                                                    

249.ABMP Medical Resource Book Motherlode Vol. 1

250.ABMP Medical Resource Book (Console) Vol. 1

251.Medical Resource Book Main Binder Vol. 2 - TDL/To Order/Whom One by One!

252.AAP Military Records

253.AAP Medical Resource Book Vol. 1

254.Accordion Folder

255.AAP Medical Resource Book Vol. 2                                        

256.Medical Resource Book :  To Teach/Whom/ Groups Binder 2001 to present date.           

257.Medical Resource Book To Teach As A Document’ Binder!

258.Medical Resource Book To Teach Binder: TDL, To Order, To Teach/Whom/Form


259.Prayer Binder with References/Accordion Folder


260. Travel Binder/Accordion File/’Travel’ Box/Garage


Shelf # 11

261.Vatican/Roman Catholic Church (RCC):  va.va, RCC Facts, Diocese of Lake Charles, LA, Bp. Glenn John Provost/2007>, Vocations, Calcasieu Center for Catholic Studies, St. Charles Retreat Center, IAD Award, Know Your Poor/2006-‘07

262.Sacameh Vol. 1 & 2!


263.The Information Industry/‘Being Electronically Faithful’ Binder Vol. 1: 

Information Industry 1990, Creative Network Resource List 1992, Diocese of Lake Charles 1992, Catholics and Computers 1993, Information Management Ministry of Communication 1994, E.P.S. Directory D.C. 1997, Articles 1991 forward, Publication/Catholic Literature and Periodical Index 1995, Christ in the Desert Monastery 1996, Learning Online/2001, Resources/Networking 1998, Catholic Internet 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013


264.Creative Network Resource Book (CNRL) Main Binder

265.CNRL Binder Vol.1 A-L

266.CNRL Binder Vol. 2 M-Z

267.CNRL Binder:  CVMD

268.Accordion Folder


269.Convents/Monasteries/Pilgrimage/Religious Orders/Retreat Centers Main Binder Vol 1: TDL, Alliance for International Monasticism, North American Association of Benedictine Oblate Directors:  EDL, Schedule, Whom, Pilgrimage, St. John Henry Newman, Alabama:  Birmingham-OLAngels, Arkansas:  Subiaco, Franciscans/Eureka Springs, Hesychia House of Prayer/New Blaine, Indinana:  Srs. of St. Benedict/Ferdinand, St. Meinrad Archabbey, Massachusetts:  OSB/Petersham, U.S.A:  O.Cist/Kentucky, Virginia:  Dominican Retreat House/McLean


270.Contiue…Louisiana Vol 2:  Seelos Center/N.O., The Cenacle, O.Carm/Lacombe, Grand Coteau:  OLOaks Retreat House, Jesuit Spirituality Center, St. Charles Ctr/Moss Bluff,

Accordian Folder:  Monastic Articles/USA, Egypt, France, Italy,  “A Guide to Monastic Guest Houses” Second and Fourth Editions, “A Place Apart” Houses of Prayer and Retreat Centers in North America


271.Congregation of Divine Providence Main Binder/Our Lady of the Lake University/San Antonio Main Binder (3 May 2009!)/Accordion Folder


272.Olivetan Benedictines, Holy Angels Convent, Jonesboro, AR Main Binder Vol. 1:  TDL, Whom, Diocesan Requirement, Oblate Link, Muenster Oblate Link, Heritage Alcoves/HAC 2014


273.Vol, 2:  Same tabs as above… 

274.Olivetan Benedictines, Holy Angels Convent, Jonesboro, AR Binder Vol.3:  HAC 1st Visit 1962, OSB Facts, Goretti Sisters 1956-1981, Letters/Sr. Yvonne Lerner 1963-2000, Pics/2nd Visit 1999 with Mom (last time with Mom, Sr. Yvonne and myself…), First Oblate Letter from Sr MJSeyler/August 2000, Newsletters:  2001, 2005, 3rd Visit/August 2006 (Post-IAD-RIP…), Enrollment/Oblate Registration Form September 2006, 4th Visit/Enrollment Ceremony 21 October 2006, OSB Oblate Year of Study 2006, Newsletters:  2007, 5th Visit/Oblation Ceremony 17 November 2007.

