I heartily apologize for not listing Sources or References attributed to these gems for assimilating. I read two to three books at a time, daily scripture and commentaries, the breviary, bulletins, Vatican Information Service daily, postal mail,  Internet Favorites,  a few weeklies, newsletters and newspapers, and have for years hence…well, you see my point! (You are invited to click Read! Read! Read! and see for yourself!)


I never dreamed that I would be able to share this wonderful verbiage on this link and now, alas, I cannot go back and find all! Just enjoy and know that He is whom we seek by any verbiage we can read, apostolic action we can do and hearts that know no bounds in seeking Him, our Bread of Life and Source of all that is Right and Good.



Infancy – 0-2 years                                         Early Maturity – 17-25

Pre-school – 2-5                                             Maturity – 25-50

Childhood – 5-12                                            Later Maturity – 50-80

Adolescence – 12-17                                      Older Age – 80 –95!


The more we take out, the fuller we get.


Buy nothing, own the peace.


We are homesick for the simplicity of the original plan.


The sacredness of the ordinary…the sacrament of the caring for others stops the uncharted life. Take out and put something good in its place.


To have what we want is riches, but to be able to do without is power.


Cultivate a balance between solitude and family, community, labor and leisure, doubt and faith. This lesson is taken from the laws of nature.


The silence of retreat is not simply a shutdown of communication with the outside world, but rather a process of coming to stillness.


God love us for who we are not for what we do. His love is an everlasting love for me.


When God gives a man a task to do, he also gives him the power to do it. In the presence of God Paul found his courage and his strength.


Our sanctification depended not upon changing our works but in doing for God what we ordinarily do for ourselves.


Do not lose your faith in God or confidence in your task. He chooses, He equips, He graces by the Holy Spirit. So, move out!


It is I who began the work and made you, but it is you who must finish the work and make yourself complete. Do this work and you do my work.


“Do not hold on to me.” We learn as she did that the ways of God cannot be controlled. When we cling to preconceived notions of what should, we risk limiting what God can offer us. So, as at Cana, “Do whatever He tells you.”


It is the personal influence of the teacher that fashions goodness in others, not the mere passing on of information.


He knew that you do not root out

 an evil merely by preaching against it; you must put something good in its place.


Let a man serve Christ where Christ has set him. Our glory is never in comparison with other men; our glory is the service of Christ in whatever capacity he has allotted us.


If you want your words to be powerful words of blessing, words that nourish others, than learn to be silent.


Real spirituality dawns when God becomes as real as the problems and joys we face each day.


In shifting to a higher level of consciousness, I associate it with paying greater attention to the here and now – often with what is staring us in the face – undistorted by our wishes, fears, or preconceptions. This earth is the distant star we must find a way to reach.


The more things you care about, and the more intensely you care, the more alive you are!


Know that you can’t always solve your problems. You just have to know how to cope with them. Give yourself no unnecessary pain.


Joy is not in things, it is in us.