Once upon a time, circa 1983, when I first began To Teach the ‘Silent Retreats Series’ in my home in Springfield, VA  the genesis questions were similar, “How is it that you are so organized, you never stop and are peace-filled? Where did you learn that?! How can I put hands and feet on prayer? Why do I have to continue to study my faith? What is out there to read pertaining to prayer, balance, monasticism and order in the home…What do you read?”


In my ancestral home where Silent Retreats are now being held there is a library upstairs which was once a little kitchen! Books line the shelves and are labeled by topics mostly in the vineyards of Theology, Prayer, The Saints, Sacred Scripture and Monasticism (Benedictine Monastic Spirituality).


I am ‘in the way’ of wanting to write in a workbook format that which parallels the home

confluent to the four ancient pillars of the monastic structure of prayer, study, labor and



 I have come to see ever so clearly that this is the solid foundation of my upbringing, two parents in their home where their ten children shared sacred space being formed and transformed by the love and intense toil of this father and mother who centered on their God Who they called Father and with Whom they now abide.


My mother listened and learned from her mother who had listened and learned from her mother,

Maria Veronika Knoben-Reiners. And so it advances all the way back in time! I have not found

a reason; nay it has never entered my mind, to break this sacred and solid chain of study, worship,

Eucharist, prayer, , labor! I thank The Father daily for such good example from my ancestors on

both sides all the way back to His design for each of us in His infinite love and wisdom. My faith

fills me completely and is ever-new!


What I read and place on these pages is ongoing and ever-evolving, as long as I do not become

anymore dim in the eyes! I read with my Journal in hand, writing down illuminations,

envisionings, thanksgivings, challenges and joyful words unto The Lord; I simply center, listen

and get to work for He leads, kindly!




Enjoy the treasures that are ours to read and to know just the

beginning of

what it is to know Him, to love Him

hence to serve Him!





1.  ‘In The Beginning  ~ A Few References and Resources!’



2.  ‘Monastic Spirituality!’



3.  ‘Books in General!’



4.  Associate/Oblate with Religious Orders!’