275.Accordion Folder/Active

276.OSB Binder Vol. 4:  Newsletters:  2008, 6th Visit/October 2008, 2009, 7th Visit/October 2009, 2010, 8th Visit/March 2010-Series 1Spiritual Day Speaker/RB, 9th Visit/July 2010-Series 2-Same Topic Expanded, 2011, 10th Visit/October 2011, 2012

277.OSB Binder Vol. 5:  Newsletters:  2013, 11th Visit July 2013-Series 3 Speaker/AFHSequence

278.OSB Oblate Main Binder:  TDL, Whom, Diocese of Little Rock, AR, Oblate Directors, HAC Oblate Link-Main Page, Our Oblate Program, Oblates in Ministry, Ongoing Formation, Calling All Good Oblates, Acknowledgement; Muenster Oblates/1 October 2013/TDL, Whom

279.(Sr. Mary John Seyler, OSB Oblate EXCEL Binder:  July 2013, Feb. 2014, June 2014)

280.(Sr. Mary John Seyler, OSB, Oblate Link Main Binder:  1974, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014)


281.SNDdN/Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Trinity College, Washington, D.C./Associate Vol. 1: Facts, 1986-2009

282.SNDdN Vol. 2:  2010-Present/Accordion Folder


283.CCVI/Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word Main Binder:  CSPH/LC/Accordion Folder


Shelf #12:

284.Education for Parish Service (E.P.S.) 1978 -2008 - 2011 Main Binder Vol. 1:

Education for Parish Service, Trinity College/D.C.: Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Charities/D.C., Social Justice, Legislative Network, Evangelization/Outreach/Lake Charles, LA, Crisis Task Ministry, Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, Serra Club, Projects: School Board/Colombians

285.Education for Parish Service Vol. 2:

286.E.P.S. Content Courses/Lectures Attended 1985- 1987: 

ü  “Church History and Some Historical Bases of American Catholic Life”, Sr. Joan Bland, SNDdN

ü  “Introduction to Early Christian Tradition and Thought”, Sr. Joan Gormley, SSMW 

ü  “Systematic Theology”, Rev. Michael Scanlon

ü  “Synoptic Gospels”, Rev. David Reid, SS.CC.

ü  “The Church and Documents of Vatican ll”, Sr. Mary Madden, CSJ,

ü  “Introduction to the Old Testament”, Rev. Joseph A. Mindling, OFM Cap.

ü  “Catechetical Lectures/Principles and Process of Religious Education”, Rev. Richard Burton and Sandy Campbell, Catechist

ü  “Sacramental Theology”, Sr. Rosemary Mangan, SNDdN

ü  “Catholic Moral Theology”, Rev. John Crossin, O.S.F.S. and Sr. M.E. Jegen, SSND

ü  “Liturgy Workshop l, ll & lll Sr. Mary Ann Cook, SNDdN

ü  “Ecumenism” Rev. Michael Gallagher

ü  “The Writings of Sts .Peter and Paul” Sr. Joan Gormley, SSMW

ü  “Catechist Formation Program”: Revelation and Catechesis, Jesus, Old Testament, New Testament and Catechumenate and Theological Reflection, Office for Religious Education, Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., Sr. Marie McMann, ORE                        

287.EPS Newsletters/Accordion File/1978-2011

288.Chaplaincy Track Binder/E.P.S./Washington, D.C.


289.IAD Transitioning Binder and Accordion File (Arthur Avenue/Library)


290.Our Lady Queen of Heaven Parish Vol. 1:  QH Facts 1983 >, Post-IAD, Pastors:  HG 1992-1995, PM 1995-1997, AG 1997-1998, RG 1998-, JG 2005>, JH

291.OLQH Parish Main Binder Vol. 2: To Do List, Whom, “The Wheel” 1987 …see Wiring Diagram/OWM Binder, OLQH Library Resource Ministry 1989, Rectory Support Team,/1990,Technical Support Team/1990, Information Center for Ministry (I.C.M.)/1990, “Chapters”/1990, “Young Astronauts Program” 1990-1991, Villa Maria/1989-1995/Plague Signage/2011, Sunday Morning Scripture Study & Memorial Lecture Series/1990, OLQH Desert Storm /1990, OLQH Perpetual Adoration Gethsemani Chapel/1991, …See Creative Network Resource List  & Wiring Diagram/1992, OLQH Open House/1992, Boggs Social Justice/1998, French Mass/W. Diagram/1998, R.C.I.A. 1992 & 2003/2004/2005, National Migration Week/Multi-Cultural Liturgy 2007 & 2009 forward…


