'Silent RetreatCONNECT!’


Seeking His will, way and wisdom in order to serve in His Light ~ …”to know Him, is to love Him, is to serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him in the next.” 

Baltimore Catechism!


Series One:  Silent Retreat Day

Morning Session:

 ‘The Dailiness of Prayer!’

Prepare each day to receive your ‘marching orders’ from The Father!


‘Ordering the Home! Prayer, Study, Labor, Re-creation!’

An Horarium ~ ‘hours’ by His grace!


Afternoon Session:

Time Management with a Christian Perspective!’

24-hours in one day…all 1,446 minutes of it!


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+ 'Topics ~ In Your Time!'  Handouts Galore!


+ ‘Series of Notes!’

o   Divine Interruptions!

o   General

o   Monastic Spirituality!

o   Prayer/Journaling!

o   Rule of St. Benedict!

o   Time Management/The Home!

o   The Father!



‘Organizational Wheel of Ministry!’

In order to serve, a targeted ministry is selected that consolidates and illuminates keeping in mind the liturgical seasons, networking, intergenerational people with gifts, stewardship and vocations.


‘Wiring Diagram ~ From Rome to Your Church Parish!’

A flow chart moving from the spiritual through an organizational foundation to one’s local ministry or mission utilizing assessment, recruitment, training and implementation.


SERIES THREE:   ‘ARTHUR AVENUE HERITAGE TOUR IN THE MONLEZUN-HENSGENS ANCESTRAL HOME OF ORIGIN:  Built in 1904 she sustains and makes relevant artifacts, photographs, memorabilia featuring familial rooms of ancestors originating in the Basque Region of Southern France and Gangelt-Vintela, Germany year 1600!


Right into:

A 'Heritage Workshop':  ‘What Am I Supposed To Do With All My Paper and Stuff?!



+ Silent RetreatCONNECT ‘Summary of The Series’ Presentations…A Few Stops!

o   Serra Club -Diocese of Lake Charles, Oblate Study of ‘Our Benedictine Way’, Holy Angels Convent, Jonesboro, AR,  Congregation of Divine Providence Associates Group, Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Faculty Spiritual Retreat Days (6)- Dioceses of Lafayette and Lake Charles, LA.