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02 Jan 2018

Eucharistic Ministry  resumed at CHRISTUS

St. Patrick Hospital…somewhat! Ailments persists through January and

February 2018!! Reading David McCullough remedies all maladies!


14 January 2018

40 Years of wedded bliss indeed!

The Father certainly knew what He was doing!! Thank you, Father!



Jan/Feb 2018

The Flu and Cold Symptoms for 40 days

and 40 nights with two + relapses!

Really!! Sacameh! Cancelled

meetings, events, appointments…God bless


31 January 2018

Little Rock Bible Study/Romans!

Wonderful ladies all; I am humbled to be in the same room

with them as I hobbled in…once! MUST recover!


12 Feb. 2018

Invitation extended to CDA’s, Creole, LA to

visit Arthur Avenue for a ‘Heritage Tour’…presented as part of their

monthly meeting. Also, a few other ideas for their



23 Feb. 2018

The Day that Christmas ‘came down!!’ Truly!!

First time in 18 years my Fridays on Arthur Avenue has been severely

interrupted by the pesky flu and cold maladies!!


02 March 2018

#20 ‘Place Based Heritage Education’

Day on AAvenue:  Sacred Heart Catholic School, Ville Platte, LA/47

Placed Based Heritage Education Day My sister, Constance, took a group!


April 2018

#47 ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ with

Catholic Daughters, Cameron Parish, LA



26 March 2018

A nice long visit with my son in Raleigh, NC

in his new residence! Off to the Museum of Art, favorite restaurants

and Holy Week services at the new Cathedral!


May 2018

82nd Airborne Reunion,

Fayetteville, NC. My

husband will attend while I follow our son around with his design

business meeting wonderful people and


August/Sept 2018

Rehearsals commence for ‘Germanfest Folk

Singers!' An anticipated time of year to gather with friends, cousins

In the tradition of our ancestors! Wonderful!


6/7 October 2018

Germanfest! Directing Germanfest Folk

Singers (8th year!) and facilitating the ‘Church Tour From the Pew!’

Love this weekend so!


December 2018

St. Nick and Santa Claus visit families

throughout The Cove with a Choral

Group accompanying the entourage

singing carols in English and German! The children


December 2018

Extended family Christmas gathering

on Arthur Avenue for a traditional caroling hayride, visiting, music

and Santa Claus! This tradition was started by


November 2018

#21 ‘Place Based Heritage Education

Day’. on Arthur Avenue