292.Education Ministry Main Binder

293.Accordion File: Series/Study/Workshops/Retreats 1986 –


294.Evangelization/Outreach Ministry Main Binder 1987 to present date:  Education for Parish Service, Trinity College/D.C., Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Charities USA/D.C. & SWLA Working Binder for Director/2014., Social Justice, Legislative Network, E/Outreach/Lake Charles, LA, Crisis Task Ministry, Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, Serra Club, Projects: School Board/Colombians


295. Family Life Ministry Main Binder                                                                              

296. ‘Children Who Grieve’ Binder


297. Global Scope Ministry Main Binder Vol. 1: 1985 to 1999:                                

Volunteer Ministry, American Red Cross/Virginia, U.S. Presidential Summit, (See St. Louis Catholic HS  Parents As Volunteers), Center for Creative Retirement, OLQH Salt and Light /Catholic Social Teaching

 Global Scope Ministry Binder Vol. 2


298.Working Binder for Director/Catholic Charities USA, Lake Charles, LA/2014:  CCUSA/SWLA Wiring Diagram:  Diocese of Lake Charles, Financial, Procedures, Staff, Resource List, Types of Assistance, Volunteers


299.Worship, Liturgical Ministry Main Binder: Vol. 1

(1987 commissioned in the chapel of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C as Eucharistic Minister, Reader, Communion and Wake Services Facilitator, 24 August 2009 commenced Reading at daily morning Mass) Sacramentary/Types of Services, Preparing Liturgies/TDL, EPS Liturgy/Course, EPS Content Lectures, Eucharistic Ministry (see CSPHospital), Communion Service, Wake Service,, Reader, OLQH Staged Events Company (see Vol. ), Environment and Art, Blessed Mother Services, Liturgy Ideas!

301. Liturgical Ministry Vol. 2:  Various Liturgies, Workshops, Worship Aides 1986 to present date.

302. Liturgical Music Ministry Vol. 3 1990- to present date: TDL, To Cantor, MSU Music

Song Selections  Binder Vol. 4

303. Liturgical Music Ministry/OLQH Family Choir Vol. 5

304. Liturgical Ministry Vol. 6: Liturgical Seasons:  Lent/Easter, Advent/Christmas, OLQH Staged    

      Events Company

305. Liturgical Ministry Vol. 7: Young Adult Ministry ~ 14 years of Young AdultMinistry in the Diocese of LC, St. Louis Catholic High School, Live Stations of the Cross

306. Liturgical Ministry Vol. 8:  Worship Aids, Sacred Dance Guild

307. Funeral Ministry Main Binder:  1992 to present date…

308. Obits-General

309.  Wedding Ministry Main Binder:  1994 to present date…


Shelf #12 and a half!:

310.  ‘Sing-A-long Binder’ for Arthur Avenue Events


311.  Louisiana Choral Foundation Main Binder/Masterworks


312.  “Where Are My Keys and Let’s Go!”

‘Mom’s Monthly Birthday Trip Pics! Granny Basketball, Liberty Belles, The Camino!, Masterworks Chorale/LA Choral Foundation, Germanfest/Roberts Cove, LA


AAP’s Room/Shelf:

313.  AAP/Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School 1988-1996 Vol. 1

314. AAP/OLQH Vol. 2 1997-2000

            315.  AAP/ULM, Volume 1

      316.  AAP/ULM Volume 2

317. AAP/ULM Volume 3

318. AAP/ULM Volume 4

319.  AAP/ULM Volume 5

320.  AAP/Volume 6

321.  AAP Senate/Fraternity/Employ

322.  AAP Graduation/s Correspondence                                              

323.  AAP Summer Camps: Olympia (TX), Thunderbird (NC) & Sea Gull (NC)