'The Father'


I heartily apologize for not listing Sources or References attributed to these gems for assimilating. I read two to three books at a time, daily scripture and commentaries, the breviary, bulletins, Vatican Information Service daily, postal mail,  Internet Favorites,  a few weeklies, newsletters and newspapers, and have for years hence…well, you see my point! (You are invited to click Read! Read! Read! and see for yourself!)


I never dreamed that I would be able to share this wonderful verbiage on this link and now, alas, I cannot go back and find all! Just enjoy and know that He is whom we seek by any verbiage we can read, apostolic action we can do and hearts that know no bounds in seeking Him, our Bread of Life and Source of all that is Right and Good.


We begin by talking to ourselves. Not infrequently we end up talking to God.

We find God by uncovering out own truth; and it is in this search for God that we can better discover who we are.


Live one day at a time…the portion of a day in its day, because He who created the day created sustenance for the day.


Without God we can do nothing, and that without effort and cooperation God can do nothing for us.


God will always answer our prayer; but He will answer them in His way, and His way will be the way of perfect wisdom and of perfect love. Never be discouraged in prayer. We must bring to God an undiscouraged life of prayer, which tests the rightness of the things we pray for, and which test our own sincerity in asking for them.


God speaks to us in the circumstances of our lives and we should be sensitive to His voice and His hand.


Could-it-be…Do good works and deeds in order to respond to the stirrings of God revealing Himself in you. The Transformation unfolds as you work in the kingdom, to enhance the kingdom through your gifts.


The few little years we spend on earth are only the first scenes in a Divine Drama that extends into eternity.